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The Top 75 Coworking Spaces In The U.S.

Working from home sounds great but after a while, it can get lonely and boring. You start to miss the camaraderie of the office and you notice your days are much more productive when you get out of the house and work at a coffee shop. While cafes can be great workplaces they start to feel like you should move on after a few hours. Co-working spaces combine all of the best thing about working in an office and try to remove the negatives. Here are our choices for the top 75 in the U.S.

#75 OpenSpace, Charlottesville, Virginia 

With a less is more design philosophy OpenSpace offers an affordable, simple to use work space. OpenSpace is geared to how we communicate and interact in today’s connected world. In an age when too many of us rely on dreary home offices, and soulless rent-a-room centers to accommodate our work lives, OpenSpace provides a meaningful alternative.

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#74 The 404, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The 404 okc is a coworking facility/tech community in downtown Oklahoma City.

Set in the downtown OKC area of Film Row, their dual mission is both to provide a professional, relaxed atmosphere for freelancers, startups, and techies of all sorts to finish their projects and also to foster the connections of creative people in Oklahoma City.

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#73 Posh Coworking, Austin, Texas

A coworking office exclusively for women in Austin. Their mission is to create a community of cohesion, collaboration and success by offering business support services, and shared office spaces. Members are personally selected by the Co-Founders and membership starts at $125 per month.

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#72 myBusinessBar, Salt Lake City, Utah

MyBusinessBar is a place where professionals can come plug in, meet with clients, and network. Work better, smarter, and without distraction. A flexible office space in an innovative atmosphere. 

This coworking space is unique because the clients remains the focus and there is a genuine sense of community that is fostered through workshops, networking events and even social hours and wine clubs.

MyBusinessBar is a true coworking facility that enables business owners to connect, boost productivity and ultimately benefit from the creativity that comes from surrounding oneself with an expanded network of like-minded professionals. To prove it, myBusinessBar offers meeting space free of charge to non-profits, as well as complimentary lunch seminars and product launch events for clients who are looking for a safe environment in which to test their markets.

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#71 Cowork Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Delicious snacks, reliable & fast wifi, and an open desk space waiting for you. Cowork Buffalo has a not so secret ping pong club that new members can join if they have the skills. They also have a basement storage for clients that want to bike to work and if you refer a friend to join you can get a free month of membership.

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#70 thinkspace, Seattle, Washington

Thinkspace has a mission to build a strong community of entrepreneurs, tech startups, small businesses, and non-profits which share similar core values. They passionately operate as a part of each company’s team; celebrating in their successes, contributing to their sustainable growth, and creating an environment that inspires.

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#69 workzones, Santa Barbara, California

Workzones was founded with a simple goal: create better, more productive places to collaborate and work. Workzones offers remote employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, road warriors (and more!) a professional space to get work done. With designated “zones” that range from collaborative and social to quiet or private — workzones is your perfect place to conduct business. Plans start at $200 per month. 

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#68 Miami Entrepreneurship Center, Miami, Florida

Miami Entrepreneurship Center (MEC261) is a business incubator / coworking center for startups. Located in the heart of Downtown Miami.  The coworking facility provides Miami startups with affordable work space, access to mentors, fun events, educational programming, introductions to potential investors and co-existence with a community of like-minded Miami entrepreneurs. A day pass is always free for out of town entrepreneurs!

Membership to MEC is $300 a year. Membership enables you to enjoy all the benefits MEC offers. Use the Miami facilities with no set limit of hours, you can use the conference room, the training room, work stations, chill coffee area, and the cafeteria meeting space. Not to mention the free printing, Starbucks coffee, free WiFi and much more.

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#67 White Space, Houston, Texas

White Space celebrates the art of doing business plus sets the standard for a curated, cooperative, professional place for a wide spectrum of savvy professionals to work, think, connect, create and share in collective business success.

White Space offers co-working space, private office space, meeting rooms, event spaces, concierge service and much more. 

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#66 Sharespace, Houston, Texas

Sharespace is a resource center and co-working Space for Innerpreneurs (an entrepreneur who develops a business based on doing what you are and what you love to improve yourself and the world). Creatives, starters, visionaries, people with a cause or mission. Sharespace loves the crooked path. 

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#65 The Vault, San Francisco, California

Established by seed change, The Vault is an innovative startup ecosystem where membership offers your venture the necessary support to thrive. They deliver the infrastructure, programming, community, and expert advising to jump start the journey to success.

Membership provides access to a private, supportive community day-to-day and also offers opportunities for collaboration, socialization, education, and development long term.

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#64 Batch, Santa Ana, California

Batch is a friendly little collaborative coworking space in downtown Santa Ana, California. They rent out work space to creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups who are looking to work around like minded folks. Perfect for when your home office or favorite coffee shop are no longer cutting it as your work environment. Memberships start at $450 per month.

