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The Top 20 Accounting Software Products

Whether you own a small business with a handful of employees or a large corporation, you’re going to need some form of accounting software to keep everything in check. Accounting software is used by businesses to help automate and manage payroll, accounts payable & receivable, purchase orders and more. The Accounting Software industry has hundreds of competitive solutions available, here are the 20 best.

#20 Cyma

CYMA's award winning Payroll, HR and Employee Self Service (ESS) software provides a complete solution for in-house corporate payroll users. Thousands of corporate and non-profit agencies around the country ranging from 50 to 5,000 employees depend on CYMA for their Payroll software needs.

Featuring a highly flexible payroll system with electronic direct deposit, W2 and tax filing systems, and included ACA 1095 & 1094 utilities, CYMA can help you save money bringing your payroll processing in-house. CYMA's Human Resources system provides complete benefit management, employee credentialing, OSHA injury tracking and more.

CYMA's web based, Employee Self Service helps companies drastically reduce employee payroll costs & increase worker productivity with online time entry with supervisor approval and secure, payroll information for employee access.

#19 Yendo

Financial accounting software for small business. It has everything you need to manage, invoicing, purchases, expenses and payments. Full accounting reports including debtors, profit & loss and balance sheet.

#18 Red Wing Software

Who do you keep records for? You don′t have to change the way you look at reports. Present your information the way lenders, accountants, department heads and managers like to see it. If you have multiple companies, make better decisions by setting up and managing each company′s financials separately with the option to consolidate information for reporting.

Ever wonder who has been doing what in your accounting system? Menu level security allows you to control the functions each user has access to. An easy to view the audit trail allows you to see changes to transactions and detect questionable activity.

Are you encountering errors, kick–outs, or lockups? Your business is likely outgrowing the capacity of your current system. Don′t get frustrated by reaching the limitations of your software. With CenterPoint, you can enter unlimited transactions, customers, vendors, inventory items and store as many years of history as you want.

#17 Traverse

Whether you need accounting software today or a fully customizable Global ERP system tomorrow, Traverse is the most scalable, affordable ERP software on the market. Not only will you achieve your goals with greater efficiency, but you can invest in your business with new insights and save money with streamlined processes. Traverse is real-world business software, built on input from thousands of businesses just like yours, which provides you with real-time data, to make real smart decisions.

#16 WorkingPoint

Most business owners do not spend much time thinking about debits and credits. They’re focused on the things they need to do every day to run their business: invoicing customers, getting paid, and paying their bills. When you use WorkingPoint to invoice a customer or record money coming in or out of your business, you don’t have to worry about how any of it affects your books. Simply record your business activities via easy-to-complete forms, and WorkingPoint applies your debits and credits to the appropriate accounts for you. Double-entry accounting is happening without you having to think about it.

#15 Adaptive Insights

Designed for accounting, Adaptive Consolidation speeds up your financial close with real-time financial consolidation and intercompany eliminations. Automate currency translations, reclassifications, and reporting for faster, more accurate consolidation, close, and reporting cycles.

Adaptive Consolidation’s intuitive, Excel-like interface and debit/credit format, streamline intercompany eliminations, journal entries, and more. It’s easy to categorize pre-eliminations, eliminations, and adjustments. Minority interest and ownership percentages are user-defined and automatically calculated. Our automated currency conversion and cumulative translation adjustment simplify complex multi-currency financial consolidations.

Because Adaptive Consolidation is built on a common technology foundation and unified with Adaptive Planning, you can pivot from close to budget with a single click. A single database for financial data and business structure ensures a pain-free handoff from consolidated financials to plans.

#14 Kashoo

Kashoo is simple cloud accounting for small business—on the web, the iPhone and the App Store's most downloaded iPad accounting app. But it’s also more than that. Kashoo is control. It's confidence. It’s the ability to know where your business stands in real-time, at anytime—from anywhere.

