Facebook vs. Google +

We are going to be trying out the top 8 current social media sites that make sense for our new business. We will review the analytic results and in the end focusing on only one social media site for Symmetry50. In the 1st round of our tournament the #1 social media site will be going head to head with the new kid on the block, Google +. 


I'm very interested to see how Facebook does for our new business. I probably would have dismissed Facebook completely it if we we're not having this competition. Now that we've begun I can't say I would be surprised if Facebook was the best overall, let alone beat Google + head to head.

To start with Facebook I created a page for our business, invited my Facebook friends and imported contacts from Mail Chimp to like our page. The Mail Chimp list is from our other small business that has nothing to do with bookkeeping so it will be interesting to see how many likes we start off with. I'm going to start sharing articles that I think small business owners will find useful and see how it goes.

Google +

My personal choice for the social media site we should focus on. Google + will not be given an easy path and must defeat social media king Facebook right away. The first thing that I thought might be a problem is creating a whole new account. This was quickly not an issue, you can just create a page regardless of your email address, just like Facebook. Promoting the page to people that know us already to get things started seems tricky. This is when Google + not being very popular with the general public so far starts to rear it's ugly head. I started off promoting my page to my circles and extended circles but I just started using Google + and I don't have too many connections on the site. I set up everything the best I can so that we have a nice business page but it's already looking like Facebook is getting much more traction right away. 


After 1 month Facebook is the clear winner. I still really like Google + for personal use but the traffic from Facebook dwarfs Google +.  I'll continue to post our articles there to help with seo but even with my personal preference of Google + over Facebook there is no denying that Facebook should move forward in our new business experiment.