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#63 Indiegrove, Jersey City, New Jersey

Entrepreneurs and independent professionals do not conform to one way of thinking,
nor should the space they work in. Indiegrove is a community of individuals committed to
hard work, collaboration and business sustainability. The coworking space, resources
and events are designed to provide your business the credibility and access to be successful
and the environment you need to be happy. The work space is designed to encourage both collaboration and focus. The space is broken into shared workspace and partitioned desks. Natural light is abundant, seating is comfortable and the aesthetically pleasing décor makes the environment motivating and professional. They have workshops that provide the knowledge and skills you need to successfully grow your business. The instructors and content are dynamic, engaging, relevant and innovative. Categories include: business strategy, marketing, financial management, industry specific and technology. They also have networking events that provide members and non-members the opportunity to meet one another and create clusters within the local economy. The events are centered around topics that encourage collaboration and business growth. Full time memberships start at $350 per month. 

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#62 Thrive Workplace Solutions, Denver, Colorado

A full-service office environment for small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs looking for all of the amenities of a brick and mortar space with a prestigious street address. Thrive offers shared office space including office suites, day spaces, meeting rooms and all of the features of a full service professional office space. Thrive was conceived by a group of small business entrepreneurs just like you who were interested in having a full service workplace away from a home office. Designed for professionals who want to avoid a long-term lease or committing to expensive office equipment, Thrive is a place to collaborate with peers in a location where you are proud to bring clients.

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#61 Third Workplace, San Francisco, California

Third Workplace is taking the workplace back to the community. You need a place to sit, get connected and get productive, and Third Workplace provides it. Whether you need to drop in a few times per week or once-a-month, memberships are super flexible, providing access when you need it at subscription rates that won’t make your manager or accountant raise their eyebrows. Free covered parking onsite, unlimited usage of open workplace is $399 per month.

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#60 Mission Co-Working, San Francisco, California

A 41 room community in San Francisco for art and technology creators in the heart of the Mission District. The space is composed of individual rooms and multiple areas in which you will have additional access to, such as the common room (with couches for your inner coder) 
and the kitchen (for your inner foodie). 

With in-house counsel, engineers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, brand consultants, and well-connected Silicon Valley entrepreneurs among permanent residents, you have every resource at your fingertips. 

A seat at their table includes:

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Private phone booths
  • Shared kitchen
  • Printing
  • Access to their events
  • Friday Happy Hours!

Monthly Membership is $350 with 24/7 access.

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#59 Workspring Central Loop, Chicago, Illinois

Workspring is a highly hosted space for offsite meetings, business events, and individual and team co-working. It's an experience purpose-built to inspire your best work ever.

Sessions are all-inclusive—with concierge services, high performance wifi, digital displays, work tools and supplies, energizing snacks and beverages, and more—allowing you to focus on mission-critical objectives.

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#58 Onward Co-Working, Chicago, Illinois

Onward Coworking is a cozy, casual co-working space located in the West Loop. Providing flexible month-to-month desk and office rentals in a unique, industrial timber loft space professionally designed to accommodate a number of different working styles and preferences.

Their space revolves around three simple elements: dynamic people, inspiring work space and an outstanding location. Onward is more than a cool place to work, it’s an evolution of work itself. It’s a fresh new perspective on influencing the environment that surrounds your work to improve your happiness at work. It’s a push onward, forward, and ahead to change our working world for the better.

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#57 The Productive, New York, New York

The Productive is an affordable co-working studio located at 40 West 38th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Dedicated to providing an energetic working environment for entrepreneurs and creative professionals; developers, animators, digital artists, designers, writers and editors are all welcome.

Full-time members have 24/7 access to the space. All members have access to individual open desks, conference room, secure internet, wifi laser printer, kitchenette with complimentary coffee and tea.

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#56 Mission 50, Hoboken, New Jersey

Since its launch in September 2011, Mission 50 Workspaces has become Northern New Jersey’s leading co-working environment and a second home for entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers alike. They have established a place where brilliant minds get productive and stay inspired, often collaborating and building innovative products and services.

Unlimited pass is $349 per month. 

For more information visit

#55 The Port, Oakland, California 

The Port is a unique work space created for today's connected independent professional. As technology frees us to work anywhere, an affordable, accessible space that's intentionally about productivity, people and professionalism is as important as ever. Technology can be isolating, work and home life need boundaries and environments drive productivity. Conceived by an architect and an ex-tech entrepreneur, the Port is a fun but polished alternative to the home office and the "coffee shop conference."

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#54 Makeshift Society, San Francisco, California

Makeshift Society is an organization for those who crave camaraderie to fuel their creativity. They support collaborative and community-building activities through a co-working space/clubhouse, innovative programming, and support for freelancers and small business owners.

