The Top One Hundred Startups in Manhattan

Silicon Alley is taking over. This article was really fun to research because there are so many extraordinary startups in Manhattan right now. You might already know a few of them and some are going to be household names soon. Here are our choices for the very best. Send us any feedback at the bottom of the list. 

#100 Appy Couple

Appy Couple is the easiest and most stylish way to publish your own, ready-made mobile wedding app (and website). It's private. It's social. It's organized, feature-rich and easy. Couples can ensure that guests have everything they could possibly need at their fingertips and stay socially connected—no more patched together solutions of DIY websites, photo sharing apps, social networks and emails: Appy Couple connects the dots and puts it all together.

Start planning your wedding at

#99 Canary 

Canary is the smartest way for your home to stay secure. Canary contains an HD video camera and sensors that track everything from temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and movement. Controlled entirely from your smartphone, Canary alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — from sudden temperature spikes that can indicate a fire, to sound and vibration that could mean an intrusion. Over time, Canary learns your home’s rhythms to send even smarter alerts.

There’s no installation. Simply put Canary on a shelf or table in a central area of your home, plug it in, and connect to your Wi-Fi. That’s it.

Visit them at

#98 LearnVest

LearnVest is a program for your money. Their mission is to make financial planning affordable, accessible, and even delightful. They are dedicated to helping people live the life they want—not the one they think they can afford.

They facilitate a personalized process in which they help their clients know their numbers, learn the why behind them and take action on both a daily and long-term basis. More specifically, they integrate financial analysis and recommendations with behavioral change strategies to help people reach their goals.

Their subscription products are part person—a dedicated LearnVest Planner paired with each client—and part innovative technology, which allows them to develop deeper insights and help clients faster.

LearnVest is a program for your money. They facilitate a personalized process in which they help clients know their numbers, learn the why behind them and take action on both a daily and long-term basis. More specifically, they integrate financial analysis and recommendations with behavioral change strategies to help people reach their goals.

Learn more at

#97 LocalVox

LocalVox is a local, social & mobile marketing platform that helps local businesses market themselves online, across a network of publishers, social media, search, mobile, email newsletters & even their own website – and is as simple to use as email.

Their mission is to help local businesses market themselves in an online world that’s become too fragmented and complex for them to manage. With a single partner and platform, local merchants can now take back control of their brand and marketing and message customers across all the channels they need to be online and have a partner there to help them through the process.

Visit them at

#96 Reonomy

Reonomy’s research platform enables commercial real estate investors and lenders to conduct quant-based analyses that currently take hours, days, or even weeks and execute them in a matter of clicks. Reonomy’s comprehensive property and market-level data collected across many disparate sources, proprietary validation algorithms, and powerful analytics redefine how CRE assets and market forces are understood.

Visit their website at

#95 SocialFlow

SocialFlow’s technology solutions measurably improve your Brand’s ability to be successful in using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

SocialFlow increases distribution of owned and earned content by analyzing user behavior and optimizing each post based on real-time data. 

SocialFlow developed technology that analyzes and quantifies audience, attention, topics and engagement. The algorithm ensures that each message is delivered at the right moment—when users are online and engaging with related content. As a result, marketers gain value for each piece of content and deeper engagement across social media channels.

Visit them at

#94 PublicStuff

PublicStuff is a technology start-up that aims to connect people with their local government with the goals of increasing civic participation, accountability, and efficiency in municipalities across the United States.

PublicStuff offers a community-driven Web portal and mobile application that people can use to submit service requests, get community information, access neighborhood mapping tools, and network with their neighbors and leaders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at their convenience.

Check out their website at

#93 Fiestah

Fiestah gives event organizers the easiest way to compare quotes, pay securely, and manage event vendors from one place. They help event organizers make their event dreams come true while making the actual process of getting multiple quotes and booking a vendor, much simpler.

The founders of Fiestah were planning events for work, for friends, and even for brides. As they started doing this more and more they realized that they kept running into the same problems:

  • Repeating the same event and credit card information to multiple vendors over the phone
  • Dealing with separate booking and payment processes for multiple vendors
  • Worrying about the uncertainty around the quality of the vendors they were hiring
  • Keeping track of multiple email threads, scattered notes and spreadsheets to stay in sync with co-organizers, volunteers and vendors
  • … and way more!

There had to be a better way to do this. They asked around and found that their peers experienced the same problems. They talked to the pros and even they had the same problems. They did a lot of research to see if they could find a product or app that could help, but nothing really hit the spot. So they decided to build Fiestah.

Visit their website at

#92 FieldLens

FieldLens delivers a better way for construction professionals to connect and collaborate with everyone on the jobsite. From being able to issue jobsite tasks and track field progress in realtime, to organizing project communication and delivering perfectly formatted reports, FieldLens helps project teams work smarter and faster.

Everyone from general contractors and subcontractors, to architects, engineers and owners can use FieldLens on their own or to collaborate with each other.

Visit their website at

#91 Raiseworks

Raiseworks operates an online direct lending platform that connects small businesses with institutional lenders looking to lend directly to private businesses. They improve small business access to capital by leveraging technology to lower the cost of customer acquisition and loan application processing resulting in a dramatic acceleration of the application-to-funding cycle. For institutional lenders, Raiseworks opens the door to opportunities to invest directly in credit-worthy private businesses while earning stable, attractive returns.

Check out their website at

#90 Simplist

Simplist is the best way for teams to get to the right people fast. It is the team-building and business development tool that every team needs to get the most out of its collective networks for selling, recruiting and ongoing business development. Simplist helps teams quickly identify who they should be reaching out to across all of their networks and makes it simple to collaborate with colleagues, friends and followers to get to their connections. In moments. Smart lists that stay up to date as your network changes. Smart filters that let you drill down based upon simple keywords and more. Forget what you know about networking. This is business-grade segmentation powered by social, personal and 3rd party data.

Visit their website at

#89 Jigglist 

Jigglist is a smart platform that helps group of friends plan hangouts, discover new places, and book reservations. It's the next evolution of location based services, which brings together search, maps, reviews, scheduling, and chat into a seamless mobile experience.

