73 Hottest Startups In Chicago

Startups do not go out of business, they run out of money. Chicago has some of the greatest startups in the world because they build companies that have a quick path to revenue. Startups in major tech hubs tend to focus on growth first and foremost regardless of revenue let alone profits. Chicago startups put revenue first and are diligent in raising financing when needed, not just because they can. A practical approach in the city that is second to none. Here are the hottest startups in Chicago. 

#73 project44

The project44 ecosystem of intelligent web-service APIs eliminates the need for legacy communication tools like EDI and delivers the systems infrastructure required for IoT-based predictive analytics.

With project44, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs and transportation providers are able to communicate critical data with the rest of their supply chain in an automated, real-time manner.

By implementing a progressive standardization of information to enhance data flow, project44 provides the highest quality of fast-to-deploy solutions - accelerating their client’s ability to execute an agile and scalable supply chain network.

#72 Real Food Blends  

Real Food Blends makes 100% real food meals for people with feeding tubes. Founded by Julie & Tony Bombacino after their tube-fed son failed commercially available formulas, tube-fed people of all ages are now able to easily enjoy real food without corn syrup, additives or preservatives. 

#71 MentorMob  

MentorMob is a unique learning and discovery website and app for a growing list of topics. The community behind MentorMob finds the best free learning content and organizes it into comprehensive, addictive MentorMob learning Guides.

#70 Human Practice 

Human Practice believes that referrals are all about relationships. In an environment where a physician’s awareness of his or her colleagues is lower than ever, they build tools that empower physicians to deepen their network and make better referrals.

Their mobile and web-based software helps doctors discover other doctors using trusted word of mouth, communicate effortlessly with them to initiate and build relationships, and then share these relationships with each other and with patients.

They are committed to understanding the evolving work of and interactions between doctors. Their mission is to build products that facilitate connectedness among clinicians. They do this because they know that connected and engaged medical professionals provide better, more personalized care to their patients and families, and are central to the success of growing health systems.

#69 Doggyloot 

Doggyloot handpicks the very best chews, toys, treats and more and offers them to dog lovers at deep discounts worth howling about. Their product team carefully researches and tests everything they sell. No exceptions. 

#68 elicit  

elicit gives marketers control over the single most-used feature on a website: the search box. With that power at your fingertips, conversion rates triple and abandonment drops by half. You’ve already paid for visitors to come to your site. Now make them customers.

#67 Open Airplane

Open Airplane

They're making a pilot certificate more useful. OpenAirplane makes it easy for Pilots to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental online or with a mobile device. They're helping operators get better utilization of their fleets, and pilots fly more. 

Pilots and operators can access the service through any web browser on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. OpenAirplane is free for pilots to join and free for operators to list their aircraft. The service is available to any licensed pilot who holds at least a FAA sports pilot or private pilot certificate.

#66 Bolstr 

Bolstr is a leading online marketplace lender for small businesses in the consumer products, consumer services, and retail sectors. Revolutionizing the way that small business credit is understood by utilizing technology and taking a data-driven approach. With Bolstr, businesses are able to access fast, transparent, and cost-effective funding to invest in the growth of their business.

#65 Sprk'd 

Helping entrepreneurs find their spark by identifying their audience and teaching how to uniquely engage with them. They help small business owners grow their companies with inbound marketing solutions - blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, web design, and more. Click Here to see their full services. 

#64 Rentalutions  

Rentalutions is a platform that makes renting easy for do-it-yourself landlords and for their tenants. Landlords use their product to easily advertise vacant rental units, screen tenants, complete the leasing process and collect rent. Tenants have their own portal to apply for properties, sign leases, make rent payments and submit maintenance tickets.

#63 FanFueled  

FanFueled Engagement Systems empower brands to build, congregate, mobilize and monetize its fan base better than any other loyalty platform on the market. Brands create integrated marketing campaigns that incentivize fans to shop for, engage with, and spread the word about their favorite products, content, and events by rewarding them with cash, prizes and once in a lifetime experience. Their patented “Share-Track-Reward” software precisely identifies the full extent of Fan influence over multiple degrees of separation, teaching brands and consumers the true value of their influence.