While they fully embrace technology and its ability to transform and enhance businesses, Makeshift Society feels like there are many co-working and networking options for startups in San Francisco. They want to enable creative workers to explore, learn, teach and socialize outside of their usual circle. They exist to make it easier for freelancers and small teams to start and grow their businesses. As a community they learn from each other, work hard and have fun.

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#53 Common Desk, Dallas, Texas

Common Desk is not just a place to work, but a place to grow and collaborate with fellow coworkers. Their open floor plan encourages collaboration and the opportunity to learn from one another. Common Desk was created to be a community first and a business second. Work independently, but share a passion, a copy machine and bicycles. By bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and large corporations, Common Desk aims to encourage innovation through their community. Common Desk loves the new movement towards a shared economy. Their inspiring design encourages coworkers to share ideas, services, and a beer within the community. Common Desk firmly believes co-working is a step towards the end of hyper-consumption. They pride themselves with being a community that consumes less and recycles more.

Unlimited desk access is $400 per month. 

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#52 Writers Junction, Santa Monica, California

The Writers Junction is an affordable shared work space for writers. It’s where you’ll find the quiet of a library, the society of a coffee shop, the focus of a daily office, and the camaraderie of a private club. It’s where you can work in splendid isolation, within a supportive community. It’s where writers write.

Full time membership is $175 per month.

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#51 Wix Lounge, New York, New York

Free co-working space! A cool work station, free WIFI, and a caffeine fix - everything you need for a productive work day. As you can imagine it fills up fast so arrive early to get your spot. This space also hosts events after hours, many of them small business related. You can also apply to host your own event here as well.

For more info visit

#50 Get Smart WorkSpaces, Carlsbad, California 

The WorkSpace in Carlsbad has a variety of options to suit your particular needs. With a 24/7 dedicated plan you get your own desk in a lovely light-filled office that is shared with a few others. You can come in whenever you like with your own key. You are not limited to your desk–you can also take advantage of their open work environment for a change of pace. Every month you get 5 hours to use in any of the meeting rooms and 3 guest passes. If you need more meeting room hours you get a member discount. All of this in addition to free wifi, coffee, tea, snacks and mail service.

Visit them at

#49 Hub, Los Angeles, California

Hub LA is an in-person membership community of impact professionals dedicated to making positive change in the world. Anchored by a physical space in the Arts District in Downtown LA, members come to collaborate, access market opportunities and capital, build community, and scale ideas. Hub LA borrowed from the best of a member's club, business incubator, idea lab, and the comforts of home to create a new kind of gathering place. A habitat for innovators. 

Hub LA is connected to a global network of Hubs - a place-based and online community of entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, artists, funders, students, mentors, community leaders... amazing people, doing incredible things.

Unlimited memberships are $450 per month.

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#48 CraveLab, Los Angeles, California

LA CraveLab is a collaborative/coworking space in Downtown LA at the corner of 2nd and Figueroa Street. A mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, and developers who expanded their current office into a collaborative space/office share to provide a working space for start-ups and organizations.

LA CraveLab aims to have an active community who thrive to network with others and sometimes find the need to collaborate, share with, and support one another in this new age of the “mobile office.” Their collaborative spaces and micro-offices are most ideal for individuals or teams who feel confined or distracted working from their homes and simply need a desk away from home without any long-term lease commitments and office management headaches or fees.

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#47 Venture X, Naples, Florida

Venture X is a revolutionarily designed office space created for today’s professionals of all industries. Offering fully furnished private office suites, meeting rooms and virtual offices. No leases or long term contracts required.

Because you love what you do and because where you work and the people you work around matter, Venture X radically redesigned the office with the ideal mix of work and social space. Designed to accelerate your business in a place you are going to love working.

Shared work spaces start at $249 per month. 

Learn more at

#46 Work By The Office Stylist, Sherman Oaks, California

Their stylish co-working space is designed for entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers who are ready to get off the couch, out of the coffee shop, and into a chic workspace! Surround yourself with fabulous style and fabulous people. Because it’s not just work…it’s work by The Office Stylist. This isn’t your everyday blah-desk, bare-walled office with tap water and stale bagels. Your workspace is beautifully styled from day one, and you will enjoy inclusive luxuries such as fruit-infused and bottled water, a Keurig, a candy buffet, and, of course, super-fast internet. 

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#45 Platform Coworking, Chicago, Illinois

Whether it’s working for yourself, or remotely, it’s great to be independent. But the “lone wolf” syndrome that comes with it—eh, not so much. Platforms goal is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s important, getting your work done. They offer a quiet, distraction free workplace where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. Writers, programmers, salespeople, designers, engineers, consultants—they have had members of every background imaginable. The common thread among members is that they are typically established professionals in their respective field. A current roster can be found on the homepage under the Member Profiles section.