People are using Jigglist to plan an exciting night-out with friends, pick their favorite brunch places, and explore the trendiest coffee shops in their neighborhood.

How Jigglist works? 
1. Send a hangout idea to a group of friends 
2. Find places and suggest them to the group 
3. See the places suggested by your friends, plus check their details (opening hours, reviews, location, contact info, etc.) 
4. Suggest your preferred times, and see the best time for the entire group to meet 
5. Book a reservation and ask a cab to pick you up 
6. Chat with the whole group to coordinate all the final details

For more info visit

#88 Public House

A game-changing wine brand focused on new-to-wine millennials; they're innovating everything from the way they drink to the way they learn about wine.

To start, they're focusing on boxed wine, a highly disruptable market growing at an astounding rate. By focusing on elegant design and relevant content, they are overcoming the boxed wine stigma and building a product entirely focused on Millennial drinkers who are drinking casually, on the move, and always with friends.

Their 3L premium boxed wine keeps 4 bottles-worth of delicious wine fresh for 6 weeks and with a sleeve of 10 stemless wine glasses, it's easy to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere-with anyone. From the moment you buy your first box, you become part of the Pub, with access to online content and tastings focused on making wine easy, social and less pretentious.

Check out their website at

#87 Skift

Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers to help them make smart decisions about travel.

Travel news & data offers a tremendous opportunity: With a $6.5 trillion contribution to GDP and 260 million jobs, travel — made up of tourism, hospitality, transport & leisure — is the world’s largest industry. Skift is the information and intelligence brand that matches the industry’s size and potential. Skift is the business of travel.

Visit them at

#86 20x200

A curated selection of limited edition prints by emerging, established and legendary artists. It's Art For Everyone.

They want everyone to collect art and they want more artists to make a living by making work. Most of all, they wanted something as awesome as collecting art to be fun. They pay meticulous attention to every print they produce, from $24 to $10,000. Each print comes with an artist-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity that ensures the work you own is part of a limited edition created by the artist exclusively for 20x200. 

Check out their website at

#85 One Month

They teach people how to code online in one month. Like Khan Academy, they've developed an online video and social integration model that scales. It works because people finish with real projects that they can then use to get promotions, job offers and start their own companies. The team consists of online learning experts. While Khan Academy stops at High School, One Month is taking Online education to the real world. (Where people pay).

Visit them at

#84 Bond Street

Bond Street is a startup focused on transforming small business lending through technology, data and design. Small business owners are the foundation for growth in our economy, and yet today’s banking system has left them behind. They’re building a better future where access to financing is simple, transparent and fair.

Check out their website at

#83 Rocketrip

Founded in 2013 by Dan Ruch and Gillian Tee, Rocketrip’s mission is to enlist employees as engaged partners in managing corporate travel costs. For too long, employee and company interests have been misaligned. By introducing the motivation to save, Rocketrip is fundamentally changing the way employees spend money on business travel.

Rocketrip’s software combines real-time travel market pricing, company policy and a suite of sophisticated, patented algorithms to set customized budgets and predict what a trip should cost. By rewarding employees for beating their personalized budget, Rocketrip empowers employees to make cost- and time-sensitive travel choices. Rocketrip customers enjoy significant savings off existing travel spend and a healthy culture of cost consciousness that employees embrace.

Their administrative toolkit, called “Launchpad”, gives travel managers complete flexibility to customize budget sensitivity based on existing policy. State of the art reporting provides real-time insight into travel spend and behavior customized for each company they serve. Rocketrip seamlessly integrates into any existing corporate travel and expense technology stack.

As employees save their company money, they accumulate points available for redemption at Rocketrip’s comprehensive gift store.

Check out their website at

#82 Common Bond

CommonBond lowers the cost of higher education in the U.S. Their platform connects student and graduate borrowers with individual and institutional investors to save borrowers money on their student loans and allow investors to earn a financial return. 

They lower the cost of financing higher education in the U.S. By lowering the cost threshold, they make the higher degree more attainable. Second, through their Social Promise. For every degree fully funded on the CommonBond platform, the company funds the education of a student in need abroad for a full year.

CommonBond has funded millions of dollars of student loans so far, and plans to fund or refinance as much as $100 million of student debt by the end of 2014.

Visit them at

#81 Squarespace

Squarespace's mission is to provide creative tools that power the future of the web. From designers creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences, to anyone managing their own online presence for the first time, Squarespace provides elegant solutions that set new standards for online publishing. By focusing their efforts on the fusion of design and engineering, they strive to create long-lasting products that delight and surprise their customers.

For more info go to

#80 DramaFever

A rapidly growing online video service specializing in cross-border distribution of popular international TV shows and movies. They work with 54 content partners from 7 countries and are the largest online video distributor of international televised content streaming the world's best movies, documentaries and TV shows on demand with professional subtitles. 

For a 30 day free trial visit

#79 Catchpoint

Catchpoint was born as an offspring of the Google/DoubleClick mafia in New York, who were inspired to start their own web performance monitoring company after 10+ years of frustrations working on monitoring systems at DoubleClick.

Catchpoint is the next-generation Internet monitoring solution that increases profits and protects brand integrity by cost-effectively turning performance data into an unprecedented view of the complete user experience. It radically transforms the way businesses manage, monitor, and test the performance of online applications.

Already boasting the best global infrastructure coverage in the industry, the company has grabbed considerable market share, and looks to grow even more in the coming months and years as word of its superior technology and user interface grows.

Catchpoint had to innovate internally first by building its own No-SQL in memory database, ETL, and filesystem. On top of that, it’s staying ahead of the curve by investing heavily in its engineering workforce, and constantly improving on its cutting-edge technology with an impressive schedule of eight new product releases every year. That not only ensures that it will continue the rapid growth that is has enjoyed over the past few years, but will also push its staff to conquer new challenges on a consistent basis.

Check out their website at

#78 Handshake 

Handshake is the #1 reviewed app for sales reps on the road, at tradeshows and in showrooms. Handshake is used by the sales teams of hundreds of companies to write more orders, more quickly and make more money. Never write another order by hand. Everything you need on your iPad & iPhone to write an order and send it instantly to your back office. From your product catalog, to your customer list, to sales history and reports, Handshake’s got it all covered.

