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The Top 10 Etsy Stores

Etsy is the best place to find a unique gift or a new piece of jewelry. If you're going to spend money on a new item, it's nice to know it's going to the local makers that are working on their craft. Founder Robert Kalin's inspiration for the name came from watching Italian films and he liked the sound of "eh, si" (oh yes). These Etsy shops are amazing and not only will you get an original item that you can't find in a strip mall, but when you open the package you'll say "oh yes", here are the top 10.

#10 FiredaughterClothing

When founder Samya Cochran was pregnant with their first child, a daughter, she became obsessed with finding something for her to wear to show her pride for her daddy, who is a Firefighter. She couldn't find anything, absolutely nothing for the daughters of Firefighters. She became obsessed- how could there be nothing? She kept talking about it and talking about it and her husband finally said “seriously, shut up and do something about it”. So she made up the word Firedaughter, Firefighter, but with daughter instead of fighter. And so Firedaughter Clothing was born. She floundered for a few years, selling just enough to barely break even, mainly to people she  already knew. 

Samya was talking with their neighbor one night, telling her how the Firedaugher concept was just not taking off and she felt like there was nothing left to do but quit. She asked if she had other passions aside from being a Firefighter's wife… and she knew the answer. Firedaughter’s focus changed to fitness, and that’s where it remains today.

The Firedaughter view on fitness is very specific. Their shirts tell the story of Samya's fitness life, and her outlook on fitness. Firedaughter girls don’t need to tell you they’re better than you, and they don’t live by cliches. They do what works and they’re grateful that they are blessed with lives that allow them to take care of themselves. 

#9 Tribal Style

Tribal Style is a place where cultural, tribal adornment meets modern day life. They have taken earrings that were originally made for gauged ears, split them and inserted a sterling silver post. Making them available for people who have always admired this tribal style, but could not make the commitment of stretching their ears.

The materials used are all natural and eco-friendly. The earrings are made from wood, coconut, and salvaged bone and horn. The bone and horn used to hand-carve these tribal earrings are from a domesticated water buffalo utilized for cultivation and food. To minimize waste, they are respectfully used for this form of art and income.

#8 Dark Cycle Clothing

Dark Cycle Clothing was founded by husband and wife team Coryn and Adam in 2009. Adam and Coryn have been playing around with designing t-shirts since they were teenagers in love bringing their late-night design creations to the local screen-printer and peddling them in batches of 20 at local punk rock shows. Eventually they bought a press of their own and began printing for local businesses in Tampa, Florida.

The concept for Dark Cycle began with Adam thinking up quirky animal on bike designs while making his 17-mile bike ride to work. Eventually, he screenprinted the designs up on some extra t-shirts and they generated quite a bit of interest every time they were worn. After some friendly nudging from Adam for longer than Coryn cares to admit she posted the shirts up at and the next three years became a blur of chasing their little ones around, while tirelessly designing, printing, packing and shipping Dark Cycle shirts to every corner of the world.

#7 bragginbags

 Featuring authentic, original Morgann Hill Designs they are proud to offer you their signature rustic chic collection. A clever blend of California chic with delightful hints of Southern influences ~ their designs are the perfect complement to numerous styled weddings including Country, Shabby, Vintage Inspired, Rustic, Woodland, Garden, Barn, Farm, DIY, Backyard Chic, Eco Friendly, Natural, Elegant, Enchanted Whimsy, just about any eclectic style! 

#6 Posh Peanut Kids

Posh Peanuts specializes in custom handmade hats, birthday hats, headpieces, headbands, jewelry, and anything fabulous. Perfect for your little peanuts special day or for a photo shoot.

#5 Grace & Lace

In the spring of 2010 founder Melissa Hinnant was five months pregnant with a little girl. At a routine doctor's visit, she was suddenly told the devastating news that without surgical intervention she would give birth to their daughter within 24 hours - and that she wouldn't survive. She was rushed into emergency surgery to try to save her, and then there she was, laying horizontal in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. The days of strict, confined bed rest were extremely long. She couldn't even sit up, she just had to do something with her hands! So she started with a vision to crochet her tiny baby girl a blanket. And thus started and spurred her desire to sew, sew, sew.

For two weeks she lived in the hospital until doctors could no longer stop the labor. Their very tiny but oh-so-perfect baby girl was born. With lungs not yet developed enough to survive on her own, the Lord took her straight to Heaven.

Though heart-wrenching and devastating, Melissa truly believes that out of this great tragedy has come their greatest victory.

Her love for sewing, and all things knit grew. Late in the fall of 2011, she made her first pair of lacey leg warmers. Everywhere she went, people would stop and ask her where she got them. She put them up for sale online and in a matter of days she was overwhelmed with orders and could not possibly fulfill them on her own.  Now, almost 3 years later, they have sold over 100,000 pairs of lacey, frilly boot socks and leg warmers. They have grown so rapidly that they have now evolved into an official company with trademarked designs, a full studio and warehouse, and friends and family as staff.

#4 Zen Threads

Their vintage and urban inspired eco-friendly tees and goods are thoughtfully designed and custom screen printed to order by hand. This allows us them to offer you a variety of color options at an affordable price. 

They use a green printing process which is free from harmful environmental chemicals or solvents. Not only is it safer for the planet and their shop, but water-based inks look and feel like they're part of the garment. ZenThreads re-creates the look and feel of a vintage t-shirts, soft, and broken-in.  Not only will it feel like your favorite t-shirt the day it arrives, but with time it will only look and feel better.

#3 Three Bird Nest

Three Bird Nest is an online store created from a simple love for free spirited clothing and modern vintage design. You will find boho clothing & indie fashion women's accessories: handmade headbands that are simple yet sophisticated; jewelry that accentuates your look without overpowering it; and dresses that won’t go out of fashion with each season. The charming & girly accessories and indie clothing you’ll find at Three Bird Nest are designed with care with you in mind.

The Etsy shoppe was started on a whim after creating a few headbands for  a clothing boutique. They sold out in the first day and figured it was a fluke, but no, they still cannot keep them in stock. 

Three bird nest is for the woman that wants to make a statement without saying a word. One that is sophisticated, yet fun. One that loves fashion, but not being trendy. She’s a mom, a student, a daughter, a bride, a woman going on a first date. She’s you.

#2 The Velvet Acorn

Founder Heidi May has a true love for nature and the outdoors. One of her favorite things is to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and stare out at the mountains and trees. When her first daughter was born, she combined her love for nature and everything handmade with her love for knitting and crocheting. She was always looking for items that were feminine, practical with a natural earthy flare. This is where it started.....The Velvet Acorn.

At The Velvet Acorn you will find purely original pattern designs in knit and crochet. Inspired and crafted with Heidi's love of nature and the outdoors in mind. They always aim for comfort, warmth and versatility, timeless pieces that layer well and go with everything.

#1 Think Pink Bows

At Think Pink Bowtique their store carries a wide selection of beautiful, unique and affordable hair accessories, Petti rompers, dresses, leg warmers, necklaces and much more for your precious little one. Their accessories are perfect for special occasions or every day wear. 

Visit their Facebook fan page and Like them to receive coupons, discounts, giveaways, updates on their new products and frequent flash sales.