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The Top 10 Startups in San Diego

You can tell a lot about a city based on what they nickname themselves. Cleveland is "the Mistake by the Lake," Austin, "Keep Austin Weird," Vancouver, "The Best Place on Earth," Las Vegas, "Sin City." San Diego is filled with beautiful beaches, laid back people and arguably the best weather anywhere. Here are the top 10 startups in America's Finest City. 

#10 Storybricks

The pioneering market leader of Emergent AI, Storybricks partners with companies to redefine the fundamental narrative of truly immersive interactive worlds while also creating fun and engaging products on multiple platforms. 

Storybricks  provides the technological foundation for creating characters with emotional depth in computer-mediated Gameworlds. This enables the crafting and the emergence of captivating stories, a vital source of gameplay that's been absent from online persistent-world computer RPGs (including the few now allowing players to create quests).

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#9 Playdek

Playdek is comprised of veteran console video game developers, with a passion for tabletop games. The winner of multiple industry related awards, Playdek has become the premier developer, publisher and platform for the world’s best tabletop gaming. 

With their developmental roots in the video game world and their hearts in gaming, the team at Playdek has poised itself for success in the expanding worldwide Smartphone and tablet gaming market. Playdek has already set the standard for the emerging digital tabletop gaming space, and is set to merge the sophistication and depth of the hobby gaming world with the ease of interaction provided by digital platforms. To date, they’ve had millions of games played by their fans, across titles such as Agricola and the award winning Ascension and Summoner Wars.

By partnering with popular publishers and designers from the analog game world and bringing to bear their considerable digital game expertise, Playdek will accomplish exactly what they set out to do… Introduce the entire world to the excitement of tabletop gaming.

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#8 Apmetrix

Apmetrix is an enterprise data management and analytics company which develops next generation, state of the art business intelligence and cross channel analytics across all platforms including mobile, PC, web and console, enabling companies to visualize and deeply understand player behaviors as well as automate and target their marketing efforts to maximize revenues.

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#7 The Venue Report

The Venue Report is a digital media company that provides a comprehensive and curated destination of event spaces around the globe for their audience. Everything they do is to promote the power of togetherness through celebration. To help facilitate the creation of lasting memories, and inspire through design. 

Members of The Venue Report receive curated profiles, increased SEO and marketing for the event spaces. They cover venues including hotels and resorts, restaurants, private estates & villas, ranches, barns, industrial spaces, and more. Go to The Venue Report to find a spectacular location for your wedding, corporate event, social get together, birthday, bridal/baby shower, anniversary, group getaway and more. 

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#6 Taphunter

TapHunter is the leader in beverage marketing and management software for bars, restaurants, brands and consumers. 

It is a bar owner's best friend. Their tools help bars, restaurants, tasting rooms, and bottle shops more effectively manage and market their beer, spirits & cocktail programs. Ultimately they help them save time and sell more, which is why they're in business in the first place. 

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#5 Vionic

Vionic is a social media deals platform that enables brands to create, publish and promote online deals, sweepstakes, coupons and more on Facebook. 

At Vionic, their mission is to connect companies with customers. They cater to small and medium businesses, all the way up to Fortune 500s to increase revenue and amplify social media engagement. 

Vionic campaigns are easily created using their simple six-step process. Once a campaign is published, customers are able to conveniently view and purchase deals right from a company’s Facebook Brand Page, with funds made immediately available to the company through PayPal. 

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#4 Digital Telepathy

Committed to being designers of the Web, they help startups solve their toughest user experience design challenges. From marketing websites to web app design, they create experiences that engage users and deliver results. Their iterative, objective-based methodology delivers high-quality design that helps you scale your business. If you care about design and know it’s time for your company to elevate how you look online, they can help. 

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#3 StockTwits

StockTwits is real-time communication platform for the financial community and the creator of the $(TICKER) tag for identifying and following investing ideas and information across the web. It provides a specialized environment created specifically for investors and market analysts where they can contribute, find and follow ideas, while reaching the broadest audience of viewers through StockTwits’s integration with leading social networks and financial sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Finance!, CNN Money and Reuters. StockTwits provides premium services that allow public companies and professional market participants to monitor, manage and disseminate information over this network with advanced compliance, messaging and monitoring tools.

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#2 GUNNAR Optiks

They are wired to a media-rich, networked world of infinite possibility. Visually connected to computers, tablets, phones and games - peering into an abyss of high-energy visible [HEV] blue light for hours can disrupt your entire system; your eyes, neck and back, circadian rhythms and overall health. Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS] has become a common problem for our digital generation. Nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults experience digital eyestrain as a result of increasing use of digital devices. Cumulative exposure to HEV light can contribute to vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. 

GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNARS alleviate all common causes of digital eye strain and visual fatigue. The result - improved clarity, focus and performance.

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#1 Yapert

Yapert is a interest-based social network and company. Yapert's social network caters to pop culture fans. The Yapert network curates and organizes the most popular visual content in music, entertainment, sports, fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Yapert is available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Yapert also provides marketing and analytics services to it's business customers. Insights gained through real-time analysis of fans' interactions with interests, images and each other help brands identify and connect with their target audiences.

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