The Top 100 Startups in LA

LA isn't just surf and sun. While brutal winters in most American cities can make it easier for entrepreneurs to grind away, LA startups have countless options they need to ignore to get work done. Even with gorgeous weather year round LA entrepreneurs are still finding time to build some of the best startups anywhere. With all of the natural connections to the entertainment industry LA has benefits that can't be matched anywhere else in the world, here are the top 100. 

#100 Styku 

The online smart fitting room that really simulates fit. Revolutionizing the way people buy clothing online. Their fit and size prediction technology has been proven through A/B testing to reduce returns and increase conversions for leading US retailers. Their team has deep ties in the fashion industry, with over 200 years of experiencing building fit technology for the supply chain.

Go to Styku to watch their video and learn more.

#99 Laurel & Wolf

Laurel & Wolf is the world's largest online interior design marketplace. They believe in the power of design and how it can transform the way you work, live, and love. Find your interior design style with their style quiz, tell them about your space and launch a design contest. For a one time flat fee, you receive multiple designs for the same room. All the designs consider the client’s overall budget and how the space should function. 

Designers deliver you a style board, shopping list, furniture floor plan, instructions for installation, and more. Their classic Laurel & Wolf package is $299 and gives you 5 designs from professional interior designers. You set your budget, give them your likes/dislikes, and their designers do the rest. 

Get your design on at Laurel & Wolf

#98 Tapiture

Tapiture is a visual discovery and social curation platform that lets you discover, share and buy an endless assortment of cool stuff.

Tapiture’s global community “taps”amazing images, videos, GIFs and products into collections that are shared among others with common interests. Members can explore endless entertaining, inspiring or inspirational things that they didn’t know they needed, but suddenly want, including curated apparel, home and tech products, which are made available for purchase directly through Tapiture.

Tap into your inspiration at Tapiture

#97 is an international community where people enjoy music and videos together in a real-time social interactive environment. Their users choose from a wide array of expressive characters, join any number of virtual rooms where they can discover and share music and videos, and communicate with international cohorts using their real-time chat translation. enables brands to provide an interactive, deeply immersive and real-time media experience for consumers worldwide. Their average user spends over 60 minutes on the site per visit while actively engaging in the social consumption of videos and music, gaming mechanics, international chat and social media integration that leaves the user with a positive brand association experience. 

Musicians and DJs alike find great value in having a platform in which they can engage with and attract fans from around the world in real-time. is working with up-and-coming artists to premier their new videos or mixes to fans and get instant feedback.

Listen, play & discover at

#96 Estify 

Estify exists to make collision shops more efficient and offer services that ultimately save time and money. Their vision is to let shop owners and employees do what they do best and let Estify take care of the tedious, time-consuming, aspects that don't provide real customer value.

Learn more at Estify

#95 MakersKit

An interactive media company that pairs Do-It-Yourself kits with entertaining instructional videos. Each MakersKit includes all the supplies needed to complete one, unique and fun project. The've made videos of each class as well as step-by-step PDFs to guide you along with learning a new skill. They're right there with you, and can answer questions on their blog or via email.  

Visit their website at MakersKit

#94 Epoxy

Online video is changing the face of entertainment. What used to be a one-way distribution, is now a two-way dialogue between fans and creators. Epoxy supports this creator-fan relationship with the best technology for sharing video and interacting with fans everywhere they spend time. See all of your fans talking about your videos and commenting on your posts across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Connect with all your fans no matter where the conversation is happening. And do it all from Epoxy.

Watch their video at Epoxy

#93 Parachute

Luxury bedding basics at an affordable price. Designed in LA, made in Italy, delivered to your door. Parachute bedding is manufactured using the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton, combed with precision to remove all impurities and dyed naturally in a process that surpasses the highest safety and environmental protection standards. The quality of this caliber will feel extremely soft upon arrival and continue to soften over time with use. 

Their products are manufactured by true artisans who have been making world class bedding for over 60 years. Their passion for linens is demonstrated through their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. Their style combines heritage quality with modern sensibilities. From pillowcases that have a back envelope closure instead of the traditional side opening (with excess fabric that looks messy) to bedding bundles for those who prefer to sleep sans top sheet, Parachute offers thoughtful design details that are unique.

Visit the Parachute website

#92 BioBeats

Merging entertainment and healthcare. BioBeats created Pulse, an app that uses your smartphone to detect your heart rate, then generates custom music in any genre you choose. Their technologies learn about you from your biometric data and adapt to help you live a more engaging, healthier life. It's music that is dynamically generated from your unique heartbeat.

Visit BioBeats for more info

#91 Infrascale

The most complete cloud data protection solution. Infrascale is a platform-as-a-service company that has developed a secure global storage platform purpose-built for high volume cloud storage. The Infrascale PaaS is unique: it includes both Infrascale’s proprietary cloud storage engine, as well as the front-end infrastructure software apps that companies need to effectively use the Cloud.

Check out their comprehensive data platform at Infrascale

#90 Codewars

Where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. A platform for user-created code challenges (kata) and crowd-sourced solutions. Users train on kata to sharpen their abilities, prove their skills, and exchange techniques. 

Learn more at Codewars

#89 Yekra

Distribution platform for independent filmmakers, distributors and studios. Yekra is the first digital marketing suite built to deliver on-demand entertainment to the most relevant audiences on any connected device. The Yekra service empowers producers and distributors to generate revenue by leveraging the "power of passion" within special-interest communities, matching viewers with the content they naturally love – and buy. 

Find, watch and share the films you love anywhere, anytime at Yekra

#88 HomeHero

HomeHero is the fastest, most affordable way to find quality in-home care for seniors. Everything they do is a