The 35 Hottest Startups in New York

New York is quickly catching up to Silicon Valley in the startup world. While tech and Silicon Valley took a huge lead early on New York is creating extraordinary startups that are not only in tech, but also in many other top industries. Spring is here, New York is warming up and hot on the heels of Silicon Valley.

#35 Floored

At Floored, they build technologies that allow people to experience the world through immersive 3D visualization of spaces. Using scans from a proprietary, next-generation 3D camera, their algorithms automatically generate interactive 3D models that you can view or share on the web and iPad. Experience that dream apartment in the East Village, tour an entire office floor of the World Trade Center, or take precise measurements from the scanned 3D representation of a SoHo retail space--all without leaving your room.

#34 Nomi

Dedicated to helping businesses deliver the best possible in-store experience, Nomi provides comprehensive enterprise-grade interior analytics and proximity marketing in a single platform. Measure, analyze and optimize the in store experience for your entire audience from the first time visitor to the most loyal fan. Know with certainty which investments in marketing, operations and service attract new customers and keep them coming back.

#33 Knozen

Knozen shows you what people like most about you. They use fun, free, social games, in a unique new way, to show people’s personalities, so that you can comment and share, and let people know what you think makes them unique and different. They create a positive, supportive place for discovering and sharing personality.

#32 Movable Ink

Movable Ink is the leading provider of agileEMAIL Marketing technology. Since the channel's inception, email has been frozen in time when a marketer hits the "Send" button. With Agile Email Marketing from Movable Ink, email can now be dynamically updated in real-time based on each recipient's time, location, device, and social context at the moment of open. Hundreds of innovative brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Seamless, Lilly Pulitzer, and Finish Line use Movable Ink to enhance customer engagement and increase marketing ROI.

#31 Chalkbeat

Chalkbeat is a nonprofit news organization created by journalists who believe that an independent local press is vital to ensuring that education improves. Great journalism, purposefully practiced, can make a big difference. Thorough, knowledgeable, and contextualized reporting that helps people make the decisions they need to improve our world. Chalkbeat is particularly focused on the challenge of improving our country’s public schools, especially in the communities where a quality education can help transform life trajectories.

#30 Namely

Namely is the leading HR, payroll, and benefits platform for growing companies. With Namely, HR leaders can save time, reduce costs, and manage their entire HR process in one integrated system. Namely is used by some of the world’s most innovative and exciting companies from many industries, including media, technology, commerce, professional services, and more.

#29 xAd

xAd uses the context of location to create meaningful mobile advertising experiences. Their patented technology platform identifies where someone is or has been with precision and at scale, enabling marketers to use these insights to drive offline store traffic and sales. xAd’s global location marketplace allows nearly 1 million advertisers to reach 300 million unique devices in 300 billion mobile moments each month.

#28 SmartAsset

SmartAsset is a financial technology company that uses data to provide free, actionable advice for big financial decisions on issues including home buying, retirement, life insurance, student loans, refinance, credit cards and checking accounts. At the heart of their service is a decision engine and optimization tool that measures the efficacy of different strategies, quantifies the true cost of financing alternatives and recommends specific financial products based on their suitability and cost to your specific situation.

#27 Chango

Chango is a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with their target audience in real time across display, social, mobile & video. The company’s unique live-profile technology makes intent data available within milliseconds to help clients efficiently acquire new customers, retarget site visitors or build brand awareness. Chango has more than a 90% client retention rate from Fortune 500 brands such as eBay, LEGO, Clorox, Lowes and Gilt.

#26 SinglePlatform

Since being founded in 2010, SinglePlatform has been helping local businesses get new customers by enabling them to publish their most important information everywhere consumers are making decisions online. Over 15,000 businesses rely on SinglePlatform everyday to showcase and update their menus, products, and services on the web's most popular sites and apps, all from one place.

#25 JOOR

JOOR is the leading online global fashion marketplace for wholesale buying. Through their innovative platform and easy-to-use technology they’re pioneering a wholesale evolution – making the process easier and faster not just because they want to, but because they believe the wholesale industry deserves better. They’ve put the entire wholesale buying process online, to enable brands and retailers to drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analytics.

