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Why Startups Should Hire A Graphic Recorder

For most speaking engagements, conferences, meeting and brainstorming sessions the speaker is immediately swimming upstream against the rest of the room. You could be listening intently and taking detailed notes, but at anytime most of the room is going to be thinking about what they are going to say when it's their turn, or they could be zoning out on non-work related events like what they're doing for dinner, weekend plans or maybe they're thinking about what they should say to the hot barista when they get an iced coffee later. Even if the audience is listening intently and taking great notes, the notes will probably be filed away and briefly reviewed in the distant future or never looked at again. 

Although it goes by many names, the essence of graphic recording is simple. Through keen listening, the artist captures and synthesizes your ideas using hand drawn images and words, in real time. This large-scale illustration of the conversation is packed with information which can easily be seen, understood and remembered by the group during and long after the event. Graphic recording creates an engaging, motivating, fun and innovative environment to facilitate group understanding and creativity.

For your next meeting, conference or trade show it might be a good idea to hire an artist that specializes in making your brainstorming sessions come to life. Two thirds of all people are visual learners, 25 percent of our brain is devoted to processing visual information and combining images with text increases retention by 40 percent. Graphic recording taps directly into our incredible ability to process visual information. More than 65 percent of people learn best through visual inputs.

Creative visual communication provides an interesting way to protect the investment you've made bringing the right people together by ensuring the insights and discussions won't get lost in pages of linear notes. Use the images created during the event to continue to share the story, energy and movement in the right direction.

Meetings and conferences are mostly about the words, spoken or written, so there's an actual neurological disconnect between the information we're receiving and how our brains like to process it. After an engaging, transformative meeting, that feeling, energy and motivation is shared and maintained among the organization long after the event. Using graphic recording and creative visual communication can help people feel more connected with your conference. Used internally, graphic recording helps people feel a deeper connection as part of your organization.

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