The Top 25 Startups in Austin

The business climate in Texas might be the best in the country. Without corporate state or income taxes and a reasonable cost of living Texas has created over half the jobs in the United States since 2010. Ask anyone from Texas, where the best place in Texas is and they'll say Austin. Ask anyone not from Texas, where the best place in Texas is and they'll say Austin. There's no doubt that the capital is a big part of Texas, but it's also different place than the rest of the state. More tech than oil, laid back, hip, even a little crunchy. San Francisco and New York are leading the way in the startup world, but a city like Austin has all the ingredients to quickly close the gap. Here are their best startups.

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#25 Reaction

In 2005, Michael McDaniel watched helplessly as Hurricane Katrina forced thousands of people out of their homes and into crowded, poorly equipped "shelters". Growing up in Mississippi, where he weathered lots of hurricanes with his family, he was appalled with the aftermath of Katrina and knew there had to be a better solution. Just days following Katrina’s landfall and with a humble coffee cup as inspiration, the Exo was born.

Almost 10 years later, Michael has assembled a talented and passionate team for Reaction with one goal in mind: to revolutionize disaster response. The Reaction team is comprised of some of the world's absolute best designers, technologists, and business minds. The team is backed up by a board of directors and advisory board that brings industry leading experience in product design, manufacturing, supply chain, and business together.

Today, Reaction’s focus is on its initial product the Exo Housing System – a smart, highly portable shelter that is light enough to be moved by hand and packs more connectivity than a modern home. The ecosystem is comprised of the Exo shelter unit, which is the foundational component of the system, and Populous, a smart real-time inventory and asset management software package.  

#24 Umbel

Umbel is a Customer Data Platform that empowers marketers to unify and access their own customer data. Powered by the Digital Genome, Umbel brings together data across silos and marketing execution systems into one unified, beautiful and actionable customer platform. Umbel's vision is to make data the most valuable asset you own.

#23 Continuum Analytics

Continuum Analytics provides software tools, training, and consulting services to corporate, government, and educational clients worldwide. Providing open technologies for data Integration on a massive scale, based on their vision of a structured, universal "data web". In the same way that URLs, HTML, and HTTP form the basis of the World Wide Web for documents, their technologies are the fabric for structured and numerical data and spearhead innovations in data management, analytics, and distributed computation.

#22 Unseen

Unseen is a new social network that enables college students to connect with their classmates free from the constraints of a profile, history, or expectations.On Unseen no one ever knows your identity, no profiles, timelines or  followers. Go Unseen to experience true, anonymous connections & genuine content. Share your experiences at Austin events without the fear of your boss or family looking up your debauchery later.

#21 Burpy

Burpy is a same-day grocery delivery service that deploys a crowdsourced shopper to preferred local retailers to source the items customers want. Their mobile and web apps are simple and intuitive, but powerfully accurate at connecting customers to the right products. In their system of proxy shopping, the customer can communicate with the shopper as frequently or be as hands-off as they like. They are creating an intelligent personal shopping experience.

#20 Cratejoy

Cratejoy is a website builder and eCommerce backend for subscription eCommerce stores. Using their powerful website builder you can launch a subscription product store in minutes. They’ll handle the webpage hosting, payments collection, and customer e-mails. Cratejoy also makes fulfillment easy by printing shipping labels.

#19 Ordoro

Ordoro is a web app for small-­ and medium-­ sized e-­commerce retailers to manage their orders, inventory and suppliers. Ordoro deals with everything that happens after a shopper clicks checkout on the retailer's website: print packing lists and shipping labels, manage inventory levels, manage dropshipping, manage customers, manage suppliers etc. Ordoro is the back office control panel for SMB e-tailers.

#18 MyTennisLessons

MyTennisLessons is a marketing, scheduling, customer service and management service for tennis instructors and tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels around the country. Theyprovide an online scheduling solution for customers to easily schedule tennis lessons with qualified instructors at local courts of their choice. Their mission is to revolutionize the tennis industry and provide convenience for both their instructors and clients. They’re passionate about spreading the joy of tennis, watching their customers fulfill their goals on the court and teaching a sport for life.

#17 Bloomfire

Bloomfire is easy-to-use enterprise collaboration software that enables people to share expertise. It makes content widely available and can be used to coordinate projects, find experts, facilitate social interaction, retain knowledge, and keep people informed. Bloomfire improves employee productivity, collaboration, and sharing of tribal knowledge and also supports customer and partner communities. It fosters increased sales, more responsive customer service, and stronger communication.

#16 Mattr

Mattr provides a rich and colorful picture of your brand’s social media audience—who’s influential, what influences them, and how to engage on a personal level by uncovering values and intent. Search beyond celebrities to discover real influencers with more authentic content, and track real-time psychographic metrics for your entire brand audience.

#15 Main Street Hub

Their “do-it-for-you” marketing platform integrates social media, web, mobile and email marketing to help merchants get more customers and keep them coming back. They do it by spreading word of mouth for their customers, extending their customer service, managing their online reputation, and leveraging Main Street Hub’s merchant network for their benefit.

#14 Fashion Metric

Fashion Metric is a big data SaaS solution for apparel retailers and brands to gather intelligence about their customers and personalize the online apparel shopping experience. By deploying a comprehensive set of technologies to calculate a customer's full set of body measurements in seconds, they help customers get measured for custom clothing or select the best ready-to-wear size.

They empower retailers and brands with the continuous data analytics and collection of their customer fit profile data, acting as a data-hub for additional services including inventory management and personalization specific for their customer demographic.