#24 BioLite

BioLite is a developer and manufacturer of distributed energy solutions. Their first products focus on the half of the planet that still cooks their meals on indoor open wood fires, leading to nearly 4 million smoke related deaths every year, as many as die from Malaria and AIDS combined. To address this problem, BioLite has developed an affordable cookstove capable of reducing indoor smoke by more than 90%. What's unique about their stoves is that they generate electricity from their own waste heat and can therefore charge cellphones and LED lights. By combining the stove's health benefits with the economic incentive of electricity access, their products are revolutionizing clean cookstove adoption and use.

#23 Audicus

Forty-eight million Americans have hearing loss, but only a quarter have hearing aids. This is mainly due to price. Hearing aids traditionally cost about $7,000 per pair at the clinic and are not covered by insurance.

Audicus wanted to make hearing aids more accessible and give everyone the opportunity to Live Loudly.

Audicus offers the highest quality hearing aids directly to customers online. They stand behind their products with a one year manufacturer's warranty, 45-day free trial and free tune-ups for life. If you are not truly satisfied, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

#22 Parse.ly

Parse.ly partners with digital publishers to provide clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform.

Thousands of writers, editors, site managers, and technologists use Parse.ly to understand what content draws in website visitors, and why. Using their powerful dashboards and APIs, customers build successful digital strategies that allow them to grow and engage a loyal audience.

#21 SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard grading service helps organizations in an increasingly hyper-connected world better identify, understand and manage all key risks their cloud-based information systems and those of their partners face every second of every day.

Its patented solution is the only automated method to monitor all key risk factors on a continuous, real-time basis. This means users will always know the security levels of every organization they work with or share data and be able to take action, quickly and easily.

#20 Canary

Canary is the world's first smart home security device for everyone. Canary contains an HD video camera and sensors that track everything from temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and movement. Controlled entirely from your smartphone, Canary alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — from sudden temperature spikes that can indicate a fire, to sound and vibration that could mean an intrusion. Over time, Canary learns your home’s rhythms to send even smarter alerts.

#19 Dataminr

Dataminr transforms Twitter streams and other public datasets into actionable signals, discovering must-know information in real-time.

Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Dataminr instantly analyzes all public tweets and other publicly available data to deliver the earliest signals for breaking news, real-world events, off the radar context and perspective, and emerging trends.

#18 PetFlow

PetFlow is a Pet Food Delivery eCommerce company that allows customers to sign up for auto-ship delivery of their pet’s food so they never need to worry about lugging supplies from the pet store.

#17 SocialCode

SocialCode builds marketing technology and solutions that make the world’s most valuable brands successful using social platforms. Over 30 Fortune 100 firms and over 100 leaders in every major category, including their agencies, rely on SocialCode to lead their social advertising, improve messaging and media strategy, and become better marketers. SocialCode capitalizes on advertising experts, advanced technologies and machine-learning that activate brands and turn people into customers and advocates. SocialCode is a pioneer in predictive analytics, and has been awarded the elite distinction of being both a Facebook Marketing Partner and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, while also developing solutions for Instagram and Pinterest.

#16 Farmigo

Farmigo brings the farmers’ market online, connecting food communities -- such as workplaces, apartment complexes, community centers and schools -- directly to multiple local farms to provide a personalized online marketplace for fresh-from-harvest food. The Farmigo team is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of an alternative food system by delivering healthy locally grown food to households across the country.

#15 Appboy

Appboy is a customer engagement platform focusing on marketing automation for apps. They help app developers and marketers understand the people who use their products and turn them into loyal users post-install. They provide a comprehensive suite of marketing automation services, including multi-channel messaging (push notifications, in-app messages, email), an industry-first news feed, multivariate testing, customer support and social integration.

#14 Schoology

Schoology—used by millions of students and educators in K-12 schools and universities around the world—combines dynamic learning management, an easy-to-use collaborative interface, and next-generation API integration into one innovative solution. Schoology transforms learning into a media-rich interactive experience where students, teachers, parents and administrators work together to raise student achievement worldwide. Available as a free stand-alone product and as a fee-based integrated enterprise-class solution deployed in schools or across districts, Schoology is user-centric and scalable for any blended learning environment.

