Reddit vs. Stumbleupon

We are trying to decide on what social media site we should focus on for our bookkeeping services for small business. Reddit and Stumbleupon might not seem like social media sites but they both have powerful communities and can drive tons of traffic to your new site if you provide useful information. 


I love Reddit and try to avoid it because the site is so great and addicting. I've found the best way to use Reddit is to search in the specific subreddits for the information you need. For example if I want to know something specifically about graphic design I can go to the subreddit for that topic, research the best of that subreddit and not waste too much time while getting outstanding information. If you decide to also check on the iphone 6 subreddit or anything else that could be considered web surfing before you leave that's up to you. Anyways for our business I set up a whole new account focused on business and the subreddits related to our field along with top personal interests and unsubscribed to the automated ones I didn't like. I'll be commenting anywhere I believe I can help, submitting articles from other good sources and submitting our own articles. 


Open up your Stumbleupon account with a couple clicks and get going. If you like something give it a thumbs up, if not a thumbs down or just hit the stumble button for the next article. The more you use the account the more the content matches your tastes. A lot of the articles are high quality that are not on popular sites and you might not have ever found them without Stumbleupon. We will also jump into their community and see if they can drive more traffic than Reddit. 


The clear winner after our first month is Reddit. They drive way more traffic than Stumbleupon to our site and I love being a part of the Reddit community. We will continue submitting new articles to Stumbleupon because it's so easy and a really useful site but Reddit will be moving on to the next round of our competition.