Kashoo is built with love by a tightly-knit team headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many of them have been entrepreneurs themselves, running a small business at one time or another. They know firsthand the passion and dedication it requires. They also know the satisfaction it yields. And even though they may individually be software developers, designers, strategists, customer success specialists or finance geeks, they share a universal mission: to give you the accounting tools you need to be in control of your business.

#13 Intacct

Tech-savvy CFOs and controllers at fast-growing software companies strive to automate complex financial processes and subscription billing, and gain in-depth insight to improve future performance. And if you are getting ready to go public, you'll need to scale your accounting and reporting processes while adding robust financial controls. See why Intacct meets these needs, and more.

Fast growth depends on fast decisions using with the right information at the right time. That’s a struggle in almost any industry. But if you are a SaaS company, you'll need both financial and operational insights. With Intacct’s Digital Board Book, you can easily capture and instantly access the detailed metrics you need, right when you need them.

Built on the Salesforce1 platform and created to capitalize on Intacct’s best-in-class revenue management capabilities, Intacct Subscription Billing streamlines your complete subscription lifecycle. Immediately make your accounting and sales teams more efficient by automating billing, subscription changes, and revenue recognition.

It can be hard to keep pace with complex, evolving revenue-recognition requirements. And manual calculations and fragile spreadsheets only invite needless errors, delayed closes, and financial restatements. You can rely on our expertise and solutions to achieve compliance with complete efficiency.

With native connectivity to Salesforce, no other financial management solution offers deeper Salesforce CRM integration than Intacct. Get a full view of each customer for faster sales cycles, improved customer service, and more timely reporting.

#12 Abila

A true fund accounting system is a comprehensive, inherent, and purpose-built technology designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations’ financial infrastructures. It meets the complex fund tracking and flexible reporting requirements vital to a nonprofit’s continued ability to grow and serve its community.

True fund accounting software allows for nonprofit financial professionals to adapt to each funding stream’s unique conditions, which is vital when funding sources have diverse and arduous requirements.

Using a true fund accounting system, nonprofit professionals can easily keep track of the complexities of multiple donation and grant sources spread over numerous projects and with varying fiscal periods, while accommodating new grants and funding sources as their organizations grow.

#11 AccountEdge

AccountEdge is a complete small business accounting and management solution for your Mac or Windows office, with everything you need to make sales and purchases, run payroll, track and build inventory, bill for time, and manage contacts.

The Chart of Accounts includes all the accounts you need to track for your small business: assets, liabilities, equities, income and expenses. Choose from 100 Charts of Account templates, or create your own list of accounts to set your business up in AccountEdge.

The Company Data Auditor helps you to make sure your business data is correct, protected, and balanced. It backs up and verifies your company file, lets you lockdown reconciled financial data, keeps an audit trail, and runs reviews to make sure your numbers are in balance.

#10 is the leading digital business payments company creating magically simple A/P and A/R solutions. They are at the center of business payments, uniting banks and businesses of the fastest growing payments network. helps over 600,000 network members process over $19 billion in payments per year and saves companies up to 50 percent of the time typically spent on financial back-office operations by securely automating their end-to-end processes. Three of the top ten U.S. banks and 35 percent of the top 100 accounting firms rely on as their primary payment solution. The recipient of more than 40 awards, was recently recognized as one of the San Francisco Business Time's Most Innovative Companies and proudly received a PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award.

#9 FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a multi-award winning online accounting system specifically designed to meet the needs of micro businesses, freelancers and their accountants. 

They help you take care of your business admin day-to-day, from managing your expenses, running a fully RTI-compliant payroll and tracking your time, through to creating and sending professional looking estimates and invoices to your clients. They also help you keep track of your cash flow, see how much tax you owe and when it’s due and file VAT, RTI and Self Assessment returns directly to HMRC. 

More than 40,000 customers worldwide currently use FreeAgent to manage their business accounts, all done simply without confusing accounting jargon and with a friendly support team to help them stay on track.

