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NYC's 10 Coolest Enterprise Startups

Can New York startups catch up to Silicon Valley as the tech startup capital of the world? The New York startup scene is growing rapidly and enterprise startups are creating the next generation of software for our cloud based future. Enterprise startups in NYC are a hotbed for innovation and if you're looking for startups that are creating extraordinary companies now and in the near future look no further than these ten.

#10 Shoppable

Shoppable is the leader in universal checkout technology. Shoppable allows you to shop, sell, and save products from multiple retailers within one universal checkout. Their mission is to make the entire internet Shoppable. Any image or any site can be made Shoppable using their suite of technology tools. 

Shoppable partners with best in class retailers to match their products back to consumers looking to purchase them at Shoppable.com or across any of their partner sites. Universal Checkout is their patent-pending technology that allows you to purchase from multiple retailers within a single checkout experience. 

#9 Lua

Lua powers organizations with mobile messaging that's built for business: instant, secure and keeps everyone accountable. 

They're helping organizations work smarter and be more productive with a mobile-first solution that gives workers the information they need wherever they are, through secure messaging, conference calling, file sharing, directory, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard. 

#8 spotflux

spotflux is devoted to protecting your digital privacy and security anywhere and on any device. Their tiny, but powerful product not only encrypts your internet traffic, it also performs millions of cloud-based, real-time calculations to remove tracking cookies and viruses without slowing your device.

#7 Goodsie

Goodsie provides modern e-commerce software for small and medium size retailers. Their groundbreaking real-time design system is drag-and-drop, modular and can be easily customized by people of all skill levels, enabling anyone to build a top level e-commerce presence without the technical overhead associated with other e-commerce platforms.

Goodsie offers the only visual, code-free CSS design interface and multi store based white label e-commerce platform with marketplace functionality. 

#6 Truly Wireless

Truly Wireless brings the feature suite of a Cisco enterprise phone system to smartphones at a fraction of the cost. 

Small and Medium sized enterprises spend $4.5B+ each year on wired telecom systems and services to supplement feature and infrastructure gaps on mobile devices. Truly Wireless bridges these gaps to enable true enterprise mobility on a radically simpler, cheaper and more scalable telecom stack.

#5 EquityZen

EquityZen connects shareholders of private companies with investors seeking alternative investments. Private company shareholders have a brand new way to diversify and monetize their holdings. EquityZen’s proprietary solution provides access to cash without any effect on the company’s shareholder count or capitalization table. 

Meanwhile, accredited investors gain access to returns previously limited to larger asset managers: upside in growth firms. EquityZen’s platform establishes a secure marketplace, allowing accredited investors to browse investment opportunities in emerging companies and industries. 

#4 Javelin

Providing innovation software to startups and big companies like GE, Amex, Lockheed Martin, and others. Companies like Rational and Atlassian made billions selling workflow software in the enterprise. Javelin is the first to do it for Lean Startup methods.

#3 Estimote

Estimote is a technology company creating an operating system for the physical world. Their sensor-based analytics and engagement platform will change the way people conduct businesses in the real world, and the way consumers interact with physical products and venues. 

Their primary area of interest at the moment is bricks-and-mortar retail stores. More than 95 percent of transactions worldwide are still made in physical venues, and more than half of the consumers visiting these stores have smart phones that can use Estimote's platform. 

#2 Kinnek

Kinnek is the marketplace for high-cost purchases by small and medium-sized businesses. 

SMBs use antiquated methods for purchasing customized equipment and bulk supplies. Pricing for these purchases is offline, and calling suppliers is time-consuming and ineffective. 

Kinnek is disrupting this $2.2 trillion space by enabling businesses to get tailored quotes from many qualified suppliers using a single request. 

#1 CompStak

CompStak believes that transparency in real estate information results in more effective deal making. 

CompStak is the world's first comprehensive database of commercial lease deal information (comps). Brokers exchange the comps they have at hand, for the specific comps they need. 

Residential real estate websites gather home sales comps from public records. In commercial real estate most deals are leases, and there has been no public record for lease comps . . . until now.

As you can see the the enterprise startup scene in New York is thriving. They are creating amazing companies that are revolutionizing the way we do business and the world is truly a better place because of them. These are companies to keep a close eye on, they are doing great things and will continue to do so. 

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Shoppable the leading technology to shop, save or sell products on any website with a single account. Join our affiliate program today. 

Lua is powering mobile messaging for the enterprise: instant, secure, and accountable.

spotflux Online security and privacy in the cloud. For everyone, anywhere, and on any device.

Goodsie Online retail made easy. 

Truly Wireless The phone system that lets you run your business over 3G/4G-VOLTE.

EquityZen Where Private Investors Access Proven Startups.

Javelin Tools and services to help you change your world.

Estimote Real-world context for mobile experiences, powered by beacons.

Kinnek is the marketplace for small businesses to find suppliers and manage their purchasing.

CompStak Creating transparency in commercial real estate one lease comp at a time.