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#44 Union, San Diego, California

Union is a San Diego Co-Work space that was conceived to give small businesses and entrepreneurs the environment, community, and support services they need to grow and thrive. Union hosts monthly get togethers for their tenants and greatly encourage a strong sense of community.

Full time memberships start at $200 per month.

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#43 DesignSpaces, Mountain View, California

DesignSpaces is a community based coworking space for Silicon Valley professionals. It's a place for entrepreneurs to meet others like them and help each other build their business from the ground up. Their mission is to create a solid network of incredible people who are looking to get out of the home office - coffee shop environment and into something much more inspiring and innovative! DesignSpaces provides solutions to the common problems every entrepreneur faces when they're on their own. More than a shared work space, it's an opportunity to harness the collective strengths of individuals who are experts in their field.

Full time membership starts at $250 per month.

For more information visit

#42 Impact Hub, Seattle, Washington

A coworking space, events space, and launch pad for purpose-driven ventures that create more value than they capture. Impact Hub is a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. They provide a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of both for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and a diverse selection of programming to guide members with the tools they need to build their venture. Their community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models.

Membership plans for full time members start at $345 per month.

Visit them at

#41 Shift Workspaces, Denver, Colorado 

Where you work really does matter. At Shift, they're creating a new working community, offering private offices, desks, shared work space, and meeting spaces, along with amenities designed around you and the way you work. Whether you work from home, just need a place to get some business done on a part-time basis or you're looking for a full-time private office space, Shift offers a variety of work space options and amenities that can meet your needs.

  • Choose how you want to work (private, semi-private or shared)
  • Conference rooms and event spaces on site to accommodate 4 –100 people
  • Reliable technology platform
  • Telephone, voice mail, and mailbox services
  • Scanners, fax, copier, office supplies
  • Knowledge base of successful entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing networking events, seminars and workshops
  • Food/coffee delivery to desk from restaurant next door
  • Full service catering for events and meetings

Good for you:

  • On-site gym
  • Locker room and shower
  • Yoga studio/classes
  • Catered community lunches
  • Free gourmet coffee/snacks
  • Education events
  • Near Washington park
  • Near Cherry Creek bike path
  • Near Alamo Placita park
  • Wind-generated electricity from Xcel Energy's WindSource program
  • LED lighting

Full time membership starts at $209 per month.

Visit them at 

#40 IgnitedSpaces, Los Angeles, California 

IgnitedSpaces develops thoughtful workspaces designed to enhance productivity, collaboration and the success of their members. IgnitedSpaces is committed to developing and cultivating the perfect workspace. Thanks to technology, most people can work from pretty much anywhere – but just anywhere isn’t good enough. A myriad of elements are necessary for an optimal work environment. IgnitedSpaces exists simply to bring those elements together in order to create a better workspace. 

For more information visit

#39 Office Port, Chicago, Illinois

OfficePort is rewriting the workspace rules. They're helping freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed with affordable space, true community, and unbeatable locations. Chicago’s largest and best shared office environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. No contracts to sign, no business plans to submit. Just affordable, innovative space and great amenities at an awesome Loop address.

Full time memberships start at $350 per month.

Visit them at

#38 The Office, Santa Monica, California

The Office is a paid work space created expressly for writers and other professionals seeking an inspirational work environment, free from the distractions of home and office. They really have an attention to detail and The Office is tailor made so that writers have the environment they need to focus on their work.

Visit their website at

#37 1776, Washington D.C.

The most promising startups. The greatest challenges. 1776 is passionate about reinventing our lives as citizens. They connect startups with the resources they need to grow—from mentorship and corporate connections to capital and media attention—in sectors such as education, health, energy, and smart cities.

Visit their site at

#36 TechSpace, Costa Mesa, California 

TechSpace Costa Mesa, provides the ideal solution for companies seeking flexible office space. TechSpace incorporates a unique spatial, modern and flexible office design with an O.C. twist.  Fully scalable and interconnecting office spaces are paired with TechSpace’s premier technology platform, private data networking, burstable bandwidth and enterprise-class wi-fi. TechSpace helps you manage the day-to-day details so you can better manage your business.

For more information visit 

#35 Work Progress, Seattle, Washington

Works Progress is a Coworking Space for independent and socially minded workers and small business owners who'd like to work around other people. The space is warm and inviting with everything and more you might need. There seems to be a real sense of community at the space, with lots of working parents, and folks from all types of industries.

Full time memberships start at $300 per month.

Visit their website for more information at

#34 SpherePad, San Francisco, California 

Located in the North Beach district, SpherePad is a coworking space providing various spaces such as private offices, reserved desks, meeting and conference rooms. Their goal is to support early start-up companies, self-employed professionals and telecommuters. They have all inclusive private offices, dedicated desks and meeting room rental.

