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The Top 5 Startups in New Jersey

Going "down the shore" might be a way of life in New Jersey during the summer months, but during the winter it's all about hard work. Jersey pride is alive and doing well, we have found five startups that are creating phenomenal businesses. 

#5 Sterra Climb

Sterra Climb is a Princeton based robotics company that has invented the world's first robotic stair climbing transporter that solves the problem of transporting heavy goods up and down stairs. 

Go to sterraclimb.com for more info

#4 Lozo

Lozo finds the coupons you want for the products you love. Find 1,200+ grocery coupons. Lozo finds reliable grocery coupons from hundreds of trustworthy sites and brands all over the web. You can browse these coupons, all in one place at their Grocery Coupons Bundler. Or enter your grocery list at lozo.com and they'll email you links to coupons that match the items on your list. 

Lozo also offers other ways to save, such as money-saving tips on more than 75 every day categories, cash back rebates and online deals at your favorite stores.

Go to lozo.com for coupons you'll love for the groceries you buy

#3 SpeechTrans

The worlds most advanced speech-to-speech translator. By incorporating the latest speech-2-speech (S2S) translation software, automatic speech recognition (ASR), language translation, and text-to-speech (TTS), speechtrans enables users to have a complete conversation with anyone in the world speaking any language.

Check out speechtrans.com for more info

#2 Recombine

Recombine is a genetic testing company. They provide responsible, comprehensive, and cost-effective clinical genetic testing. CarrierMap, the first product created at Recombine, is the most comprehensive, cost-effective clinical genetic test, currently being provided to thousands of patients around the world through their network of physicians. Their company was founded by experts in fertility, clinical genetics, bioinformatics and computer science brought together with one goal in mind: to improve health outcomes based on actionable and responsible genetic testing.

Visit their website at recombine.com

#1 Wattvision

Wattvision makes sensors and software to help consumers and businesses save money on energy. 

Wattvision makes it easy for you to save money on energy by giving you live feedback on your energy use, on the web or your phone. Wattvision works through a sensor that connects to your electricity meter and your wireless internet connection.

Start saving money and energy at wattvision.com

Those are our choices for the best startups in New Jersey. Want to be involved in future New Jersey startup lists? Vote for your peers by clicking below.