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The 8 Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City

Kansas City was recently named one of the top 5 cities in the world for entrepreneurship. The GEC Cities Challenge looked at "up-and-coming metropolitan areas that are rapidly boosting entrepreneurship, attracting talent, and leveraging public assets".

With its lightning fast internet from Google Fiber, low unemployment rate and low cost of living, Kansas City is attracting startups, small businesses and founders of all types of new businesses. Here are the fastest growing that were created within the last 10 years and have 50 or less employees. 


Mistakes made by parcel carriers are dollars lost for the companies they work for. But the true mistake is in thinking those dollars are lost forever. 

That’s where VeriShip comes in. With their proven parcel auditing and intelligence technology, it’s no-risk and high reward for companies to recover the dollars that belong to them. Utilizing a 3D approach combining data, diagnosis, and design, they help audit and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities for potentially massive savings based on unfulfilled parcel promises. And they help prevent them from happening again.

Rhythm Engineering

Rhythm Engineering empowers traffic engineers to save lives, save time, and save the environment through cost-effective, innovative traffic solutions. Its flagship product, In Sync, is a real-time adaptive traffic control system that enables traffic signals to immediately adapt to traffic demand, reducing accidents up to 30 percent, cutting travel times up to 50 percent and reducing fuel consumption and emissions 20-30 percent. In Sync is chosen for installation at more than 950 intersections in 25 states, creating better, safer traffic for motorists. 

Avenue Link

Avenue Link is a performance based online marketing company that specializes in targeted online and mobile lead generation as well as data monetization services. Avenue Link utilizes a variety of strategies including email and affiliate marketing, search engine pay per click advertising, and data management. 

Solomon Consulting Group

Solomon provides Business Intelligence consulting and IT recruiting for businesses, and offer job opportunities for IT professionals. They create value for clients by providing them the best resources for their projects, and become a partner for technology professionals looking for the next step in their careers. 

SleepSafe Drivers

SleepSafe Drivers was created to deliver Best in Class outcomes for the Testing to Treatment of Sleep Apnea for employees in risk sensitive job categories, such as trucking, rail, aviation and security. They have been recognized by Virginia Tech as one of the leading providers of care in this highly specialized area, delivering over 91% documented compliance in long term compliance to therapy. Their documented outcomes include reduced medical expenses, reduced accidents, and reduced turnover among employees.

Pendo Management Group

Their goal is to make the process of obtaining quality appraisals easy and more efficient. There are sophisticated work flow standards embedded in their technology platform. This provides them with superior customer service, greater flexibility, better process control, and improved efficiency. Their process yields accurate appraisals with a quick turnaround time.

Turn The Page Online Marketing

Turn The Page provides online marketing with authority, specializing in training and implementation of exclusive online marketing solutions for Local Search, Business Listing Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for local businesses. 

TITLE Boxing Club

Founded by retired professional boxer Danny Campbell, TITLE Boxing Club is a health club that packs a punch. Their explosive total body workouts include group boxing and kickboxing classes that help you burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour. TITLE Boxing Club also offers personal training sessions tailored to your specific fitness goals.

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