For more info visit

#33 Hattery, San Francisco, California

Hattery is a shared work studio, education, and events space in the heart of San Francisco's SoMa district. Hattery fosters the growth of entrepreneurs who promise to make meaningful impacts in the fields of technology, design, and culture. Their instruments for doing so are professional and educational resources, good food, community, and encounters between people of different perspectives—all of which they make available in their beautiful SoMa studio. 

Visit their website for more

#32 Enerspace, Chicago, Illinois 

Enerspace is where the inspired and passionate come to do their work. Members include entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers and their tagline “Work Well” reflects their mission to give members a place and the tools they need to blend work and wellness. They start by providing a professionally designed urban loft space with a stunning view of the Chicago skyline.

Full time memberships start at $200 per month.

For more info visit them at

#31 WeWork Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Filmmakers, production companies, tech startups and new media entrepreneurs work with the Hollywood Hills as their backdrop in their stylish LA building. Members can take in the sunshine and palm trees while hanging out on the outdoor balcony that overlooks the downtown neighborhood. 

For more info visit them at

#30 Indie Desk, Los Angeles, California

Indie Desk is a coworking space—a middle ground between working out of your loft and renting your own office. More importantly, though, Indie Desk is a community. They want to help creative people get to know others who are going through similar things in life and in business.

Full time membership starts at $150 per month.

Visit their website at

#29 Bat Haus, Brooklyn, New York

Coworking. Not a cafe. Not a bed. Community and productivity require a genuine workspace where members share resources, share space, and share respect. Bat Haus welcomes people and start-ups of wide-ranging disciplines. Creativity, after all, is fueled by the cross-pollination of ideas.

Full time memberships start at $175. 

Visit their website at

#28 Creative Density, Denver, Colorado 

In December 2010 was launched to build awareness of the coworking movement going on throughout Colorado and the world. A survey was launched that asked for freelancers and other interested people to vote on the neighborhood, most needed amenities, and to express what their favorite part of coworking was. This allowed for the members to have a voice in the formation of Creative Density and be a space developed for and by the members from the very start. After all of the votes were counted, the Capitol Hill neighborhood won out with over two-thirds of the votes being for Capitol Hill or a directly surrounded region.

The values that started the coworking movement are the foundation of Creative Density, and the members will always have a voice. If you are tired of working from home, hunching over the small tables at a cafe, and want to be part of a greater community of smart and amazing people then stop by and Be Dense!

Full time membership starts at $250 per month.

Visit their website at

#27 OfficeSlice, Los Angeles, California

Flexible workspace, dedicated desk or private office. Your slice of office, flexible as you need it, and adaptable as your business grows. OfficeSlice members are the most innovative entrepreneurs and professionals in the Valley. They are building and managing inventive and creative businesses across all industries.

Full time memberships start at $300 per month.

Visit them at

#26 Shared, San Francisco, California

Shared is a space for creative people to work and collaborate together. It is based in the belief that together we can create greater things than we could individually or in isolation. Shared is the most unique coworking space in San Francisco, located in the heart of SoMa. Think of it as Tech Shop meets coworking. It has office space, fabrication space, a shared work shop with tools and equipment, meeting rooms, kitchen, and classes, event classes and events.

Visit them at

#25 Working Village, Santa Monica, California

Working Village is a creative and flexible workspace perfect for the new age working professional. Working Village is a creative and technologically advanced workspace designed to meet the diverse needs of micro businesses, freelancers, home-office workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, tech workers, writers, designers and other savvy professionals. With services that emulate boutique hotel hospitality and a location surrounded by the unique Santa Monica beach community, you will thrive with creativity and style.

Visit them at

#24 Capsity, Sacramento, California

Capsity is a California Benefit Corporation with a mission to accelerate business development through holistic work environments. They do this by fostering diverse communities seeking creativity and innovation through a collaborative business culture. Their growing coworking community of partners is made up of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and designers. Capsity welcomes any person or team who is seeking a collaborative business community.

Founded in 2008, Capsity is an owner-occupied professional workplace located on 21st Street, south of Sacramento’s Broadway Corridor. Originally built in 1949 as a US Post Office, modern renovations provide a spacious interior of over 4,500 sq. ft., featuring clean and secure work habitats, accented by ample sunlight and a community Art Gallery.

Monthly plans start at $125 for M-F daytime access or $179 for 24/7 access. 

For more info visit their site

#23 Workbar, Boston, Massachusetts

The professionalism of an office and flexibility of a cafe. At Workbar they understand that people just don’t work the way they used to. Technology has made the workforce more mobile, yet has also increased the need for shared resources, human interaction, and just plain old-fashioned fun at work. So they’ve created a web of communal workspaces where freelancers, start-ups, and remote employees of larger enterprises can enjoy high quality office amenities. 

Full time memberships start at $350 per month.