#13 Chartbeat

Chartbeat gives you real-time information about your site in an instantly gettable way. Through our dashboards and APIs, you'll get live stats about your site's visitor behavior - from traffic stats, to engagement metrics, to geographic data and everything in between.

#12 Betterment

Betterment is the largest, fastest-growing automated investing service, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through smarter technology. The service offers a globally diversified portfolio of ETFs, designed to help provide you with the best possible expected returns for retirement planning, building wealth, and other savings goals. Betterment helps people to achieve a smarter financial future with minimal effort and at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial services.

#11 Dashlane

Dashlane makes identity and payments simple and secure everywhere, with its world-leading password manager and secure digital wallet. It is the solution for the common problem encountered by hundreds of millions of web users worldwide - that of registering, logging in and checking out on every website and every device.

#10 SeatGeek

SeatGeek is a search engine for sports, concert, and theater tickets. They search hundreds of the web's best ticket sites and then they rank all available tickets, helping you save time, money, and always find the best deal.

#9 Offerpop

Offerpop helps marketers launch powerful social marketing campaigns to reach, engage and connect with their consumers. Global brands, agencies and small businesses use Offerpop to increase revenue and grow fans, followers and email subscribers. Launch campaigns across any marketing channel - website, advertising, email, TV - and drive engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

#8 Poppin

Work is no longer an isolated activity that happens in an office from 9-5. You might be in a cubicle, a classroom, at home, on a plane or in a coffee shop. Poppin was created to fill the design gap between the products we use for work and those available in the rest of our lives. They’re not another office products company; they sell workstyle products.

#7 Conductor

Conductor is the undisputed leader of web presence management, inspiring marketers to break their addiction to paid media and create great consumer experiences through digital marketing. The Conductor Searchlight  platform transforms a brand’s web presence in ‘unpaid’ channels, like organic search, content and social, into a powerful acquisition method resulting in meaningful traffic & revenue increases. Their technology gathers data from the web to deliver actionable insight into where a brand’s content is getting discovered, how their competition is being found and the playbook needed to win the ‘unpaid’ media war.

#6 GameChanger

Their app provides scorekeeping, stats and team management for the coaching staff of amateur sports teams - plus live game updates, stats and recap stories for families and fans.

  1. Your team keeps score. During the game, your scorekeeper records the action using simple, intuitive menus.
  2. They do the math. They generate advanced stats and spray charts and shot charts in real-time.
  3. Parents and fans follow live. They stream a live play-by-play and deliver live updates to fans following on web or mobile.

#5 RebelMouse

RebelMouse is a revolutionary all-in-one platform for supercharging content, growing audiences and building loyal and lasting communities. With its fully integrated suite of mobile and web authoring, feed management, visual presentation, and content distribution applications, RebelMouse empowers Rebels ranging from leading brands and media companies to individual artists and authors to let their ideas roar. Founded in 2012 by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry, RebelMouse reaches more than 19 million unique visitors across hundreds of thousands of active pages each month.

#4 General Assembly

General Assembly is creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing.

Established in early 2011 as an innovative community in New York City for entrepreneurs and startup companies, General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design at fourteen campuses across four continents.

#3 Plated

Plated delivers ready-to-cook ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your door so that you can create a delicious meal without the hassles of recipe hunting and grocery shopping. All of the fresh, specialty ingredients arrive pre-portioned so that you can relax and enjoy the cooking experience.

#2 Codecademy

Codecademy is a team of hackers working hard to build a better way for anyone to teach, and learn, how to code. They're determined to succeed in realizing their mission to turn a world of tech consumers into one of empowered builders. They are rethinking education from the bottom up. The web has rethought nearly everything - commerce, social networking, healthcare, and more. They are building the education the world needs - the first truly net native education. Codecademy takes more cues from Facebook and Zynga in creating an engaging educational experience than they do from classrooms.

#1 Birchbox

Birchbox is changing the way consumers discover and purchase grooming, beauty, and lifestyle products. They combine a monthly subscription service with original editorial content and a fully integrated e-commerce shop. Every month, members sample high-end products targeted to fit their personal profile and behavior, learn about them through their content, and purchase full-size versions of the products they like. Their platform provides their brand partners with an innovative and efficient way to access new customers.

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