Visit them at

#77 View The Space

View The Space (VTS) is the first cross platform leasing solution in Commercial Real Estate. They use video, distribution, and real-time analytics to help the world's largest owners and brokerage firms lease space. Their technology not only helps users create leasing opportunities, but manage the entire deal process from start to finish. One central place to manage portfolio & team performance. The VTS platform of high-end video tours of office and retail vacancies helps streamline the leasing process for everyone involved, saving time and money.

Visit them at

#76 A+

A+ is a social news organization dedicated to highlighting social issues, sharing breaking news, and creating original, entertaining content. A+ aspires to be a platform that will leverage viral storytelling to inspire positive change in the world.

Visit their website for positive news at

#75 Betterment

Betterment is a goal-based online investment company delivering smart, personalized financial advice paired with low fees and a superb customer experience. Launched in 2010, Betterment’s automated platform eliminates the typical complexities and time of the traditional investment account, freeing up time for other important things in life. Behavioral guardrails built into the account help users make savvy, rational decisions with their finances.

The Betterment portfolio is designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behavior, and lower fees, Betterment customers can expect 4.30% higher returns than a typical DIY investor.

They recommend a globally-diversified, passive portfolio of 12 asset classes, tailored for your risk and time horizon. Years of research and Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory are the foundation of their proven investment method.

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#74 Shake

Shake simplifies legal contracts. The Shake app contains a comprehensive collection of legal templates that can be easily customized, signed, sent and managed from a mobile device.

Shake is perfect if you're a freelancer taking on a new job, an entrepreneur in need of a non disclosure agreement, a homeowner hiring a contractor, an individual selling something on Craigslist or a person loaning a friend some money.

For more info visit

#73 Panna

For savvy cooks looking to further their skills, Panna is an award-winning, bimonthly video cooking magazine where extraordinary recipes lead to extraordinary results. Each issue comes filled with an inspiring collection of video recipes and more.

Panna was founded by a home cook, for a home cook. The philosophy is simple: A better cooking resource leads to better cooking and incredible results.

Panna's featured chefs are best-selling cookbook authors, Top Chef Masters finalists, and winners of numerous awards and accolades, including Michelin stars, James Beard Awards, Food + Wine Best Chef awards, Bon Appetit Best Restaurant awards, and more. Panna's featured chefs include Rick Bayless, Jonathan Waxman, Sean Brock, Nancy Silverton, Anita Lo, and many more.

Second, Panna gets those chefs to share their best recipes, with a special emphasis on authenticity and seasonality.

They film the chefs making their recipes in a home kitchen in step-by-step video complemented by a traditional written recipe, so you can follow at your own pace, movement for movement with the chef.

Dishes you may not have thought possible as a home cook become wonderfully achievable. Subscribing to Panna means discovering the chef in you, and discovering a better way to cook. Panna's archive of over 100 extraordinary video recipes cover every occasion, from the perfect Thanksgiving turkey to seasonal weeknight dinners to extraordinary cocktails. 

Visit their website at

#72 Timehop

Do you remember what you were doing 1 year ago today? Remember and share your best memories with friends!

Timehop uses the content you posted on Facebook (and Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare) to show what you were doing on this date in history. Remember and share the best memories with friends on Timehop! It's a daily nostalgia kick that will quickly become the highlight of your morning.

Available free for Android and iOS, visit them at

#71 Oyster

Oyster is the leading streaming service for books. For just $9.95 a month, readers can enjoy as many books as they want—everything from New York Times Best Sellers and Oprah’s picks, to children’s titles and more.

With over half a million titles and new books arriving every day, it’s never been easier to find a story to dive into. Readers can browse and discover on their own, or get expert recommendations from their editorial team. Over time, Oyster gets to know what readers like, and recommends books based on their reading habits and tastes.

Oyster is available for Apple ios, Android, Nook HD, and Kindle Fire, as well as on the web.

Start your free trial at

#70 HealthyOut

Low carb, under 600 calories? They've got you covered. Quickly find and order healthy restaurant dishes across the country. They're in over 500 cities. Search by calories & points, nutrition tags like heart healthy, paleo, cuisines and more.

They are going 100% mobile, visit them to download the app at

#69 Producteev

Producteev has quickly become one of the leaders in the task management space. It lets you and your team manage tasks from everywhere : web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Outlook, Mac, Google Tasks, Google Apps and more.

Try it at

#68 Hightower

Powering the future of commercial leasing and portfolio management. Hightower's mission is to make the commercial real estate industry dramatically more productive with beautiful, purpose built technology that empowers its professionals to do their best work, no matter where they are.

To request a demo visit

#67 Chloe + Isabel 

Founded by Chantel Waterbury, a jewelry expert with over 15 years of experience, Chloe + Isabel aims to develop and empower young women with an opportunity to build their resume and their bank account by running their own boutique fashion jewelry business. All jewelry is designed in the company’s NYC headquarters. 

For more info visit

#66 Knewton 

Knewton is an education technology company that personalizes digital courses so every student is engaged and no one slips through the cracks.

As students progress through a Knewton-powered course, Knewton figures out what each student knows and how that student learns best, then recommends what to study next. Teachers use Knewton-powered predictive analytics to detect gaps in knowledge and differentiate instruction for each student.

Teachers have long understood the importance of differentiated instruction. No two students come from exactly the same background or learn exactly the same way. With Knewton-powered adaptive learning products, an entire class of students can work through material in a sequence and pace customized for them. Teachers can use analytics within Knewton-powered learning products to monitor performance and reduce administrative work, giving them more time to do what they do best — teach and inspire students.

For more info visit

#65 Intent Media

Intent Media helps retail sites monetize the 97% of visitors who leave without buying anything. 
They segment all the traffic coming to the retailers site and show ads only to the people who are unlikely to buy from the site. By doing this they unlock a massive additional revenue stream for retailers without impacting their core business.

