Start Your Own Business

Four Reasons To Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business is scary and most people will never actually do it. They'll talk about their big idea and how great it could be but a majority of people will never actually jump in and get started. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, jump in and fail. If you fail you'll learn more than you ever could from books, if you don't fail you'll be a successful business owner. Here are the top four reasons why you should start now.

You Don't Have To Worry About Working For An Idiot

If you've ever had a boss that for any reason didn't mesh well with you, you know it can be a daily nightmare. By starting your own business you will have a boss, lots of them. They will be called customers, patrons, clients etc. The difference now is that you can simply get rid of the awful bosses and your life doesn't revolve around the single whims of someone you don't like. This also a reminder to never have more than 10% of your revenue coming from one source. If you're a consultant or for any reason have a majority of your income coming in from one source, you can quickly be put back in this situation.

Work From Anywhere

If you can create a business that you operate online you can work from anywhere in the world. Wake up near the ocean, hit the internet cafe until lunch, take a beach break, work some more until dinner time, enjoy some time off during the evening, work some more until bedtime. There will still be a lot of work involved but you can work and have a vacation at the same time from anywhere you want.

You can also pull this off if you have an e-commerce business. It's usually much more profitable to ship the product yourself than to drop ship, so you'll need to stay close to where your warehouse is in the beginning stages. Once your business is running and you have enough employees to run the shipping without you, you'll be able to run your e-commerce business from anywhere. If you have a good reason to do business in an interesting place most of your working vacation will also probably be a tax write off.

If you're going the traditional route with a location based small business you'll still be able to pick your favorite location to work at. The goal is for the business to run itself without you. The more time you can take off and the company still thrives, the stronger your business. The possibility of doing business from anywhere in the world is a much more exciting life than sitting in a grey cubicle everyday. 

It's The Easiest Time In History To Start A Business

The internet has made starting a business much easier than ever before.  As little as ten years ago a typical internet start-up needed at least a million dollars to launch a product and millions more to prove its business model before becoming profitable. If you have a service based business or consulting services you can keep your start-up costs and overhead quite low. The internet has also made starting a product based business very inexpensive. Shopify and other e-commerce software providers have made opening a store extremely easy and low cost. Even if you are starting a brick and mortar small business the advertising and marketing cost with email and social media make this the easiest time in history for anyone without a lot of financial backing to start a business.

You Create Your Own Schedule

You are going to have to work very hard to get your new company off the ground and profitable. Even during these hectic and busy days you can carve out times for things that are the most important to you. I have recently started spending an hour or two with my daughter when I get home in the afternoon. Spending daylight hours with her and going to the beach, playground, park, hiking, swimming pools, or whatever she wants to do is much more fun and better quality time than seeing her for a half hour before she goes to bed. I need to make up these hours by working until bedtime and waking up early and starting all over again but I'll cherish these daytime adventures forever. Again, you will have to work extremely hard starting your own business, probably much harder than at a corporate job, but being able to create your own schedule for the things that are the most important to you is pretty awesome.

What are you waiting for? Get started.

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