#62 Food Genius 

Food Genius is a leading foodservice data provider specializing in gathering, preparing, and serving granular foodservice menu data and analytics. They support foodservice manufacturers, operators, and distributors with straightforward and digestible reports, services, and analytics. Their products are used to answer many complex foodservice business questions. From competitive price tracking for optimization to statistical analysis of current burger toppings for the development new offerings, Food Genius has smarter data and analytics. 

#61 Classkick 


Every day, teachers struggle to answer all of their students’ questions. Even worse, they’re often unaware of who needs help because some students are too shy to raise hands. Classkick is a free app that eliminates those roadblocks, showing teachers exactly what their students are doing and who has pressed “I need help” on a specific part of their assignment. Rather than reinvent how students learn or how teachers teach, Classkick facilitates current classroom learning.

In Classkick, every student's’ handwriting, whether it’s a 2nd grader drawing a picture or an 11th grader doing physics, appears live to the teacher in a mosaic of working students. The teacher can zoom into any student’s sheet to help them and ask a probing question to redirect their thinking. By the time the student has read and thought through the feedback, the teacher has already swept off and helped 5 others. Classkick is hyper focused on one goal: increase student learning. To achieve this, they listen to educators to truly understand how technology can assist in the learning process.

#60 Charlie App  

Charlie automatically researches the people you meet with before you see them. Never walk in unprepared, and don't waste time researching.  Let Charlie do the hard work for you so you can close more deals. Their technology filters through thousands of sources on your prospects and clients to give you a leg up on the competition. 

#59 MobileX Labs  

Their goal is to change the mobile landscape of how artists and companies currently interact with fans and followers. Currently operating under 3 company divisions. MXL Build, MXL Apps, and MXL Games.

#58 ParqEx 

Find or rent a parking spot. Their community-based platform makes it easy to find a place to park or make money on your unused spot. Contact individual parking spot owners and ask any specific questions you may have. Reserve your ideal spot with the tap of a button and park your car by the hour, day, week, or month. List a parking spot when your parking spot is vacant during certain days, weeks or long term. Create a listing today and start generating income tomorrow. Money is deposited into your account at the end of every month. It's that simple. Click Here to see more.

#57 MightyNest 

They help families live healthy, active and mindful lives... a “Mighty Life.” MightyNest.com offers 2,000+ products for the family and home that are free of harmful chemicals and handpicked for durability and design. They offer a unique selection of natural, organic and non-toxic products. In addition, MightyNest provides information about reducing exposure to toxic chemicals and environmental hazards found in the home.

#56 Public Good 

Civil society is reinventing itself as social entrepreneurship changes the relationship between individuals and communities, and between societal, business, and government institutions. It needs world-class data-driven tools to empower mission and form rich communities of impact with supporters. 

#55 Learnmetrics 

Learnmetrics brings SMART data to the world of education. Their platform was designed to fit the unique workflow of educators. By knocking down the walls between data sources and giving educators a real-time 360° view of their students, they're making it possible to be data-driven and differentiated with the first tools built for how education actually works.

#54 Fibroblast  

Fibroblast automates the referral process by empowering providers with an easy to use, end-to-end referral tool. By closing the referral loop, Fibroblasts prevents patient leakage, increasing revenues for fee-for-service organizations and lowering risks for accountable care organizations. Fibroblast delivers a clear, compelling return on investment, validated through provider pilots.

#53 Machinio  

Machinio is a search engine for buying and selling used industrial machinery and heavy equipment. It is the most comprehensive resource of its kind, currently delivering more than a million listings via its unique platform and reaching hundreds of thousands of buyers every month. From construction to farming to metalworking equipment, you can find the machine you need.