Visit them at

#64 Olapic

Olapic is a Visual Commerce platform that tells your brand's story with curated customer photos & videos, helping you to improve the shopping experience and increase sales. With over 150 successful implementations and integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, Olapic provides the most flexible and robust solution for bringing customer-generated visual content into ecommerce.

Visit to get started.

#63 Krossover

Coaches upload their game film, they break it down. Krossover provides searchable film clips, box scores, visualizations, and more that can be easily shared with players, recruiters and media members. They'll be your video coordinator so that coaches can actually focus on coaching. 

Krossover’s crew of sports and technology addicts has been disrupting the sports media and analytics landscape from their headquarters in New York City since 2008. With state-of-the-art film study and advanced statistics becoming commonplace at all levels and in all sports, they strive to bring smart, affordable solutions to all teams, coaches, athletes, and their fans.

They are rapidly growing their team with the best and the brightest talent who share their hustle and passion. In the near future they’re looking to optimize their products for new sports, begin syndicating their massive library of content and build new tools for athletes to assist with recruiting. They're also focused on their new sIQ product as a fun way to improve an athlete’s sports intelligence.

For more info visit

#62 BillGuard

BillGuard is the fastest, easiest and most elegant way to manage personal finances. It helps you stay on top of your spending, lower your bills at your favorite places and protect your cards from unwanted charges. 

Take control of your money by seeing your spending by category over time like you’ve never seen it before. Make things fun by competing with yourself month over month.

BillGuard searches the web for coupons that will lower your bills based on your spending patterns. Say hello to personalized coupon alerts you can use at checkout to save real money, and goodbye to irrelevant offers.

To download the free app go to

#61 DailyWorth

DailyWorth is the leading digital media company for ambitious, professional women. They are the premier platform for women on all things related to money, career and entrepreneurship.

They're closing the income gap by enabling women to reach their maximum earning potential.

They're closing the wealth gap by empowering women to invest and build wealth to fund the lives they want.

They're helping women get the most value for their money, whether they’re purchasing products that enrich their lives, supporting causes they care about or investing in companies they believe in.

Visit their website at

#60 Videolicious

You choose the content, and Videolicious does the rest—combining your video clips, photos, and sound to make a powerful, professional-quality video…without the work.

  1. Select the video clips and photos you want to use. On a mobile device, you can choose your shots from your camera roll and albums from Videolicious. Simply tap on them to put them in order.
  2. Personalize your story with a customized message, sales pitch, interview, or other information. It’s incredibly easy to import content from your webcam, smartphone, or existing video.
  3. Select from their extensive selection of free, fully licensed songs selected to meet a range of business needs.
  4. Videolicious automatically trims, layers, and mixes your shots into a professional-looking video, in just seconds.

For more info go to

#59 Consumr

Use Consumr to instantly browse reviews on your phone for thousands of consumer products, from baby toys to beauty to electronics. Scan barcodes to unlock user opinions contributed by thousands of people just like you. 

Consumr is an unbiased, democratic platform for ratings and reviews of consumer products. Inspired by a disappointing baby product purchase, the Consumr app lets you instantly see the opinions of people just like you. Consumr allows you to make informed decisions and express your opinions. Whether you’re looking to buy a stroller for the first time or purchase a new camera to capture life’s special moments, they’ll help you find the right one for you. Their vibrant community has shared over 1 million ratings to help you shop smarter.

Download the app at

#58 Blue Apron

Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. They will provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.

  • Complete meals with 500-700 calories per serving
  • 35 minutes to prepare on average
  • Pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste
  • Easy to follow beautifully printed recipe cards
  • Premium seasonal ingredients from artisanal purveyors 
  • Emphasis on sustainable practices
  • Fresher than the supermarket
  • Specialty ingredients you can't find on your own
  • Meals recommended each week based on your dietary preferences
  • All plans have no commitment
  • Skip any week if you don't have the time - just let them know by the weekly deadline
  • Starting at $9.99 per person per meal
  • Free and convenient delivery to most of the country. 
  • Carefully packaged and in a refrigerated box, so our food stays fresh even if you're not home when they deliver
  • Choose your delivery days

For more info visit

#57 Next Big Sound

Launched in 2009, Next Big Sound is the leading provider of online music analytics and insights.

They merge billions of social music data points for hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of songs from the most relevant web properties with customers proprietary sales data.

Next Big Sound is used by thousands of individual bands and managers as well as the biggest labels and distributors in the world. Next Big Sound powers the Social 50 and Next Big Sound branded chart for Billboard.

Visit their website at

#56 Astro

Astro is redefining the smart home experience by creating plug-and-play devices that require no installation and no new infrastructure. Their first product line, Twist, is a series of three devices, each of which takes on the form factor of a lightbulb. Through this platform they are able to deliver wireless lighting, wireless hd video cameras, and wireless speakers, that are just as easy to install as a lightbulb.

By leveraging the ubiquitous light socket in peoples homes, they are able to make affordable, accessible smart home devices that only require the purchase of a single product to get started. No hubs, no wires, and no new wireless networks.

Check out their website at

#55 Mortar 

They make working with big data easy, instant, and affordable. Data scientists and engineers use Mortar to transform, to analyze, and to build scalable data applications such as recommendation engines and predictive models.

Mortar users can get started quickly using their open-source project templates, then get instant feedback on code changes to speed development, and finally deploy to the cloud to run at scale with a single command. No more setup hassles, infrastructure headaches, or babysitting complex deploys.

Visit their website at

#54 Yipit

Every deal in your city. They bring in every deal from Groupon, LivingSocial, AmazonLocal, Travelzoo and many more sources. Millions of people use Yipit to browse the best deals, search for specific deals and get recommended the best deals based on their interests. 

To see if they are available in your city visit

#53 numberFire

Fantasy football isn't just for hardcore football fans anymore. It's for people like you, me, and our dad - casual fans who want a simple game to make their Sundays all that more enjoyable. Whether you're in a league with your college buddies or some random people who are also Steelers fans, you want to win and make the best of your week-to-week decisions.