Visit them at

#22 Hatch Today, San Francisco, California

Hatch Today (formerly The Hatchery) was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs who wanted to reinvent the workspace. At their spaces you will find a world class staff, elegant furnishings, top of the line technology, and a community that includes some of the most dynamic companies in the country. In less than two years they have grown to two locations and over 150 tenant companies housing nearly 400 individuals.

Hatch Today intends to continue reinterpreting the work space. Creating places where people can work hard, build a community and feel at home.

Visit their site at

#21 Impact Hub, Oakland, California

Impact Hub Oakland is equal parts inspiring shared working space, entrepreneurial incubator and a membership-based community of socially engaged people, co-working and co-learning. Located in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the United States (move over Brooklyn), they cultivate, support and connect purpose-driven people as they pioneer solutions for a sustainable and equitable world.

For more information visit

#20 CiC, Cambridge, Massachusetts

A dynamic coworking space dedicated to helping a diverse and innovative group of entrepreneurs succeed through the power of community. The Cambridge Coworking Center (C3) is a collaborative community work space located inside Kendall Square’s Cambridge Innovation Center with the goal of supporting the many and diverse needs of it’s clients. Ideal for startups, freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who want the "power of community,” C3 provides a variety of secured shared & personal working areas, huddle & conference rooms, whiteboard walls, WiFi, printing/faxing/scanning stations, personal storage, and a fully stocked kitchen for $350 per month per person.

For more info visit

#19 The Satellite, Santa Monica, California

The Satellite provides on-demand workspace available 24/7 for people needing professional offices, workstations, conference rooms and event space. Each Satellite includes high-speed broadband Internet, ergonomic seating, community events, VoiP phone plans, computer and admin support and free coffee.

Different membership offerings and the Satellite’s unique technology enable people to have just what they need, whether they want a full-time office or just a professional business address, a place to drop into with a laptop or to make conference calls, somewhere to meet clients for an hour here or there, a meeting space for community activities or regular classes, help with a powerpoint, or a workstation for a few days every week. Facility is available to members 24/7.

For more info visit

#18 Collective Agency, Portland Oregon

Collective Agency is a cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to. People go to Collective Agency to work alongside other people instead of working from home and many of the coworkers build great relationships and go out for lunch every day with each other. There are weekly lightning talks and other activities where people often share what they’re working on and get inspired.

Amenities include elevator access, air conditioning, bike parking, lots of light, Herman Miller chairs, wi-fi, coffee, and the best audiovisuals of all:  a growing community of individuals who want to be there and would like you to be there too. 

Monthly memberships start at $250 per month.

Visit them at

#17 Box Jelly, Honolulu, Hawaii

 Box Jelly is Hawaii's first coworking space, bringing together a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and independents and giving them a better place to work. BoxJ elly is in the heart of Kaka'ako with workspace areas and amenities such as ac, wifi, printing, restroom, and kitchen facilities. Meeting areas and event space are available to members and non-members alike. Free and covered parking available.

Memberships start at $199 per month.

Visit them at

#16 Impact Hub, San Francisco, California

Impact Hub SF is a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.

Members have access to a local &  global community of change agents, coworking space options (including amenities such as wifi, coffee/tea, privacy booths, printing & more), frequent events, discounted event & meeting space rentals & more. 

Impact Hub SF is a certified B Corporation. Being a B Corp strengthens their resolve to achieve higher social & environmental standards, and empowers others in the community to do the same.

Unlimited memberships start at $495 per month.

Visit their website at

#15 Oficio, Boston, Massachusetts

Oficio is a boutique shared office and coworking space located at 30 and 129 Newbury Street that offers members a business mailing address, a variety of seating options, private offices, high speed wifi, meeting rooms, phone booths and complimentary gourmet coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes.

Full time memberships start at $329 per month. 

Visit them for more info at

#14 The Hive@44, St. Louis, Missouri

The Hive@44 is a collaborative work space designed for business professionals. The environment at The Hive@44 is fresh and energetic; you will be around other creative individuals who are leading industry experts.

Their mission is to help small business, freelancers, and work from home professionals build a professional business image and reputation with coworking. The Hive@44 allows entrepreneurs from all business spheres to have access to every service that a business office provides at literally a fraction of the cost while maintaining your professional business image.

The Hive@44 takes the best elements of a coffee shop (social, energetic, creative) and the best elements of a workspace, (professional, productive, functional) and combines them to give members the chance to have their own affordable space that harnesses a professional creative work environment.

Full time memberships start at $150 per month.

Visit them at

#13 Opodz, Los Angeles, California

Opodz is a well-designed creative and collaborative space serving Downtown LA's Little Tokyo & Arts District. Dedicated to helping local entrepreneurs, startups, engineers, artists, designers, creatives, writers and many other professionals as a functional and contemporary office with an active and supportive community.

Opodz uses a selective mix of contemporary art with technology and architecture to inspire creative independent minds working to build their vision and pursue innovative ideas in a collaborative environment.