#52 Interior Define 

Their direct factory relationships, e-commerce focus, and nimble production process uniquely enable them to deliver remarkable quality and affordability. Through their differentiated approach, they can offer high-quality materials without substantially inflating prices.

Read our interview with Interior Define Founder & CEO Robb Royer - Click Here

#51 Monica+Andy 


Monica+Andy aspires to be the most thoughtful children's apparel brand on the market. Thoughtful in the materials they select, the content they produce, and the lives they touch. All of their products and services are designed and approved by moms, for moms in order to ensure that they're up to the best standards for kids.

Monica + Andy was born in tandem with Monica’s daughter in the middle of a cold Chicago winter. She searched online for baby clothes, but couldn't find anything she felt she could trust to be the best quality for her baby. Monica knew there had to be other moms (and dads) out there having the same frustrations and questions, and thought that there had to be a better way. From that day forward she began sketching garments, collecting color samples, and collaborating with the most talented moms out there. Together with her brother Andy, she created the brand with her vision of what was missing from the market. 

#50 Stylisted 

Stylisted is an online platform that allows women to book on-location hair and makeup appointments from a network of top beauty professionals. Clients can view stylist portfolios, reviews, and availability, and book and pay for their appointment online. They then wait for beauty to knock at their door. In turn, stylists have the opportunity to market themselves to new clients and manage their hectic schedules.

#49 Blinkfire Analytics

Blinkfire Analytics provides a social media analytics and publishing platform for professional sports organizations, their players and agents, and the brands that sponsor them. The platform sits in the middle of the teams, players, brands, and fans to provide intelligence on social media publishing and sponsorship sales. Blinkfire's key technology allows publishers and brands to analyze social media consumption and brand engagement, not only in text but also images and video. Concentrated first in the world of sports, we are able to paint a 360-degree engagement picture for teams, players, and brands.

#48 Earshot 

Earshot is a precision-based social media marketing platform that is changing how brands can discover and acquire new customers through social media. Earshot synthesizes data about location, the user, and other real-time conditions to compute a relevancy score for every post so brands can connect with consumers at the right place, right time. As a new approach to precision-based marketing, Earshot helps drive higher conversion rates, deeper loyalty, and new forms of earned media. 

#47 BenchPrep 

BenchPrep is a turn-key solution for education & training companies to create and deliver digital learning experiences across multiple devices. More than 1 million learners and 30 education partners use BenchPrep. BenchPrep offers a comprehensive and customizable toolkit to manage digital learning. BenchPrep delivers a personalized, gamified, social and interactive learning experience that is proven to improve learning outcomes.

#46 UpCity 

UpCity is a local inbound marketing platform built for agencies looking to acquire, scale, and drive results for their small business customers profitably. They accomplish this by combining their proprietary SEO/inbound marketing platform with a full range of sales and SEO service offerings. UpCity makes it seamless for agency partners to increase efficiencies by managing and delivering customized tasks, generating robust on-demand reports, and providing full SEO services to help their partners generate new revenue. 

#45 RIVS 

Their innovative digital interviewing platform enhances the recruitment and hiring process by improving the time required to qualify and screen candidates. By creating a customizable online, on-demand interviewing environment using a combination of video and voice tools, RIVS helps companies replace outdated hiring methods that cause recruiter and candidate frustration. 

#44 Popular Pays 

Popular Pays is the largest, most active, and most reliable marketplace for working with quality content creators on Instagram. From boutique to big, they’ve worked with brands and agencies of all sizes, and they’ve got the options and the know-how to meet your needs.

#43 Give Forward 

GiveForward is a Chicago-based social venture that has quickly become one of America’s leading online platforms for helping friends and families in times of challenges. Since its launch in 2008, people have used industry-pioneer GiveForward to raise more than $186 million for major life events. GiveForward is the first place to turn when you or someone you love is facing a challenge. It’s the central rallying place for giving and receiving meaningful support. From sending a simple “Thinking of You” to raising money for out-of-pocket expenses, GiveForward empowers anyone to build a community and take action when it counts.