Of course, making the right decision is easier said than done. The differences between players are few, so making the right decision about who to start and who to sit makes all the difference in the world. That's where they come in.

numberFire's propietary technology helps you make smarter decisions by analyzing historical results, and making comparisons between how things happened in the past and how things might happen in the future. For example, we know that Dan Marino and Brett Favre are similar QBs, so can look at Dan Marino's history against certain styles or types of opponents and try to predict how well Brett Favre will do in the same situations.

Win your league at

#52 Makers Row 

Their mission is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. From large corporations to first time designers, they're providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States.

Visit their website at

#51 SmartAsset is a free web app that dramatically improves your ability to understand and make significant personal wealth and risk management decisions (home purchase, further education, family & retirement planning, asset allocation etc). At the heart of their service is a decision engine and optimization tool that measures the efficacy of different strategies, quantifies the true cost of financing alternatives and recommends specific financial products based on their suitability and cost.

They use their software and data to provide simple, easy to understand answers to complex financial questions. 

Visit their website at

#50 Flatiron Health 

Flatiron Health is a health care technology company based in New York City. The company was started by two of the founders of Invite Media, an advertising technology company acquired by Google in 2010.  

While working at Google during the Invite Media integration, the founders witnessed several family members and friends battle cancer. With newfound inspiration, the founders began a journey to research the inner workings of the oncology industry. Noticing that most cancer centers, physicians and researchers were deprived of even the most basic of data and analytical tools that other industries take for granted, they decided to found Flatiron Health.

Their team is building data pipelines, infrastructure and software to provide cancer centers, physicians, researchers and patients with the critical insights they need to make informed decisions. Through their Oncology Cloud platform, they're building the most comprehensive system of oncology data intelligence in the US. Their investors include Google Ventures, First Round Capital, and LabCorp.

Visit them at

#49 CoPromote

CoPromote is a dedicated cross-promotion network. Like Airbnb and Uber; CoPromote creates a marketplace that connects the 192,000,000 social marketers and their followers, enabling them to scale social marketing at a fraction of the cost. CoPromote kills the dependency on a single users network to reach new customers. They flip the traditional social marketing funnel upside down delivering a 26x increase in shares per post.

Visit their website at

#48 Exo

Exo is pioneering the consumption of insects as a nutritious and sustainable protein source.

Their first product is a line of protein bars made from cricket flour. Formulated by a 3 Michelin Starred chef, the bars combine cricket flour with nut butters, dried fruits and spices, and contain no gluten/grain/soy/dairy.

Since launching on kickstarter in July 2013, Exo has been featured in media outlets including The New York Times, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Insider, Gizmodo, The Wall Street Journal and National Geographic.

Visit their website at

#47 The Muse

The Muse is your ultimate career destination, offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. They believe that you can and should love your job--and be successful at it--and they want to help make that happen. Whether you're just starting out, changing career paths, or aiming for the C-suite, they've got everything you need to take charge of your career.

Visit them at

#46 ClassPass

ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible. Since launching in early 2013, ClassPass has facilitated over 100,000 reservations. ClassPass members enjoy greater variety and engagement in their fitness regime, all at a lower price than if they were to book classes individually on their own. Participating studios benefit by attracting new students and profitably filling excess capacity in classes.

Start searching for local classes easily at

#45 Docphin

Docphin is the Bloomberg for Doctors. It's a mobile solution for health care providers that struggle to keep up with medical research and clinical guidelines. Their unique technology streamlines access to evidence-based medicine including content from over 5,000 medical journals, clinical guidelines, and landmark clinical trials. Hospitals can license the platform to disseminate institutional content (e.g. clinical protocols, training materials, etc), hold online interactive discussions (e.g. quality improvement initiatives, journal clubs, etc), and leverage powerful data insights to improve workforce management and meet new compliance standards set by accrediting organizations. Docphin is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.

Visit them at

#44 Paintzen 

Paintzen is a marketplace for home and office painting - providing customers with instant quotes and matching them to experienced paint crews. They then manage all the logistics of getting the job done for both the customer and the painter, resulting in a stress free experience for both.

Check out their website at

#43 Adaptly

Adaptly provides unique social buying experiences for advertisers seeking solutions that span the entire marketing funnel. Their success and innovation in creating strategic marketing solutions for brands is built on a foundation of transparency, quality and performance. With powerful technology and social marketing expertise at their core, Adaptly excels at driving value and ROI for clients across broad marketing objectives. 

For more information, please visit

#42 Axial

Axial's mission is to enable every entrepreneur free access to efficient capital markets to finance or sell their business.

They make this a reality through the Axial Network, an online platform for professionals who run, advise, finance, and acquire private companies. The platform provides members with solutions, including applications and tools to search, connect and communicate with one another, research relevant organizations, and discover and exchange relevant investment opportunities.

Visit them at

#41 BarkBox

When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets.

A portion of profits from each box will go to help doggies-in-need. 

Whether you’ve known your furry friend for years or have a new special canine in your life, BarkBox is the monthly necessity for keeping your pup entertained and feeling well loved.

Check out their website at

#40 Kanvas 

Kanvas is your home for creativity! Easily make videos with photos and gifs or record with a custom stop motion camera. Edit clips with text, stickers, overlays, drawings or music. Share with friends on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Download their app at

#39 Chartbeat 

Chartbeat gives you real-time information about your site in an instantly gettable way. Through their dashboards and APIs, you'll get live stats about your site's visitor behavior - from traffic stats, to engagement metrics, to geographic data and everything in between.

For more info visit

#38 Contently

Contently was created because they saw the world of publishing changing around us. In the midst of the disruption of traditional journalism, digital advertising and social media, the world economy was in a slump, causing throngs of talented journalists and creative storytellers to strike out on their own as freelancers, not necessarily by choice.

At the same time, nontraditional publishers are rising – brands, nonprofits and lean new media companies – all of which need talent and efficient ways to manage, measure, and achieve business results with content.

Their passion lies in helping those freelancers succeed, and in doing so allowing anyone to become a publisher. No longer are we bound by so-called rules of who can be a publisher and who can't. The Internet changed that. At Contently, they're devoting their lives to leveling the playing field for the hungry and talented creators and publishers out there. It’s a tough task, but every worthwhile thing is.

