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The Ideal Morning Routine for Successful People

Your morning routine is everything. What you do in the morning will influence the rest of your day, which will in turn influence how you live your life. Roll out of bed slightly hungover, check your email, do a half ass grooming routine, eat something unhealthy for breakfast. You can quickly see where the rest of your day is heading. Days turn into weeks that turn into months, that turn into years and you only have so many years that will make up your lifetime. But it all starts with the days, waste enough days and you'll end up wasting your life. Here is an ideal morning routine that will get you headed in the right direction for the life you want. 

After Dinner:

Yes, your morning routine begins after dinner. You can push dinner time back as late as possible, but once the table is cleared your morning routine begins. For single ladies or men this is pretty easy, just eat like the Spanish. Have a big lunch and a late dinner.

If you have a family with children and can't push dinner too late just stockpile all your chores including checking your email until after dinner. Finish dinner with the family, get the kids ready for bed, walk the dog, take out the trash and check your email. Checking your email in the morning is a mistake and should be avoided. You start your days answering and responding to what other people want from you, putting you in a reactive mode right away. Clear your email out later in the day so that in the morning you can focus on what you want to get accomplished first. After you're done checking your email at night, it's time to relax. Enjoy reading a good book, watch your favorite tv show, surf the internet or if you're feeling frisky enjoy some adult time. The bottom line is that once dinner is over you're clearing out your chores and then relaxing so that you can get up bright and early with a clear head to start your day. 

Crack of Dawn:

Get up early and get things done before most people have accomplished anything. Nothing is going on early in the morning. You're not missing out on events with your children, you're not missing out on hanging out with your friends, you're not missing out on networking or social functions. While everyone is sleeping you're up and getting the most important tasks done right away. 


Health is the most important thing in life and exercise is the first thing you need to get done after you wake up. Like brushing your teeth or getting gas when your tank is low, it's not an option, it's a mandatory part of your day. It's only 30 minutes, take some ice cold water with you and get it done as soon as you can. The earlier you finish exercising the less likely a distraction will keep you from getting it done. While you exercise think about what you want to get accomplished today. After you're done take a shower and eat a healthy breakfast. 


Start working as early as possible on your most important task of the day. You want your evenings or earlier free so that you can enjoy your life. Having your evenings free might not be realistic for startup Co-Founders and other entrepreneurs in the beginning stages but it's a goal to strive for as soon as possible. When you have ten hours of productive work done by 4pm it makes it easier to finish up and get out of the office earlier than if you start at 10am, have a nice lunch and now at 4pm you are just starting to get the ball rolling. 


The most important part of this is that you do the exact same routine as much as possible. Your decision making, will power, focus and self control all are at their highest levels in the morning. The faster you can have your ideal morning routine become second nature the quicker your days will improve, greatly influencing the rest of your life.