#42 Brideside 

They provide wedding parties with the trusted and easy shopping experience they deserve when planning or participating in a wedding. From start to finish, their brides are treated to the customer care of a high-end boutique, with the convenience of online access to the top designers in the industry.

Brideside seamlessly marries its technology with an offline shopping experience by providing a Warby Parker style try at home program and two offline showrooms in Chicago.

#41 Options Away  

Options Away is the world’s only online travel agency that allows consumers to hold their flights for days or even weeks while they finalize their travel plans. They leverage the concepts and technologies of the financial options markets and applies them to the travel industry.

They provide a revolutionary approach to travel planning – customers can pay a small fee up front and buy some peace-of-mind knowing that if the price of the flight increases, they will never have to pay more than the locked-in fare. Best of all, they notify their customers if the price of their fare decreases, so they win either way. 

#40 OfficeLuv  

OfficeLuv takes a modern approach to office cleaning and management. At their core, they deliver an amazing office cleaning experience for their customers. Additionally, they streamline and automate office supply orders and other essentials (ie: paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, hand soap, etc.) with one, consolidated invoice - saving time and money.

#39 FourKites  

FourKites brings the power of 'Connected Devices' to the Logistics and Transportation industry. FourKites is reinventing the complex and labor intensive communication systems in the Logistics and Transportation Industry by providing a cost-effective, real-time and easy-to-use cloud based software solution.

In the current but outdated system, shippers and freight brokers have no up-to-date information of the current location of their freight, arrival times and service disruptions. Shippers and freight brokers rely on multiple phone calls to drivers and dispatchers to get accurate information. Systems like Email, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Fax are all initiated after the fact, making the decision making very reactive in nature. Now there is a solution with FourKites.

#38 LearnCore  

LearnCore is a training and coaching platform built with sales enablement in mind. LearnCore includes standard training tools like coursework and testing, but with the addition of Pitch IQ, their virtual role-playing tool, sales training becomes a collaborative, engaging experience.

Collectively, their solution enables companies to onboard new reps faster, ensure consistent communication across global teams, quickly roll out new certification programs and products, and decrease training cost. In short, LearnCore helps take your sales strategy from an idea into a reality. 

#37 Blitsy  

Blitsy is the most modern and comprehensive arts and crafts company in the world, selling supplies to do-it-yourselfers from over 85 countries. Creative people can find unbeatable deals and upbeat videos, all designed to make it easier to turn ideas into finished projects.

#36 Opternative 

Opternative was founded with a sincere belief that glasses and contact lens prescriptions should be accessible and affordable to everyone. The Opternative online eye exam is the most convenient way to get a prescription for contacts and glasses. With just a computer and smartphone, your exam can be taken from anywhere, anytime, and your doctor issued prescription can be used to shop everywhere.

#35 Pear 

Pear executes a social grassroots strategy through the sponsorship of millions of targeted consumer groups to drive high-quality engagements, lift in brand metrics and conversions. Pear enables brands to break through the traditional marketing noise and build deeper, more meaningful consumer relationships by supporting their personal passions. 

#34 EVENTup 

EVENTup is the world’s largest online marketplace for event spaces. Featuring over 15,000 venues in 300 U.S. cities, EVENTup makes it easy to find and reserve the perfect space for any occasion. From art galleries, lofts and warehouses to banquet halls, rooftop bars, and conference centers, EVENTup is the only site that covers all types of spaces.

#33 BucketFeet 


A different, emerging artist designs every BucketFeet shoe; in turn, BucketFeet promotes each artist, buys all artwork up front, and pays royalties for each shoe sold from an artist's design. Because there's an artist behind every shoe, every product they sell has a story waiting to be shared with their customers. They have built a global artist network that drives both product creation and disrupts the traditional customer acquisition model.

