Twitter vs. Pinterest

In our open competition to see what the best social media site is for our new business we have Twitter vs. Pinterest going head to head.


Setting up the account is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. They have a new feature with a hashtag so people know you just got on Twitter. The two they have pre-written are cheesy so I created our own tweet but kept the hashtag #myfirsttweet as an announcement we're on Twitter. I check the side to see what's trending and my heart sinks as my #1 fantasy football pick LeSean "Shady" McCoy is trending. My first instinct is that he's injured and my fantasy football season is over before week 1. I click on the trending topic and he has a thumb injury that's minor. I click on the follow button for Shady and move on slightly relieved. Not that this is an ideal way to spend work time but a pretty cool and brief divergence from research. Anyways work is supposed to be fun right? Our Twitter account is all set up and I'm already enjoying it.


I know there are plenty of men on Pinterest but I fell like I'm going on a website I don't belong on. Kind of like your friends husband who shows up to girls nights or other ladies only events. Most of the other husbands automatically know to stay away for mani pedi day or laying out by the pool and reading gossip magazines. But not this guy. He always shows up, wonders why he's the only guy and shows up for the next all girl event as well. Anyways, signing up for Pinterest is pretty easy and they ask if I should follow my Twitter friends. Sure, luckily I set that up 5 minutes ago. After less than a minute on Pinterest I'm already getting annoyed and I now see why it's dominated by women. I don't know why I find Pinterest so annoying or why women love it so much but I've learned in these types of situations to just understand men and women are different and accept it. I'll be giving it my best on Pinterest but I already don't see the point. 


Twitter is an easy round one winner for us. It's so easy to connect with other business owners and our traffic from Twitter is much higher than Pinterest. Granted, I have been much more active on Twitter than Pinterest over the last month but that didn't matter when Facebook beat Google + when the opposite was true. I have really been enjoying Twitter and it's probably my favorite now to win this competition.