#13 Equipboard

Equipboard makes it easy to find, share, & shop for the gear that your favorite pros are using.

For people obsessed with the latest and greatest gear, who are dissatisfied with endlessly searching for what equipment their favorite pros use, Equipboard is a platform to see and discuss what your favorite athletes, musicians, and more are using, wearing, liking, and endorsing. You can then compare prices from tons of merchants, instantly purchase items, share insightful comments with others, and save interesting gear to your own Equipment Board.

#12 Localeur

Localeur is a community of local insiders who want to help you experience local in their city. While review sites lack authenticity and local credibility, and travel guide books go out of date the moment they're published, Localeur gives you a curated look into what it's like to be a local. If it's not local, it's not on Localeur.

#11 Atlas Wearables

Atlas is the first fitness tracker in the world that automatically tracks everything. With the on-wrist display you can track every movement across your entire workout and get live feedback to improve form and make adjustments to get stronger, faster.

#10 Favor

Favor, the mobile app that allows you to have anything you crave delivered. The app connects customers to drivers, who will pick up anything, from queso to video games, in under an hour. Runners receive directions, details about the orders, and can communicate directly with customers.Runners converse with consumers via text message to let them know approximate wait times or if an item is not available, providing instant customer service.

#9 Beatbox Beverages

BeatBox Beverages was founded with the belief that boxed wine doesn’t have to be boring. They were tired of all those standard boxed wines, and they knew there was an opportunity to create a better mixed drink experience for people who know what perfection in a box should look and taste like.

There’s no better feeling than having that perfect song play through the speakers that just sums up the way you feel at that moment. We’re passionate music fans, too. So, they designed BeatBox around music and with that euphoric feeling in mind. It’s not just a drink – it’s an experience. BeatBox comes in a sharable 5L box and is best served chilled and with friends. So get out there and laugh with old friends, make some new ones, and live life the way it’s supposed to be lived – with your eyes and ears open.

#8 Schoox

Schoox offers the most powerful and modern learning and knowledge management system for your organization. At the same time it brings together the best content providers to offer its corporate customers and individual community members the best courses in almost any topic.

With Schoox, you can create courses quickly and easily to train your staff members, partners or even customers online. And no matter how your organization is structured, you can set up custom-tailored access and assignment rules based on whatever criteria you choose.

#7 TabbedOut

TabbedOut was created by security software and card payment experts to bring mobile payments to the hospitality industry. Their POS integrations allow merchants to seamlessly accept mobile payments, capture valuable guest history, and distribute to you and your staff.

With TabbedOut, servers spend more time serving food and drinks instead of checks. Plus, they are guaranteed a default gratuity from every TabbedOut customer.

#6 WP Engine

WP Engine is the premium managed hosting service for websites and apps built with WordPress.

Specializing exclusively in WordPress, WP Engine is a large-scale, highly-managed hosting service. Their platform offers exceptional security and scalability along with an unrivaled level of technical support and operational advice for managing high-growth sites. With WP Engine, your projects will be in the hands of an elite team of WordPress experts, dedicated to optimizing your sites’ performance in all areas.

#5 AGBeat

AGBeat Delivers honest business news to small and medium businesses, and to accurately chronicle the evolution of the digital age and how it impacts consumers. News, insights, tools, and inspiration for business owners and professionals. AGBeat condenses news information on technology, business, social media, startups, real estate, economics and more, so you don’t have to.

#4 SpareFoot

SpareFoot is the world’s largest, simplest and best marketplace for self-storage. They also provide leading web marketing solutions for storage operators. Their free marketplace lets customers find and reserve storage units online. They have the largest inventory of storage units in the U.S., with a network of more than 9,400 facilities, ranging from independent operators to publicly traded REITs. SpareFoot brings consumers and facilities together to deliver the most convenient and enjoyable storage experience possible online, offline, and via mobile.

#3 Silvercar

Founded in ‘12 with the mission to eliminate the frustrations and points of friction that have plagued its industry for decades, Silvercar is paving the way for the future of car rental. The company’s seamless car rental business--exclusively offering fully loaded silver Audi A4s--eliminates lines, counters, paperwork and hassles through the power of an easy-to-use mobile app and friendly Concierge service.

Their mission is to remake the airport car rental business. They are committed to delivering the industry’s most innovative products, the most professional concierge service, and the finest fleet of cars anywhere. They believe you deserve the best airport car rental experience possible and their promise is to deliver this every time you choose Silvercar.

#2 Bigcommerce

The leader in e-commerce for SMBs. Bigcommerce helps the world's best up-and-coming brands launch professional online stores to share their products with the world and drive more revenue.

It enables retailers to launch, promote, and manage an online store; design a storefront; configure products; manage, measure, and optimize their business; seamlessly integrate with industry-leading business applications to market their products; and process orders, update inventory, and ship from their control panel.

Bigcommerce also features social media marketing, email marketing, promotions and coupons, multi-channel marketing, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, ecommerce analytics tools, themes, and mobile commerce.

If you're looking for a place to begin your career Bigcommerce is also the best place to look for startup jobs in Austin. 

#1 AppSumo

AppSumo, in contrast to other popular deal sites deals exclusively with digitally distributed goods. The deals include apps, ebooks, learning courses, copywriting courses, email marketing, or project management apps. Due to the digital nature of the products, there is more flexibility than in traditional models with no cost for shipping or reproduction so the profit margin can be much greater than traditional deal websites. The benefit also extends to customers with typical deals of 50 to 75% off of retail prices.

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