They now have over 30,000 artists in more than 100 countries, and sell their shoes through direct retail, and through their leading international distribution partners in 25 countries. Co-founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani met while traveling through South America. Their shared love of travel is integral to the BucketFeet philosophy: BucketFeet produces insanely comfortable, eye-catching shoes—colorful creations which have sparked countless conversations and logged thousands upon thousands of miles. 

#32 Pangea 

Pangea started with the mission of making money transfer simple, fair, and safe. Since then, they have been striving to enhance the security and reduce the cost and pain points of money transfer. Their mobile app allows users to complete a transfer in less than 30 seconds and pay with any US debit card. Receivers in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic can collect the money at a cash pickup location or directly into any bank account in minutes. 

#31 ReviewTrackers  

ReviewTrackers is award winning software that elevates the voice of the customer and enables brands to innovate based on customer feedback. The platform empowers businesses by unlocking actionable customer intelligence that helps them manage their online reviews, improve brand reputation and make data-driven decisions that can result in increased profitability.

#30 Spring  

Spring is transforming retail marketing by connecting digital channels to in-store revenue for the first time, with no new technology or changes at the point of sale. Retailers can permanently and seamlessly connect with shoppers and all of their spend behavior in-store and online, to intelligently drive new revenue and customer engagement.

#29 Telnyx 

Telnyx provides a cloud-based platform that offers access to carrier grade voice services over the internet. Focused on enabling a communication fabric for developers and platforms to integrate voice, messaging and other forms of rich communication into their applications and to facilitate that communication universally.

#28 Packback  

Packback exists to awaken the fearless, relentless curiosity in every student. They bring curiosity back into the classroom with Packback Questions, their online question-based learning platform. They fuel that curiosity with affordable textbooks with Packback Books because cost should never be a barrier to learning. 

#27 UrbanBound  

As a leading provider of Relocation Management Software, UrbanBound empowers companies with the technology to administer, track, and optimize relocation benefits, all while providing a tailored employee experience. With its comprehensive and intuitive platform, your team can forecast and contain relocation costs, build smarter policies, and distribute better benefits, while connecting the right people at the right time. 

#26 Trading View 

TradingView is one of the largest and most active trading communities on the web, with over one million monthly active users from over one hundred countries. 

Designed to provide a Bloomberg-like experience to non-professional traders, users have free access to top-notch charting and analysis, publish trading ideas and discuss markets in real-time. 

The free platform has no installation or setup. It works equally well across different platforms - such as iPads, or Android-based tablets and phones.

#25 Caremerge

Caremerge is a revolutionary, cloud-based care coordination network that enhances communication and forges meaningful connections between providers, families, and seniors. They work to simplify and improve communication and care coordination in today’s complex healthcare environment. 

Caremerge keeps the entire care team informed and cohesive through an intuitive interface which enables real-time staff interaction provides families with peace of mind and promotes overall wellness of the resident. 

With a few clicks of a button, calendars are created, attendance is measured, subtle symptoms are documented and family concerns alleviated via an HIPAA-compliant platform that is safe, secure and always backed up.

#24 YCharts  

The YCharts management team is comprised of financial experts and technologists with experience at Google, Capital IQ, FactSet, Reuters and Goldman Sachs as well as Internet and visualization technology experts. Building an ever-expanding financial and economic data set - as well as the tools to access and interpret that data - to help investors and business people make better decisions and earn more from their investments.

#23 Rocketmiles

Rocketmiles allows customers to book premium hotels and earn thousands of airline miles. They offer a minimum of 1,000 miles per night on bookings, with the average traveler earning 7,000 miles for each reservation. Their mission is to fuel people’s dream vacations.

#22 Procured Health 

Procured is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions that optimize clinical resource management and transform supply chain into a strategic asset. High-performing health systems and hospitals rely on Procured's medical device research to make purchasing decisions on a daily basis.

#21 Threadless  

Everything they do gives you more opportunities to make great art. They started printing on tees and then they realized tons of products make great canvases. 

