social media research

Facebook vs. Linkedin

Facebook vs. Linkedin, social media for moms and acquaintances vs. social media for that guy you emailed one time. In the first round of our social media competition for our new site Facebook easily beat Google+ and Linkedin easily beat Meetup. Let's see who will move on to the final round.


I'm not personally a big fan of Facebook but there is no denying that they have been a huge driver of traffic to our site over the first two months of our new business. Everyone is on Facebook so it is very easy to connect with other businesses and let them know if we featured them in an article. A win-win for everyone.


Linkedin has been a great way to keep a modern Rolodex of business contacts. Most of the contacts I have from Linkedin are from our first business that is not in the same industry as Symmetry50, so I haven't been very active on Linkedin. This month I started posting our articles as they come out and the amount of traffic from Linkedin has been climbing at a steady rate. 

This is a tough decision. Facebook has easily been the number one driver of traffic to our site but the goal is for quality not quantity. Our best meetings so far that was a result of social media started on Linkedin. Even if we develop good relationships on Facebook I feel that it's more of a social site about the past than for business. Linkedin feels like a solid platform to keep contact with other startups, small business owners, freelancers and digital nomads. 

Linkedin beats Facebook and will move on to the final round vs. Twitter.