For more info visit

#37 Artsicle

Artsicle is the site to discover the world's artists. Today, they help over 4,000 artists share their work and be discovered through a network of communities. Communities are their secret sauce - providing context around each artist and becoming the portal to discovery. This means less dead ends for visitors and more exposure for each artist.

They were inspired to start Artsicle from their own frustrations trying to collect original artwork. After one-too-many cold shoulders from a local gallery, they decided to go straight to the source - local artists, and make their work available directly to buyers.

Visit them at

#36 Silver Living

Choosing the best senior living community requires deep research and critical thought. Doing this kind of research is difficult and painstaking. It is entirely up to the family to call, visit, and scrutinize communities in search of the best combination of care and amenities to meet their budget. People often have to have blind trust in communities' marketing departments, which can be less than transparent on pricing and deficiencies. 

Silver Living's deep research is bringing complete transparency to this industry and revolutionizing how you select the best care provider.

Their research is free, critical, and comprehensive, but they are just one step in a long process of finding the best solution. To do so requires taking a community tour and getting a first-hand impression of staff, fellow residents, and facilities. They help you narrow down hundreds of potential communities to a manageable handful that you can evaluate in person.

Silver Living does not pick personal favorites. Their fact-based research is culled from dozens of sources, including regulatory inspection reports, complaint reports, actual resident interviews, and numerous mystery shoppers. They visit every community multiple times to bring you honest, in-depth information about each one.

Visit their website at

#35 CardFlight

CardFlight is a provider of mobile POS technology and tools to help anyone accept swiped (card present) payments in any mobile app with virtually any merchant account. 

CardFlight started when they were trying to build a mobile app that would use a magnetic stripe reader to read credit card data, and they quickly realized the existing options were difficult to use. Hardware-level integrations, designing custom encryption processes, working with credit card data in a PCI-compliant manner, integrating legacy XML SDKs with frustrating documentation, and so on… There needed to be an easier way to integrate mobile payments for real world commerce. It didn’t exist in the market, so they decided to build it. 

Visit their website at

#34 Movable Ink

Movable Ink is a revolution in email marketing. They make campaigns relevant to each recipient's current time, location, device - even the weather.

Imagine email that never goes stale. Email that's always timely. Email that's relevant no matter where you are. The future of email is here, and it's called Movable Ink.

Visit their website for more info at

#33 charity: water

They're working every day to reinvent charity while bringing clean drinking water to the 800 million people living without. charity: water is a non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. In just over seven years, they've funded more than 13,000 water projects in 22 developing countries. When complete, these projects will provide clean, safe drinking water for more than 4.4 million people.

Nearly 800 million people in our world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

The good news: there are simple solutions, from deep drilled wells to water filtration systems. And with the help of 500,000+ donors and individual fundraisers, they're forming a strong force against the water crisis. 

Join them at

#32 Memoir

Memoir is the best way to collect, relive, and share your memories. Memoir discovers photos, places, and things you do on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare – and turns them into memories. Memoir then plays those memories back to you at the right times, makes them searchable in a whole new way, and fills in the blanks automatically with the help of your friends.

Visit them at

#31 Signpost

They empower local businesses to build lasting customer relationships.

Signpost is an automated marketing solution for local businesses to get more customers, reviews, and referrals. Without lifting a finger. Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes. Their software builds customer profiles by capturing every email, call and credit card transaction. Signpost’s automated marketing engine then uses this data to drive new customer conversion and loyalty, reviews and referrals from existing customers. They empower local businesses by delivering measurable results while saving valuable time.

Learn more at

#30 ValetAnywhere

ValetAnywhere allows users to valet park anywhere in a supported city (currently NYC) through their smartphone. Using the ValetAnywhere app you drop a pin on your destination and one of their valets will meet you to park your car. Users can also have their car returned to a different location if they choose. 

All payment takes place via the app to provide a quick and seamless experience. Their valets have all undergone a background / DMV check and training. In addition, they have insurance to cover anything that may go wrong with your vehicle. 

ValetAnywhere is the most convenient way to park in NYC and allows you the freedom to drive right to your destination and go.

Visit them at

#29 CourseHorse

CourseHorse is a discovery engine for the best local learning in your city - everyday, they help people find, compare and save on high quality local learning programs, ranging from recreational programs, like cooking, art & fitness to professional skill building courses like finance, writing or HTML.

All class providers are vetted to ensure that they deliver a top-notch educational experience to the CourseHorse community. They feature classes from a wide range of educational organizations, ranging from major universities, colleges and museums, to your neighborhood cooking, art and yoga studio. All prices are guaranteed to be the lowest available and you save money on classes through their CourseHorse Points program.

For more information visit

#28 Quirky

Since launching in 2009, Quirky has rapidly changed the way the world thinks about invention. They bring new consumer products to market each week, by enabling a fluid conversation between a global community of inventors and Quirky's expert staff. 

  1. Submit Your Idea. It doesn't matter if it's a little doodle, a crazy chemical formula, or a "wouldn't it be cool if...", sharing your idea is the first step toward bringing your idea to life.
  2. Help Them Decide. There are thousands of ideas submitted to Quirky every week. Deciding which of these ideas are the best is in your hands. Go ahead and vote on the ones you love, and help their inventors make their products better.
  3. Every Thursday, they grab a group of industry experts, friends and community members at their headquarters in New York. Watch live as they drink beer and debate the best ideas that have been submitted. Before the end they choose the products they will begin working on next by a majority vote. 
  4. You play a role in every single decision they make. Help them decide something as simple as what color they should make a product, or as complicated as how to solve an engineering issue. 
  5. Woohoo! We've invented something. Unfortunately, it's still just a picture, but before long it'll be a product, in a box, at a store, that earns you cash. Quirky uses some of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to make high quality products.
  6. In the end, the world has access to an invention that wouldn't have existed without your help, and you have access to more cash to spend on new shoes or college or booze or.... you know, whatever you want.

To learn more visit

#27 Percolate

Their vision is to transform marketing through technology and build the system of record for marketing.