They seek out these canvases, so you can continue to make and pick the best art. The weird art. The geeky art. The beautiful art. And when you buy from Threadless, you support great art.

#20 Uloop 

Uloop is college news and classifieds. College students use Uloop to publish and read college news, find jobs and internships, housing and roommates, carpools, scholarships, travel, and to buy and sell textbooks, tickets, furniture, and other items with other students on campus. Uloop also provides an online classifieds platform for college newspapers (CampusAve) and a college news wire service (UWIRE).

#19 eSpark Learning 

Close the achievement gap and improve academic outcomes with targeted iPad time. To inform decision making, they analyze third-party assessment data from the beginning, middle, and end of each school year to measure the impact of eSpark on student achievement. On average, eSpark students achieve 1.5x their expected yearly growth and gain skills that will help them succeed in school and in life.

#18 Geofeedia  

Geofeedia is the market leader in location-based intelligence and analysis for corporate security, public safety, media/journalism and marketing teams. Geofeedia's patented platform enables organizations to derive social intelligence from specific geographic locations to understand, in real-time, what’s happening within the areas most important to them. 

#17 UpRight Law  

UpRight Law is a tech-enabled consumer law firm headquartered in downtown Chicago. They are on a mission to increase consumer access to justice through the use of cutting-edge technology,world-class customer service, and proven legal strategies. They've experienced 100% year over year growth and continue to add to their team to meet the growing demand for their services. 

#16 Hireology 

Hireology offers the leading web-based, data-driven hiring management software for businesses everywhere. From the initial job profile to their three-stage interview process to their customized interview scorecard, Hireology allows hiring managers to consistently make the best-educated hiring decisions. Consequently, these managers are able to help lower turnover and increase staffing efficiency at their respective companies.

#15 Retrofit 

Retrofit is a personalized, holistic weight management solution that transforms lives and workplaces by improving health, happiness, and performance. Retrofit delivers the personalized attention of a coach, combined with live interactive classes, social support from expert-led online community groups and self-monitoring technology to encourage healthy behaviors and achieve lasting weight-loss results.

#14 Narrative Science 

Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise. Powered by artificial intelligence, its platform analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important, then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any intended consumer or business audience, at unlimited scale.

It does what data visualizations cannot: it identifies and conveys relevant information in conversational language that people can immediately comprehend, trust and act on. Organizations rely on Narrative Science to better serve customers with useful written content and to increase efficiency, freeing employees to focus on high-productivity activities and innovation.

#13 Fooda 

Fooda is a food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work. Companies and individuals join Fooda to get food brought right to their office every day. Fooda began when their founders were frustrated with the food options for their employees. They decided to bring local restaurants to their company on a rotating basis. Shortly thereafter it went viral within the building. When the crowds got too big a business idea was born.

#12 Belly 

Belly is the leading loyalty platform in the country. With thousands of merchants and millions of members, Belly revolutionizes traditional loyalty concepts and works with each business to design a customized, unique rewards suite their customers actually want. Using a tablet and single card or iPhone or Android app, Belly unlocks new opportunities for customer engagement and digital advocacy.

#11 InContext Solutions 

InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is a scalable web-based virtual reality (VR) shopper and retail solutions, dedicated to providing decision-critical insights powered by 3D virtual shopping simulations. In a time when brick-and-mortar stores are being challenged by the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, they have revolutionized the way companies understand shopper behavior. They provide a unique, in-depth perspective on what consumers see on the shelf, how this drives their purchase behavior, and why.

Their virtual solutions are powered by the world’s first cloud-based virtual reality simulation and shopper insights platform that enables users to create and test new shopper experiences in hyper-realistic 3D virtual store simulations. InContext Solutions provides retail simulations for ideation, creation, and modification of new in-store concepts; shopper intelligence tools to evaluate and generate insights by testing ideas before you invest; and in-store activation tools to gain buy-in, stand out from the competition with hi-impact visuals, and seamlessly activate concepts in-store. InContext enables enterprise-wide collaboration by taking a holistic approach to CPG and retail challenges and provides the solutions and insights needed to make faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions.