Full time membership starts at $275 per month. 

Visit their website at

#12 Sandbox Suites, San Francisco, California

Sandbox Suites is a shared workspace created specifically for freelancers, small business owners, telecommuters and other independent professionals. They understand that while working for yourself can be liberating and satisfying, without the right facility, it can also be unproductive and lonely. They know from experience that it’s hard to keep a professional profile while working from your couch. That's why they created Sandbox, a place that fits both the meticulous businessman and the freedom-loving entrepreneur.

With its three locations, in San Francisco’s SOMA and Union Square as well as Downtown Berkeley, Sandbox allows independent professionals to have a full-service shared office and meeting space no matter where they happen to be with the added benefit of a supportive community of other independents. Sandbox offers several levels of memberships that include month-to-month virtual, part-time, full-time, private desk and private office memberships as well as daily drop-ins.

24/7 access to any open desk starts at $345 per month.

Visit their website at

#11 Parisoma, San Francisco, California

Parisoma provides early stage startups and freelancers with tools to build their company and support their business.  An open incubator and coworking space, with a program that evolves with each member’s needs. Membership includes access to classes, events, mentors, partners and a dynamic community.

Visit their website at

#10 Office Nomads, Seattle, Washington

Office Nomads is a coworking community in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment for Seattle’s nomadic workforce. They believe that by working together we can accomplish more than we could alone, and they would love for you to join them. Find the coworkers you've been looking for and get inspired. Office Nomads is an intentional coworking space – as a member you become part of a group of independent workers who face similar issues and have a diverse set of skills to meet any task.

Full time membership with your own desk is $395 per month.

Visit them at

#9 HackerLab, Sacramento, California

Build your company alongside a community of entrepreneurs. Hacker Lab's coworking space is a perfect place to focus alongside fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers.  They have super fast internet via TSE Communications, plenty of work space, coffee/tea bar via Old Soul, and a health and wellness program via Yoga Seed.  Members enjoy 24/7 access – yes that’s right, no more getting kicked out of that coffee shop when you’re in the groove.

  • 24/7 Keycard access
  • Large conference room
  • Plenty of comfortable workspace
  • Meeting rooms & offices
  • Blazing fast internet
  • Coffee & healthy snacks
  • Awesome community

Visit them at

#8 Co+Hoots, Phoenix, Arizona

Co+Hoots is the only shared downtown Phoenix office location that promotes collaboration and provides the professional and inspirational self-sustaining space to grow and nurture entrepreneurialism. Freelance creatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business of all areas flock to be part of the growing vibrancy of downtown Phoenix. As a community of local-minded and business-focused people, they're able to collaborate on projects, share resources and generate more success to support coworkers livelihoods.  Co+Hoots is designed to help your business thrive.

Visit their site at

#7 The Urban Hive, Sacramento California

Providing Sacramento entrepreneurs, hackers, and creatives a place to go, an un-office if you will, to connect, collaborate, create, work and (yes!) play. A membership-based collective of entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers who are passionate about challenging the status-quo, reject outdated modes of work and believe in the power of human connection, collaboration, innovation and community. Their membership of more than 100 now include a dozen design firms and tech start-ups, Emmy Award-winning documentarians, non-profits and social entrepreneurs, as well as independent designers, writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, business professionals, educators and poets. They operate out of a modern, urban-industrial space at the center of Midtown Sacramento, in the heart of the current cultural explosion that is happening in their city. Marked by old brick walls, soaring ceilings, concrete floors, steel tables, modern furniture and spectacular art. With the goal of providing the best work environment anywhere, they have created a space where ideas can be born, connections can be made, projects can take flight, and community can be fostered. Empowering creatives, entrepreneurs, and start-ups by offering them shared work spaces, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, a shared kitchen, blazing wifi, and french-pressed coffee, as well as regular networking, educational, and entertainment events. They have created this space because they believe in the power of human connection. They believe that great things come through collaboration and networks; that driven and creative people need to be inspired by their surroundings and the people around them.

24/7 memberships start at $199 per month. 

Visit them at

#6 CoLoft, Santa Monica, California

Coloft is a community and shared workspace for entrepreneurs, tech startups, programmers, designers and other independents. Pando Daily called them "The Cheers of LA's Tech Ecosystem". They believe that putting all of us together results in amazing things –together we are even more brilliant than we are alone.

What makes Coloft special is the community. Work space is just the side effect. Colofters watch out for one another, respect one another, grab lunch together, get drinks at happy hour, and take care of their space. To stay true to this, they have to make sure that everyone that’s interested in Colofting realizes that it’s not just a work space. Because being a Colofter is so much more.

 Full time memberships start at $299 per month.