Percolate's software connects and automates key marketing tasks to increase your productivity, save you time, and help you create and deliver content that wins customers. Combining enterprise-grade brand security with powerful, first-of-their-kind web and mobile marketing capabilities, Percolate is flexible enough to power global marketing efforts at Unilever, GE and Anheuser-Busch InBev, and accelerate high-growth companies like Harry's, Pandora and Shinola.

Marketing is in transition to global reach, mobile audiences, and enlightened software, and Percolate is building the system of record that puts marketers firmly in control of their future.

Learn more at

#26 Bonobos

Bonobos was started to solve two basic problems: most guys’ clothing doesn’t fit well, and shopping for it is a real drag. Their solution? A full line of better-fitting menswear, all available online, and all designed with one purpose in mind: to make you look awesome. An effortless shopping experience backed by the most amazing customer service around. Done and done.

You can find and purchase at

#25 NewsCred

NewsCred has built the leading end-to-end content marketing solution. By combining cutting-edge software and quality content, they've changed the game for marketers. The Content Marketing Cloud gives you a single platform to plan, source, discover, publish and measure content marketing, at scale. Additionally, their platform connects you to the largest content marketplace in the world. Marketers gain unprecedented access to licensed content from over 4,000 publishers, as well as original content from leading writers, photographers, videographics and designers. Through NewsCred, global brands like Pepsi, P&G, Dell, General Electric and AIG have seen explosive growth in social sharing, engagement and lead generation.

For more info visit

#24 Shoppable

Shoppable is the leader in universal checkout technology. Shoppable allows you to shop, sell, and save products from multiple retailers within one universal checkout. Their mission is to make the entire internet Shoppable. Any image or any site can be made Shoppable using their suite of technology tools.

Shoppable partners with best in class retailers to match their products back to consumers looking to purchase them on or across any of our partner sites listed as “Powered by Shoppable” The exclusive Shoppable Universal Checkout is their patent-pending technology that allows you to purchase from multiple retailers within a single checkout experience.

For more info visit

#23 Abascus

Abacus began with a simple idea: when people spend money on behalf of their company, they should be reimbursed for those expenses quickly. With Abacus you submit expenses as you go, and get paid back next-day. For managers, you now have more control, better data, and happier employees. Abascus is making the expense report obsolete.

Visit them at

#22 Warby Parker

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.

By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, they’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.

Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

To shop for new glasses go to

#21 spotflux

Spotflux eliminates things that might pose a threat to your identity or your data. It uses the cloud and doesn't slow you down. The threats and vulnerabilities out there are ever-evolving, and our technology is evolving and working just as hard to protect you.

Spotflux provides a managed and trusted connection to the internet that immediately reacts to and protects against emerging threats and unwanted tracking that affect mobile devices and desktop computers. They do the hard work so that you don't have to. 

Try it for free at

#20 Breather

Access beautiful private spaces where you can work, meet, or relax. Breather is peace & quiet, on-demand. Take refuge from the daily grind. Their unique spaces provide you with the privacy and quiet you need to make a phone call, have a meeting or catch up on some z’s. The only thing you'll need to to access Breather is your smartphone. Just reserve a space and unlock the door with a unique PIN code when you arrive. Their spaces are available whenever you need them, so you can focus on what matters – working with colleagues or relaxing after a long day.

Available in New York, San Francisco, Montreal and Ottawa download the app at

#19 Hinge

Hinge was founded with the belief that technology should enhance the real world, not replace it. They’ve created a dating experience that mirrors meeting through friends - but is much smarter and more effective. They do this by intelligently curating potential matches from your extended friend network, creating a transparent environment where you can see school, workplace and other details that matter, then when there’s a mutual match, helping move the conversation offline. Essentially, they’re creating “Facebook for dating” - the go-to place to find people that you’d actually want to date and be in a relationship with.

For more info visit

#18 Goodsie

Goodsie provides modern e-commerce software for discerning small or medium size retailers. Their vision is to enable anyone to create an Internet Retailer 500 quality e-commerce presence without needing to code. They have developed the most elegant and flexible storefront design system and e-commerce platform. The visual CSS interface provides all of the formatting flexibility and pixel level customization a developer normally has but in a code free way that is accessible for those without technical skills.

To create an e-commerce store visit

#17 Plated

Plated delivers ready-to-cook ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your door so that you can create a delicious meal without the hassles of recipe hunting and grocery shopping. Each week, 7 chef-designed recipes are featured on the menu. The dishes include 4 healthy meat & fish options and 3 unique vegetarian dishes. All of the fresh, specialty ingredients arrive pre-portioned so that you can relax and enjoy the cooking experience.

Currently delivering to 80% of the U.S.

#16 TrulyWireless

Phone support is hard to manage. Customers call at unexpected times and you can't afford to sit by the phone all day. Truly gives your team the tools and information it needs to service customers calls on the go.

Built on top of wireless-carrier infrastructure, the Truly platform is the world's first scalable BYOD voice offering, delivering all of the benefits of traditional VOIP products without any of hardware.

For more info visit

#15 Regalii

In Latin America, over $69 billion per year is remitted to 26 million families, most whom are near the bottom of household income. However, this remittance process is expensive and outdated. Regalii enables Latino immigrants in the U.S. to send gift cards (a “Regalii”) via text message to families in Latin America for supermarkets and stores where they already shop. You can also link recurring bills, such as utility bills, tuition, credit cards, insurance and loans. You can see live account balances and expiration dates - for free!

For more information visit

#14 Codecademy

Codecademy is an education company. But not one in the way you might think. They're committed to building the best learning experience inside and out, making Codecademy the best place for their team to learn, teach, and create the online learning experience of the future.

Education is old. The current public school system in the US dates back to the 19th century and wasn't designed to scale the way it has. Lots of companies are working to "disrupt" education by changing the way things work in the classroom and by bringing the classroom online.

Codecademy is building the education the world needs - the first truly net native education. They take more cues from Facebook and Zynga in creating an engaging educational experience than they do from the classroom.

For more info visit

#13 AirHelp

They help air passengers around the world secure compensation over delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. They fight the airlines on behalf of millions of travellers who were unsure of their rights under EU or international law, or lacking the time, confidence or expertise to embark on their claims process independently.

