What can small business owners learn from Fuhu, the # 1 compay in the Inc. 5000 list for 2014? They create Android tablets for kids and an Adobe Air application that allows children to access the Internet in a parent-controlled environment. If you have young children and an ipad in the house you know they are all over it and can probably navigate it around it better than Grandpa. The problem is that ipad's and other tablets are pretty fragile and not ideal fits for children. Fuhu fills this niche and created an outstanding tablet just for kids. They have gone from $123,000 in revenue in 2010 to $196 million dollars in 2013. Their website has cool headphones just for kids, their own GoPro style portable camera made for kids and different tablets for different age groups. The best thing to learn from Fuhu for your small business is that whatever industry your in find a niche that is unfulfilled and create the best possible product you can for them.