#8 NetSuite

NetSuite is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory and more. 

Today, more than 24,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on NetSuite to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in the cloud. Since its inception in 1998, NetSuite has established itself as the leading provider of enterprise-ready cloud business management suites of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and eCommerce applications for businesses of all sizes. Many FORTUNE 100 companies rely on NetSuite to accelerate innovation and business transformation. NetSuite continues its success in delivering the best cloud business management suites to businesses around the world, enabling them to lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity, as the global adoption of the cloud accelerates.

#7 Wave

Wave is the world's fastest growing software for small business accounting, invoicing and more. 

Wave makes it easy to be your own boss. Just do what you're good at, and lean on Wave's smart online software for help with the money side of your small business. Unlimited invoicing, 100% free accounting, guaranteed payroll, and credit card processing, Wave is here to help you focus on running your small business.

#6 Blackbaud

Serving the nonprofit, charitable giving and education communities for more than 30 years, Blackbaud combines technology solutions and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 30,000 customers, including nonprofits, K12 private and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, foundations and other charitable giving entities, and corporations. The company offers a full spectrum of cloud and on-premise solutions, and related services for organizations of all sizes, including nonprofit fundraising and relationship management, marketing, advocacy, accounting, payment and analytics, as well as grant management, corporate social responsibility, education and other solutions. Using Blackbaud technology, these organizations raise, invest, manage and award more than $100 billion each year. Recognized as a top company, Blackbaud is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and has operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

#5 FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the #1 cloud accounting specialist for small business owners. Since 2004, over 5 million people have used FreshBooks to track time, organize expenses and invoice clients online and in the cloud. They're a small team working towards a common goal: building a kick-ass cloud accounting application to help small businesses better manage their finances. Known for extraordinary customer service and based in Toronto, Canada, FreshBooks serves paying customers in over 120 countries.

#4 Microsoft Dynamics

Imagine a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use enterprise business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business through happy customers. Microsoft Dynamics offers a full range of software focused on delivering business insights that matter to both you and your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration. As the world grows smaller and more complicated, technology plays an important role and enables individuals to drive their vision while also helping organizations to manage their end-to-end business processes.

From customer engagement solutions powered by customer relationship management (CRM) software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), and from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has a business solution that's just right for you.

And when you combine Microsoft Dynamics with Office, Skype, and Yammer, you can connect instantly with your teams. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can add collaboration and productivity to any device, anywhere.

#3 Xero

See your cash flow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, billing & banking. 

Businesses perform better when they have instant access to real-time financing – with Xero you and your advisors can take advantage of business opportunities and avoid problems when it matters. 

Ryan Carson of Carsonified says "We use Xero and love it. The scary truth is I didn’t truly understand our Balance Sheet or P&L until we switched recently. Since we moved from QuickBooks to Xero, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about what actually makes our company valuable and what really affects our profitability."

#2 Quickbooks

Stay on top of your practice with a dashboard that puts you in control. Instantly see what needs your attention with alerts, to-dos and recent activities for each client along with one-click access to their books and payroll. Easily view which clients are on Wholesale, and which are not.

Your most common tasks are grouped into one menu that shows up no matter which client's books you're working in. Now you can focus more on doing the work instead of finding the function. You'll be able to reclassify transactions, write off invoices and more without searching through menus.

Easily control what your employees can see and do in your clients' books... and your own firm's. Choose from 3 levels of permissions with just a click.

Get the client documents you need without the hassles of sending emails. The built-in document center lets you request and receive files right inside QuickBooks and it keeps an audit trail of what's been received and what's outstanding.

#1 Sage

At Sage they energize the success of businesses and communities around the world through the imagination of people and smart technology. Sage provides small and medium sized organisations with a range of easy-to-use business management software and services - from accounting and payroll, to enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and payments. Their customers receive continuous advice and support through their global network of local experts to help them solve their business problems, giving them the confidence to achieve their business ambitions.

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