The bottom line is that air passenger rights were not made for airlines to interpret on a whim; AirHelp’s job is to hold them to their official obligations. They fight the airlines in court, through national enforcement bodies. They also fight them online, by exposing their tendency to misinform passengers.

Their goal is to make claiming compensation as easy and seamless as possible, so air passengers don’t have to worry about missing out on compensation again. They believe this can be achieved by kickass IT, lots of flight data and automated claim procedures all wrapped up in good design, a user friendly website and intuitive mobile apps.

For more info go to

#12 EquityZen 

Their mission is to improve the way startup employees are paid by unlocking the value of their equity compensation in a way that benefits all key players: the shareholder, the company, and the investor.

They were tired of hearing a recurring story: employees held a majority of their net worth in company stock that was both illiquid and hard to value. Concurrently, investors sought exposure to post-seed, but pre-IPO startups had nowhere to go for attractive valuations.

As passionate entrepreneurs and experienced investors facing this issue themselves, they sought to marry two complementary parties. EquityZen was born in 2013. They provide a secure marketplace that matches shareholder offerings with investor demand, through a product that neither adds to shareholder count nor dilutes current investors. 

For more information visit

#11 Hullabalu

Hullabalu is an independent company creating the next generation of stories for kids.

They believe that quality storytelling shapes and inspires generations. They are inspired by a love for fantastical worlds, the timeless classics we grew up with and kids around the world everyday.

Their story apps feature original characters, illustration, music, and activities where a child's touch makes a magical world of adventures come to life. The Adventures of Pan is a series that tells the story of Pandora "Pan" Beribolt, a young purple panda in the clouds, and her merry band of friends as they go on a quest to find her family and save the world.

Join them as they expand the Hullabalu world in exciting new directions of interactivity and narrative innovation at

#10 Karma

Getting online shouldn't be difficult, and it shouldn't be unnecessarily costly. WiFi shouldn't be the mythical gold at the end of the rainbow, it should be everywhere you are. Karma’s ambition is to fix this. It’s a movement of independence. It's time to take back the internet.

Meet Karma Go, a mobile WiFi device that actually works. You only pay for the data you use, that data never expires, there are no monthly fees, and you never sign a contract. One tiny box can get all your devices online, and when you share your Karma connection with others you earn free data.

For more info visit

#9 Fitocracy

What if fitness could be turned into a game? The founders of Fitocracy understood how addictive it could be trying to get to that next level, beating that next boss, and completing that next quest (not that they spent their childhoods doing that or anything...) They also realized that the addiction games create was the exact same addiction that drives their fitness efforts every day.

And so Fitocracy was born. Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience. Play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Get addicted to your fitness.

To level up for free visit

#8 Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee pioneered a new kind of coffee-of-the-month subscription. It brings you coffees from dozens of different roasters with a unprecedented focus on quality. The Craft Coffee experience is simply not available anywhere else.

With a Craft Coffee subscription, each month you receive coffees from 3 different roasters. This is a unique experience that you can't duplicate anywhere. Every roaster has their own vision, technique and individual artistry. With Craft Coffee, you can explore coffees from dozens of different roasters throughout the year. 

To view their website visit

#7 ShowMe

ShowMe is a global learning community - a place where anyone can learn or teach anything. Their mission is to connect great teachers and experts to students across the world. 

The ShowMe iPad app lets you create lessons using a whiteboard. The app is free and there is no limit to what you can teach. Their community has created millions of ShowMes, from chemistry to history to football strategy - and more knowledge is being shared everyday.

Join the movement at

#6 Kinnek 

Kinnek was started in 2012 by entrepreneurs in New York City who noticed that small businesses are stuck in a no-man's land when it comes to purchasing for their businesses. They require bulk or customized orders that consumer-facing storefronts can't offer. However, they can't run the costly and complex procurement processes used by large businesses. 

Kinnek fills this void by providing an online platform where small businesses can compare customized quotes from suppliers by creating a single request. The simplicity of the Kinnek system is what makes it so powerful. 

To learn more about Kinnek and how being a member can benefit your business go to

#5 Boxbee

For home or office, they transport your things to and from storage in their durable plastic Boxbee boxes. Simply pack your stuff and they do the rest. View a list of your boxes in storage via online account, and schedule a delivery when you need one. Monthly storage rates are priced by-the-box and there are never any contracts.

Check them out at

#4 Vayable

Their mission is to empower people to make a living, share their culture and sustain communities by creating travel experiences to others.

Their vision is to create a sustainable new economy that engenders trust, compassion and happiness among visitors and the communities they visit.

Vayable Insiders have the local knowledge, connections and passion to help you create a trip of a lifetime. Whether picking grapes in Champagne or swimming with the wild sharks in Belize, they can make it happen.

Discover and book unique experiences offered by local insiders at

#3 Sunrise

Sunrise is a free calendar made for Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud.
With an amazing design, Sunrise is a new experience that will make your life easier. Sunrise is able to connect to many calendars and apps to bring all of your data into one place.

Improve your daily calendar at

#2 Artsy

Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Their growing database of 195,000 images of art, architecture, and design by 25,000 artists spans historical, modern, and contemporary works, and includes the largest online database of contemporary art. Artsy is used by art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.

Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Visit them at

#1 Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning community for creators. From photography to web design, Skillshare features hundreds of online, project-based classes to bring your creative ideas to life. Anyone can share their skills by teaching a class. Teachers range from everyday experts to creative icons like Ello founder Paul Budnitz, Jay-Z’s producer Young Guru, and TED Talks icon Simon Sinek.

Skillshare believes in open, affordable access to creative education. Recently, Skillshare released its first Free Membership option, providing anyone with the opportunity to learn creative skills online. Learn more at 

We did a lot of research for this article but I'm sure we missed some great startups in Manhattan. Send us feedback below. Anyone we missed, who we should add next year, who should be ranked higher or lower, general questions or any feedback in general is greatly appreciated. If your startup is listed and you would like us to add a photo of your startup just let us know.

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Photo:     Christina Barney  @xtinabarney

Photo: Christina Barney @xtinabarney