The Top 10 Startups in Africa

Few places in the world are as intriguing as Africa. 20% of the total land area on earth, the U.S., Europe, China and India could all fit inside of Africa. 

As early as 6,000 BC the first entrepreneurs were domesticating cattle in Northern Africa. In 500 BC metalworking became commonplace in West Africa and the Trans-Saharan trade network began. The world’s poorest and most underdeveloped continent has a rich entrepreneurial history and unlimited potential for the next wave of startups. Here are the top 10 African startups that are already creating extraordinary companies. 

#10 HeHe Limited

HeHe Limited is a mobile technology company founded in 2010 out of the college classrooms of the Kigali Institute Of Science and Technology. HeHe is now at the forefront of this technological revolution and has quickly become one of East Africa’s leading mobile application development companies providing powerful new ways for businesses to reach their customers fast, affordably and conveniently.

#9 Evly

Evly is a full social marketing suite for brands and agencies. They improve and optimize communication between clients and their customers, making engagement more meaningful and measurable. 

Evly provides social marketing solutions that grow, monetize, and further engage your customers. Their applications turn Facebook Likes into ideas, talking into sharing and engagement into ROI.

Evly applications can be integrated on Facebook, on your website, through newsletters and on mobile with amazing results.


The BRCK was designed and prototyped in Nairobi, Kenya. The startup team wanted a connectivity device that fit their needs, where electricity and internet connections are problematic both in urban and rural areas.

As they laid out what such a device would look like – physically robust, able to connect to multiple networks, a hub for all local devices, enough backup power to survive a blackout – they realized that the way the entire world is connected to the web is changing. We no longer only get online via desktops in our office with an ethernet connection, we have multiple devices, and mobile connectivity is crucial.

#7 Instabug

Instabug is a platform for mobile developers that help them communicate with their users, collaborate with their teams and build better apps.

They allow regular mobile users or beta testers to submit their feedback or report bugs about any mobile app in the most intuitive way; by just shaking their device.

They also enable teams working on mobile apps to collaborate with each other more efficiently using their dashboard, where they can assign bugs, comment on them and add tags.

#6 SnapScan

SnapScan is the easiest way to buy with your phone. No need to carry a wallet of cash or a bunch of credit cards with you anymore. Shop at physical stores, or online using only your phone. 

Your card details are encrypted and stored only on your phone — nowhere else. SnapScan can be used with any MasterCard and VISA credit or check card, as well as selected debit cards, issued by any bank in South Africa.SnapScan is free to download and there are no additional charges when you use it. 

#5 22seven

22seven gathers all your money stuff together, shows you how much it’s worth and where it goes. It generates an automatic budget based on your own actual spending, lets you see what you usually spend, have already spent and have left spend. You can invest money tax free at low cost. Flexibility, simplicity and all online. 

#4 M-Farm

M-Farm is a software solution and agribusiness company. Their main product M-Farm, is a transparency tool for Kenyan farmers where they simply SMS the number 20255 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and find buyers for their produce.

M-Farm, works as a transparent tool for farmers. M-Farm was launched after winning the IPO48 competition — a 48 hour boot-camp event aimed at giving web/mobile startups a platform to launch their startups. Of the 37 initial ideas, M-Farm took away the €10,000 prize as capital investment.

#3 Nandimobile

Nandimobile Limited is a software company which focuses on serving the technology needs of organizations and businesses in Ghana.

The core business of Nandimobile is to leverage mobile phones for communications between businesses and their customers.

The Nandimobile story began with a team of three co-founders who went to the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Tehnology (Mest). The team got funded after pitching the idea to the board of directors.

Since then Nandimobile has won many awards and has received a lot of recognition worldwide for innovation.


Founded in June 2012 on the Indian Ocean island of Lamu, provides a secure accommodation marketplace connecting travelers looking for a cool place to stay, with Hosts and their empty beds.

On SleepOut you will find an amazing variety of unique accommodation options. Use SleepOut to book your next holiday or business trip and make real connections with international and local Hosts throughout Africa, the Indian Ocean islands, and the Middle East.

Whether it’s a beach hut, mud castle, tented camp, tree house or hotel room you’re looking for, SleepOut caters to every budget with accommodation in even the most remote tourist destinations.

#1 Jumia

Jumia is Nigeria’s number one online shopping destination where you can shop the widest selection of electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid’s items and more in Nigeria and have them shipped directly to your home or office at your convenience. They offer free nationwide delivery, free returns and have several convenient payment options to choose from, either with your debit/credit cards or cash on delivery. 

With affordable prices and great products, Jumia lets you enjoy an awesome shopping experience with your order sent directly to your doorstep. No muss, no fuss, super convenience guaranteed. They are constantly expanding their product range to include the latest gadgets, fashion styles and new categories.