The 12 Hottest Startups in Massachussetts

Rich with talent, Massachusetts universities are arguably the best in the country, with Amherst, Harvard, MIT, Wellesley, Boston College and Boston University leading the way. With so many great universities in a small area, it's no surprise that startup teams from Massachussetts are creating phenomenal startups. Here are the 12 hottest right now.

#12 Appcues


For designers and developers at software companies, Appcues is the user experience product that delivers beautiful and effective guided product tours that improve usability and user engagement through unique interactive tutorials.

#11 Snap Infusion 


Snap Infusion is an active lifestyle brand for generation next. Their mission is to create delicious, functional, healthier snacks for active consumers. 

Snap Infusion created Super Candy, a quick and delicious snack made from stuff you can feel good about devouring. Super Candy is packed with B vitamins to boost your energy, antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and electrolytes so you don’t get dehydrated and end up a dried-out shell of your former self.

#10 Swoop


50% of every dollar spent in digital advertising goes to search marketing. Yet it is publishers who create the content that fills consumer needs. Swoop levels the playing field, bringing search targeting and search advertising budgets to your content. And best of all, they do it with new units, industry-leading engagement, and improved user experience. 

#9 Mavrck 


Mavrck's social influence marketing platform powers premier consumer brands to drive more sales on social media. The company's proprietary influencer activation engine is the only solution trusted by major brands to identify and activate their most influential customers across social networks at scale. 

#8 Freight Farms


Freight Farms mission is to create a more sustainable and connected food system by providing the tools that enable fresh food production in any environment. Farms are operating in cities across the United States and Canada, creating year-round access to local, fresh produce for restaurants, universities, corporate campuses, hotels, and small businesses. 

Designed to be easily implemented and operated, a freight farm is delivered ready-to-use and configured for immediate crop production. Built entirely inside a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ shipping container, units are outfitted with all the tools needed for high-volume, consistent harvests. With innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment is achievable 365 days a year regardless of geographic location. The modular and stackable design makes it easy to integrate into any operation and add more farms to scale production, giving users the flexibility to move and grow as the market demands.

#7 Venvy Interactive Video


Venvy creates a Wikipedia + Amazon page for any object inside a video by utilizing crowd tagging. Anyone watching a video can draw circle around an object (product, person, place, etc.) and contribute their thoughts (text, images, links, purchase, comments, video-in-video). The circle will automatically track the object and all the info will show on click. 

Venvy's object tracking and recognition algorithms allow anyone to make an interactive video in 30 seconds, it can be deployed virtually everywhere. 

#6 Qualtre 


Motion, or inertial, sensors have recently made dramatic impact in the consumer electronics (CE) industry, playing pivotal roles in the user experience of several well-received products. The industry is, nonetheless, only in the initial stage of understanding the applicability and usefulness of these sensors, which are more specifically known as accelerometers and gyroscopes. These sensors will become ubiquitous in our daily lives, but only when dramatic improvements to the cost/size/performance envelope are made. These improvements cannot be achieved using the current generation of sensor technology, especially in the gyroscope arena. 

Qualtré is commercializing the next generation of these inertial sensors, further broadening their applicability in CE devices like cellular handsets, personal navigation devices, and gaming controllers. Using a proprietary high-performance, low-cost technology platform, Qualtré aims to be the leading supplier of inertial sensors for these devices.

#5 Adelphic


Adelphic is a mobile and cross-channel programmatic advertising platform connecting brands to consumers and enabling meaningful engagement with individual people. With Adelphic, marketers can influence consumer behavior in real time, maximizing the return on their mobile investment.

#4 ImmusanT


ImmusanT is a biotechnology company focused on restoring tolerance to gluten in celiac disease by harnessing new discoveries in immunology that aim to improve diagnosis and treatment and return patients to a normal diet, good health and improved quality of life. The company is developing Nexvax2, a therapeutic vaccine for celiac disease, and a companion diagnostic and monitoring tool to improve celiac disease management. ImmusanT's targeted immunotherapy discovery platform can be applied to a variety of epitope-specific autoimmune diseases.

#3 Jana Mobile


Jana is a mobile technology platform that connects emerging market consumers with global brands using mobile airtime. 

Through Jana Marketplace, emerging market consumers can discover apps and try out new services and be reimbursed for their interaction in the form of mobile airtime. Through mCent - their member-facing platform - individuals can discover content that has been targeted to them and share personal data with brands - at no cost to them. 

Through integrations with 237 mobile operators, Jana can redirect a share of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on traditional advertising into the pockets of emerging market consumers. In return, brands can build a direct relationship with their customers via mobile. 


Cambridge uses smartphones to improve behavioral and mental health. Through passive data and deep analytics, this mobile application identifies patterns in patients’ behavior and mental state that may impact their health and well-being. Providers can use the platform to reach out when patients need support and deliver the right care at the right time—building a stronger connection between patients and providers.

#1 Padlock Therapeutics


Padlock is taking a whole new approach to treating destructive autoimmune diseases by extinguishing autoantigens at their source instead of targeting the immune system like current medicines.

They believe they can do this by developing drugs that block the protein-arginine deminases (PADs), a family of enzymes that modify proteins in ways that produce autoantigens. They believe that drugs that block protein citrullination by PADs will create fundamentally new medicines to treat or even prevent autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and multiple sclerosis (MS).

As you can see the Massachussetts startup scene is thriving, especially in Cambridge. To stay updated on the very best startups sign up for our weekly newsletter below. 


Appcues is empowering amazing user onboarding experiences through interactive guided product tours.

Snap Infusion makers of SUPERCANDY, a delicious energy snack packed with b-vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes.

Swoop is providing publishers content, marketers engagement and consumers value.

Mavrck powers premier consumer brands to drive more sales on social media by identifying and activating their most influential customers.

Freight Farms is the complete farm-to-table system, making fresh food production possible in any environment, year-round.

Venvy, the future of your video is interactive.

Qualtré is the global leader in the development of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) MEMS motion sensors.

Adelphic, where other companies see devices, we see people.

ImmusanT is a biotechnology company focused on developing a treatment, and a set of diagnostic and monitoring tools to manage patients with celiac disease.

Jana is a mobile technology platform that connects emerging market consumers with global brands using mobile airtime., big data, better health.  

Padlock Therapeutics, new medicines for destructive autoimmune diseases.