The 14 Hottest Startups in NYC

These are the new kids on the block that are hitting the ball out of the park in Silicon Alley. They have the best new ideas with the best teams and are working on the problems we need solutions to.  Now is the time to get involved with these startups. Follow them, become a fan, become a client and show your support, this is when they really need it. 

#14 Whipnik

Whipnik will take care of all of your car leasing and financing needs. Your time is valuable, and they know it. With Whipnik you don’t have to waste your free time in a dealership, dealing with salespeople and haggling prices. They will get you the best deal on the car you want, deliver it right to your door and take your old car back.

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#13 Shodogg

Shodogg Connect is the world’s first mobile content-enablement platform that allows any mobile device to cast content from any cloud to any screen. Shodogg is a media technology company committed to transforming the way businesses manage, distribute, view, and monetize digital content with its patented Shodogg Connect platform. Shodogg's technology allows any mobile device to connect to any digital content in the cloud or a local server, and direct that content to any web-enabled screen in the world. 

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#12 Story2

Story2 teaches college admissions essay courses in New York & New Jersey. In their courses, students learn the Moments Method (TM) - a strategy to find essay topics and write essays that make you stand out for college admissions, scholarships and financial aid. Story2 never writes students' essays for them, instead they teach students how to write essays in their authentic voice. Story2 teaches students to discover and share their unique experiences, giving them a valuable edge in college admissions and beyond. 

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#11 BKLYN1834

BKLYN1834 has developed a template for accelerating the careers of artists and incubating the communities that organically form around them. The BKLYN1834's highly collaborative model helps artists engage their audiences and expand their digital reach. The sudden availability of consumer technology has given rise to the largest class of creative individuals in human history. 

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#10 Backtrace

A serious solution is needed to help engineers identify, interpret and manage software crashes in complex environments and in large volumes. The Backtrace I/O crash analysis platform fundamentally improves software debugging and fault detection by empowering engineers to identify root causes and trends with unparalleled efficiency.

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#9 CreatorBox

They help kids learn critical science, technology, engineering and math (“STEM”) skills, by sparking their natural passion for building and creating. Every child should have the opportunity to become a creator and it’s CreatorBox's goal to deliver that learning experience right into your home. To that end, they have a laser focus on designing and producing the best build-it-yourself toy kits available, complete with a STEM focused learning pathway.

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#8 Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a programming tool for kids. Their iPad app was the first programming language designed for a touchscreen device. Kids learn organically as they create, and the open-ended environment keeps the app compelling each time they return. 

Kids have a strong identity and network within Hopscotch. They build projects and games by dragging and dropping code blocks, then publish their work to the Hopscotch community. There they can get inspired, share their work, learn from others and collaborate. 

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#7 Vook 

A new kind of publisher that’s using technology & data to empower authors to publish faster, market smarter, & keeps control of their work. Vook creates a beautiful ebook and distributes it to Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Blio across 192 territories. They’ve built a unique data set on the online book market: 4 million+ titles and billions of historical data points. They use this data to make informed decisions that drive real results. At Vook, you keep 70% of your net royalties. There are no out of pocket costs and no hidden fees. You also keep complete ownership and control of your rights.

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#6 Clean Plates

Clean Plates delivers discoveries that makes better-for-you eating easier, even-more-awesome and enjoyable. Clean Plates make it easier by keeping you up to date on all the restaurants, chefs, dishes and advice you need for delicious, healthier dining. At Clean Plates, their mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to eat healthy, sustainable food without sacrificing an ounce of taste. Whether you’re a conscientious carnivore or vegetarian, or you’re going gluten-free — they’ve got restaurant reviews, news and tips to help boost your health and keep your taste buds happy.

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#5 BaubleBar 

The founders started BaubleBar after they were shopping and they couldn’t help but feel as though retailers treated jewelry as an afterthought, a fact that was apparent from the shopping experience. So they set out to fix it.

BaubleBar strips out the overhead and source their products directly, to avoid any middleman markup. (Most retailers mark jewelry up as high as 20x above cost). Their access allows them even more flexibility than just price, they work closely with their suppliers to introduce new product on a constant basis, and to tailor their selection based on real-time feedback they get from shoppers. Browse new arrivals weekly, not seasonally, based on what you want to see.

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#4 Shoptiques 

Founded with a rebellious objective to provide unique clothing online from local boutiques, so that no one has to ever look like anyone else. They provide one of a kind fashion curated by boutique owners and personal style recommendations that allow you to always look different. No more “Who Wore It Better?!” Each of the boutiques they choose carries a very individual and distinctive style. They may design their own collection or buy from emerging, niche, or local designers. Boutique owners truly know style and fashion; they have carefully selected the best items for their shops, and Shoptiques is bringing them to you online in one convenient layout.

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#3 Noom 

Noom creates fun and easy-to-use mobile apps that provide intelligent nutrition and exercise coaching. Look to them for motivation, inspiration, and solid strategies for long-term health. They will help you lose weight, exercise, feel happy, and stay motivated -- all while having fun. Their mission is to create products that help people live healthier lives.

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#2 ZocDoc

With ZocDoc, you can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online – no more phone calls, and no more month-long waits. But better access to care is just the start. Trying to find a neighborhood physician who meets your needs? With ZocDoc, it’s as simple as it should be. You can also make informed choices with verified reviews, stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders, and more. And those pesky waiting room forms? Fill them out online – just once – and you can use them over and over again.

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