The Top 7 Virtual Assistant Companies

Starting your own business is a whirlwind of learning how to wear many different hats. It's a great idea to dive in and learn as much as you can about every possible thing at first. At some point though the key to growing a successful business is the art of delegation. Be slow to hire and quick to fire, but as one of the founders of your new company your time is extremely valuable. You need to delegate the things that you can easily teach someone so that you can concentrate on your strengths and the long term keys to the growth of your company.

Admin work is usually the first thing you should start delegating. The great news is you can now hire a virtual assistant anywhere in the world and many companies are hiring in the within the US. Instead of hiring full time help with all of the overhead of bringing them in the office you can hire for the exact skills and the amount of time you need. Here are the very best options.


eaHELP provides the people and services that will ignite a leader’s possibilities and results. Their team of virtual executive assistants are seasoned professionals who are singularly focused on helping you get the job done. Using a proven program of systems and processes, they’ll provide you with the people and solutions to help your business grow faster than you ever thought possible – and they do it all virtually, at a fraction of the cost of an on-site employee. 

They will assess your staffing needs and find you the virtual assistant who will seamlessly integrate into your organization and fit with your personal and company work styles.


Uassist.ME is a boutique firm dedicated to providing executive assistants who are highly skilled in administrative and secretarial duties. They can take care of contact management, appointments, travel arrangements, billing (invoicing/collecting), customer care, translations, internet research, social media, online marketing, and much more. Their executive assistants will care for your well being and your business' with the goal of building a solid, long-term, relationship. They also take care of your Social Media, SEO and WordPress projects.


Worldwide101 is a top-rated virtual assistant company for business. Their business-grade virtual assistants provide skilled admin, customer service, marketing and project management services for successful small businesses around the world. They specialize in providing personalized and customized virtual assistance. They get to know you, and assign a skilled team member that matches your skills and personality. 


They have a pool of highly trained Virtual Assistants to accomplish all your tasks. Just sign up, assign your VA with the task you need and your Assistant will email you back with all the completed tasks. That’s it! 

They have plans that fit every budget so whether you’re a small time entrepreneur with a limited budget or a big time CEO they have a plan that would fit your needs.

Time Etc

Time etc is the secret weapon of more than 4,500 successful people all over the world. They've won awards and been 5* rated, but mainly they've saved people like you from more than 1.2 MILLION time sucking tasks.

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. was launched in August 2007 with the vision to provide world-class HR to small and medium enterprises across the globe. They took off as a startup and soon carved their own niche in the IT outsourcing marketplace by helping SMEs from North America and Europe to hire dedicated employees from India.  At present, they are a leading remote staffing company of India with a clientele spread across 23 countries.

Premier VEBA

Premier VEBA was founded with the express intent of providing entrepreneurs and business owners with a comprehensive suite of customized business services in an innovative, virtual environment. Their team of Associates is vast and varied as they strive to deliver only preeminent results to their clients with an inclusive, well-managed experience. 

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a zero-fee freelance website that connects businesses with great talent across the globe. It has freelancers that specialize in everything from computer science and coding to writing and marketing.

Businesses can use Hubstaff Talent to find great talent at competitive prices; freelancers can use it to find new gigs and contracts.

They created the site because most freelance websites take too much off the top in terms of fees. Plus they require businesses and freelancers to use their site for transactions. This is very limiting, especially when you already have payment and communication tools you prefer using.

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We perform vital bookkeeping functions, such as accounts payable/receivable, payroll, general ledger bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, and financial statement preparation. As an entrepreneur you probably have more urgent things to do than to keep your own records and books. We take care of this for you, so you can get back to what you do best, the job of running your business and generating profits.