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The 14 Fastest Growing Companies in Portland

Life in Portlandia has been a whirlwind. After being  being the hippest city to move to in the last few years the real estate market has caught up to the hype. Portland is starting to settle after the boom and become a great city for startups. Portland is surrounded with beautiful outdoor options year round that you can enjoy and if it starts to rain just get back to work! Portland is an up and coming city in the startup world, these are the companies that are growing the fastest and making the most money. These startups are less than 10 years old and have 50 employees or less.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing, Inc. is one of the leading digital online marketing agencies in the Portland, specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and have grown to become a full-service agency over the last couple years - offering custom B2B internet marketing solutions for clients in all sorts of industries -and- from all parts of the world. They provide the consulting work and assist you in finding the best possible solution based on your budget. With their month-to-month program, they offer you complete flexibility and control without feeling "locked" into any type of contract.

Idealist Consulting

Founded by a Peace Corps business development volunteer, award-winning Idealist Consulting is dedicated to providing nonprofits, private sector businesses, and government with advanced technical solutions that help them run more effectively. Whether it is Salesforce database development, website integration, or technical training, they make every effort to provide thoughtful, ethical and approachable support. Idealist Consulting is recognized as one of the original Salesforce implementation partners and has been the top-ranked consulting firm on the AppExchange for five years running. A certified B Corporation, Idealist Consulting has implemented over 700 projects and is endorsed by Gartner for high-speed, low-risk Salesforce deployments. 

G2 Consultants

G2 Consultants Inc. is a Northwest based consulting firm with nationwide capabilities, providing full-service industrial hygiene, occupational and environmental health and safety consulting services to private, government, and public sector clients.  G2 is experienced in all aspects of regulatory compliance consulting, health hazard evaluations, risk assessment, waste management and indoor air quality evaluations. They infuse decades of combined experience in workplace assessments, asbestos, lead, mold, respirator fit testing, training, and indoor environmental quality consulting with a fresh and innovative approach to their work. Most important, they deliver what their clients need on time and on budget.


The founders of Brandefined spent a decade working in various positions within the online marketing industry and began noticing that there was a gap for small businesses. Busy small business owners were forced to piece together their own advertising strategies through different companies all over the web while gaining no understanding of proper management and results. They decided to change that by creating Brandefined, a company whose vision is to help small businesses develop the knowledge and brand recognition to combine their convoluted advertising efforts into a cohesive strategy.

Expect Payment Solutions

A full service processor of all major credit and debit cards, facilitating electronic payments for businesses of all sizes from your local restaurant or auto repair shop to large corporations.

They partnered with one of the largest merchant service providers in the world for their processing needs, thereby forming a strong alliance that allows them to offer their merchants the ability to process on every platform.

Orchestra Software

Orchestra Software is an enterprise software company that creates industry vertical solutions that are scalable enough for large companies, but affordable enough for small growing companies. Their industry specific software consolidates all company operations into one single application, providing an unparalleled insight into the business, and creating opportunity for cost savings and increased profitability.

Pacific Energy Concepts 

Pacific Energy Concepts is a commercial and industrial energy consultancy, specializing in helping companies leverage optimized LED lighting retrofits to improve business outcomes. Put simply, they’re out to transform the way their clients think about lighting. They envision and implement robust energy efficiency projects to provide optimal light levels and improve facility aesthetics, all while cutting your lighting costs in half.


They create proven marketing campaigns that help their clients thrive in the new world of online media. They transform numbers into actionable insights that integrate offline and online tactics to engage and compel customers into action.The synergistic power of traditional and digital media results from consistency and optimized performance. The result? More traffic, greater sales and larger profits. 

Fuel Medical Group

At Fuel Medical they partner with elite ear, nose and throat physicians to help them maximize their business and become market leaders. They first identify what each physician wants to accomplish through their practice. Once identified, their next step is to perform a complete audit of the practice. This includes a financial assessment, comprehensive market analysis and spending time with each member of the physician's team to identify opportunities for improvement. When they have agreed with the physician on the current status of the business, they begin the process of creating a strategic plan that will bridge the gap between where the practice is currently and where the physician would like it to be. 


They build websites that inspire action. They help clients reach new audiences and engage more meaningfully with existing stakeholders. Their web development process begins with requirements gathering and content strategy. They then help their clients build comprehensive plans for evaluating the long-term success of their website, messaging, and digital outreach.


Unlike traditional outdoor stoves, EcoZoom stoves don't rely on propane or gas fuel. Instead nature is your fuel and it is everywhere. Just a handful of sticks can cook an entire meal or boil water for your morning coffee. They are perfect for camping, backyard cooking, or in case of an emergency. Portable, powerful, and easy to use. EcoZoom stoves create a real outdoor cooking experience that reconnects you with nature. Go ahead, unplug, and feed your need for independence in the great outdoors with boundless cooking. 


Zapproved’s e-discovery software offers corporate legal teams innovative cloud-based technologies for conducting e-discovery affordably and sustainably. Their platform is characterized by ease-of-use, scalability of processing power, data security and exceptional accessibility, all at an affordable and predictable price. Zapproved’s solutions are designed to support e-discovery best practices at each step of the process, in order for legal teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness, while reducing risks and costs associated with litigation.


Marmoset is a boutique music agency born and raised among the lush, green, and often rain soaked landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. They spend most of their time crafting original music for creative mediums in the public eye - mainly the kind you see in broadcast television commercials. In addition to composing original music, they also maintain a hand picked roster of some of the most talented independent artists and bands they can find, whose recordings are available for licensing opportunities.


Net2Vault is a cloud services provider delivering enterprise-level solutions to NetApp customers with data center locations in the U.S. and Canada. Through Secure Multi-tenancy, Net2Vault provides cloud data backup, disaster recovery and Tier 4 file services using native NetApp tools. Net2Vault provides a unique and cost-effective set of services that meet the demands of today’s companies. 

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