Visit them at

#5 BlankSpaces, Los Angeles, California

A coworking office space in Los Angeles since 2008. Offering flexible, modern work spaces for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. From privates offices to a communal WorkBar, they have the right size and style work space for any needs. Whether you need a permanent place to work every day, or just a place to drop in once in a while, they have the right BlankSpace for you.  "Work for yourself, not by yourself."

Full time memberships starts at $350 per month. 

Visit them at

#4 New Work City, New York, New York

Leaving behind traditional employment is becoming increasingly normal, but it doesn't seem that way. The moment you decide to strike out on your own, you become responsible for everything. You don't necessarily have a lot of help, or people to bounce things off of. To forge your own path is a great thing, but doing it alone can be hard.

While having a space to work in is a critical component to the process, New Work City recognizes that we're gathering not because we need space, but because we want to be around people we get along with. While that could happen anywhere, coworking spaces provide a consistent and reliable place you can count on to welcome you with open arms any time.

Coworking gives us a way to work on our own things while still feeling like we're part of something bigger than ourselves. Feeling like you can commute to a place where people you know will be working and excited to see you can be a really, really good feeling. By forming communities around our shared needs, we create opportunities to help each other. Someone else's weakness is another's strength; together we are far more than the sum of our parts.

New Work City wanted to take all of the good parts about the office spaces we used to occupy, but leave behind all of the sucky parts. They wanted to make a workplace that you would feel excited to visit every day.

They built a place where who you are matters more than what you do. They discovered that when they gave people a chance to develop authentic relationships with each other in a natural way, people's lives and businesses end up thriving as a result. 

M-F memberships with a locker are $375 per month.

For more information visit

TheWork Lodge

#3 The Work Lodge, Houston, Texas

The Work Lodge provides beautifully crafted workspaces to entrepreneurs, small & large businesses, and remote workers. Not just a coworking space, they’re a gathering of like-minded entrepreneurs who inspire and encourage. 

Their Vintage Park location was the first, modern executive suites & coworking space in the NW Houston area serving the Spring / Cypress / Tomball & Magnolia areas. With excellent walkability to amazing restaurants (including Houston’s No. 1 – Peli Peli) and entertainment inside the retail park. Located off Highway 249 at Louetta road, you’re 20 minutes from Bush Intercontinental Airport and 25 minutes from Downtown Houston.

With its open and spacious floor plan, you’ll feel welcomed into the growing Houston entrepreneur community. Work Lodge Vintage Park is perfect for any size company, from startups to established businesses.

Their newest location is located on the top floor with stunning views of The Woodlands and quick access to amazing amenities. Their impressive selection of private office suites range in size from 1 person – 5 person. They also have a small number of premium, Executive Level offices with upgraded finishings, furniture and reserved, dedicated parking.

Visit them at their Houston Office Space

#2 Hera Hub, San Diego, California

Hera Hub is the first national spa-inspired coworking space for female entrepreneurs. A work, meeting and event space for entrepreneurial women with three San Diego locations. Hera Hub is a shared, flexible work and meeting space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive, spa-like environment. The platform provides members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community... thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous. The platform serves independent workers and entrepreneurial women at all stages of business and in a variety of industries.

 San Diego monthly membership plans range from $69-$369 per month.

For more information visit

#1 NextSpace, San Francisco, California

NextSpace is the workplace for the new economy. They provide innovative physical and virtual infrastructure that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the creative class need to succeed in the 21st century. 

NextSpace sells membership into a collaborative community. Their members come from a wide variety of industries: software, design, marketing, legal services, architecture, and engineering just to name a few. Some are lifelong freelancers, while some have been downsized from bigger companies and are just beginning to venture out on their own. Some telecommute to bigger companies on the other side of the country or the other side of the world. Some are startups, starting growth-minded companies with dreams of a big exit, while some are using their skills simply to earn a living.

Like a gym for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You can set up your desk in your living room, just like you can set up a treadmill, but really how much fun is working or working out alone? Working alone kinda sucks. Just think for a moment what it could create for you business if you spent even a few days a week in an environment where everyone around you was also working on their business.

We are smarter as a collective. You may have noticed that talking with other entrepreneurial types leads to insights that leap your business forward or blow out blockages. They have a wide variety of businesses in the NextSpace coworking community. Coders, web designers & developers, branding designers, social media strategists, intellectual property lawyers, nonprofits protecting the environment, people changing cancer research and protecting privacy on the web, experts in building websites for small businesses, landscape designers, just to name a few. While serious work happens at NextSpace they also enjoy having fun.

If you'd like to check out their unique flavor of coworking full time membership starts at $300 per month (depending on location).

Visit them at

Those are our choices for the top coworking spaces in the U.S. We plan on making this an annual article so please send us comments good or bad on what we did right, what we did wrong, who should be added, who should be moved up or down the rankings, etc. Any information to make this an even better article next year will be a huge help. 

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