#10 Yello 

The Chicago-based software leader that is radically reinventing recruiting. Employers of all sizes – from Fortune 500 multinationals and large public sector organizations to high-growth early stage companies – rely on Yello to manage and mobilize their recruiting processes.

#9 Snapsheet 

Snapsheet is the first mobile insurance claims solution, currently working with the top insurance carriers in the country. Snapsheet's patent pending technology streamlines the fragmented claims process of obtaining an estimate and settling a claim. From the moment a claim is filed to settlement, Snapsheet's self-service mobile claims solution empowers the customer to obtain an estimate and settle the claim using a smartphone. Not only is Snapsheet 70% faster then the current process, Snapsheet is also half the cost of traditional channels used by insurance carriers. With dedicated customer support specialists and world class estimators, Snapsheet is the leading partner of auto insurance carriers as they transition to a self-service claims model rooted in mobile technology.

#8 SpotHero  

SpotHero paves the way for millions of drivers to easily find affordable parking at more than 2,500 garages, lots, and valets in major U.S. cities. By reserving your parking online ahead of time through SpotHero, you know exactly how much you're going to pay, and where you're going to park. You can view parking rates at different parking garages on the map that are near the address you're searching for.

#7 Devbridge Group  

A strategic partner to industry leaders in manufacturing, financial services and technology. Their mission is to design, create, and perfect from the ground-up technically advanced, pixel-perfect websites and apps for every platform.

#6 4C Insights 

4C is a global leader in data science and media technology with solutions for multi-screen convergence. Brands, agencies, and media owners use 4C to improve effectiveness on TV, digital, social and mobile. The 4C product suite includes activation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as TV synced ads across display, search, social and video. The company also provides advertising and content analytics leveraging its global TV monitoring network and proprietary social affinity database

#5 Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses grow their social media presence. The web application integrates with multiple social networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. The application also offers team or individual engagement and publishing tools with in-depth analytics, brand monitoring, competitive insights and social CRM features. Sprout Social is known for its intuitive, easy-to-use web and mobile platforms.

#4 Raise 

Raise is a C2C marketplace for buying and selling gift cards online. The platform allows sellers to earn cash for their unwanted gift cards and gives buyers the opportunity to save on thousands of their favorite brands. 

In the $400 billion prepaid retail market, more than 20% of gift cards and store credit go unused each year. Raise offers a way to reclaim this value and puts purchase power back into the hands of consumers. Raise gives consumers freedom and control over how they spend and save their money. 

While saving money is often associated with discounts, Raise is redefining the conversation. 

#3 Shiftgig 

Shiftgig is an online marketplace that connects workers with jobs. Shiftgig collects client requirements, worker skills, and real-time shift data to provide smarter and timely matches. With over 1 million registered members and 25,000 businesses, Shiftgig has built the largest online community where members connect with business to access jobs and content in the restaurant, nightlife, hotel, and retail verticals.

#2 Uptake 

They harness normalize and store real-time data from machines, operations, and third-party sources to build a comprehensive big picture. Working with iconic companies to tackle hard problems combining their proprietary technology with their industry leading knowledge and wealth of data. Their partners give them access to deep, rich data collected from sensor equipment and machines throughout operations. Their integrated solutions provide real-time insights and allow for seamless action to be taken on a recommendation producing immediate results. 


#1 Avant 

Avant is a fast-growing marketplace lending platform that is lowering the costs and barriers of borrowing for consumers. Through the use of big data and machine-learning algorithms, the company offers a unique and highly customized approach to streamlined credit options. At its core, Avant is a tech company that is dedicated to creating innovative and practical financial products for all consumers. Avant operates in 46 U.S. states and under the name AvantCredit in the United Kingdom and Canada. 


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